Coronavirus and 5G: How Viruses Are Caused by Our Abnormal Electromagnetic Environment


Eva Bortnick – TRANSCEND Media Service

Why have there been so many new viral epidemics in the last 20 years? And why have flu viruses been so prevalent over the last 130 years?

The answers lie in the new forms and amounts of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in our environment since the start of electric power, and its effects on biology. Because electromagnetic energy is invisible, most people think it isn’t there, and unlike the frequencies above light (“ionizing radiation”), governments and industry do not talk about it. However, man-made non-ionizing radiation – below light – is dangerous and can be deadly.[1] It causes devastating illness in humans, animals, and plants.[2]

Exposure standards for non-ionizing radiation are up to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (a quintillion) times higher than natural levels.[3] This includes cell phones, towers, cordless phones, wi-fi, blue tooth, etc. In 1985, Dr. Robert O. Becker estimated the amount of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in our environment to be 100-200 million times higher than that we receive from the sun.[4] That was before the “wireless revolution.” These numbers betray a grave state, and it is not only the amount, but the kinds of energy in the air that are dangerous: digital-pulsed, phased array, maser, modulated, from low to high frequencies, are the kinds of unnatural EMR we swim in now due to “wireless.” We also live in unnatural fields from our electric wires and appliances, from which we receive magnetic fields, electric, RFR, and X-rays.[5] We absorb this radiation because we are conductive. Any electrical item with a current running through it, even a turned-off, battery-run flashlight, emits an abnormal field and influences us.

Under the auspices of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – the agency charged with overseeing our health and man-made RFR because it decides the exposure  level – the wireless industry is self-regulating. There is a revolving door between industry lawyers, executives, and lobbyists, and FCC heads, and there is not a single doctor or EMF scientist on staff.[6] In fact, the person responsible for the current “standard” for non-ionizing radiation effects – heating only – was a Nazi engineer brought to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip.[7] This standard, decided on in 1953, is still the same one used today despite the government having catalogues of thousands of studies – some of which it carried out – showing every other kind of harm.[8] And at that time, the only energy used or considered was analogue (sine) wave energy. The FCC still maintains there is no harm, and is now unleashing 24-300 GHz (billion cycles per second), digital, phased-array, beam-forming energy (for “5G/Internet of Things”) onto the public, though there are not even any meters available to the public to measure it. Self-regulating industries are antithetical to democracy.

The first such smart street lamp was put in place on May 14, 2019 [article], but large numbers only started being put in place in October, 2019, such that there was a furious pace of such placement in the last 2½ months of 2019. These findings show that the rapid pace of the coronavirus epidemic developed at least roughly as the number of 5G antennae became extraordinarily high. So we have this finding that China’s 1st 5G smart city and smart highway is the epicenter of this epidemic and this finding that the epidemic only became rapidly more severe as the numbers of 5G antennae skyrocketed.[9]

— Dr. Martin Paul, Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry and Basic Medical Science, Washington State University

In addition to the wireless industry being the default arbiter of public health and RFR, the coronavirus is not being resolved because the medical community does not recognize some fundamental aspects about biology: cells are constituted from molecules, molecules from atoms, and atoms are energy charges bursting forth from a still-negative center in a torus (ring).[10] Doctors also do not recognize the fact that electricity flows through all cells (cell signaling), and that this movement of energy in and between cells is life. Further, each cell has an electrical potential,[11] and this is a good measure of cell health; the closer cells are to their optimal potential, the more they are able to thwart toxins and thus convey immunity. Each cell contains thousands of volts of energy.[12] I do not know why physics and the flow of electricity through cells is not central in medical clinical practice.

Modern medicine also does not recognize pleomorphism – the existence of the smallest life forms – protids (somatids, or microzymas) – little enzymes tiny crystalline forms that exist in the cells and fluids of all living things in a normal, alkaline (homeostatic) environment. When the pH of fluids and blood becomes acidic, from excess sugars, toxins, or injury, the forms begin to morph and change, growing into bacteria, yeasts, funguses, and molds.[13] Even here, “acidity,” at an atomic level, is an excess of charges, which can enter and lodge in tissue from the outside. According to Dr. Robert O. Young, Ph.D., “pathogenic viruses have never been observed in humans or animals or in their body fluids and have never been isolated and subsequently biochemically analyzed:[14] My studies and research suggest that the complexes science calls viruses and retroviruses originate in the cell as microzymian principle suggests. However, they are created in response to an alarming situation (condition of disease) for the purpose of genetic repair. They are repair proteins from anatomical elements (microzymas), not pathogenic organisms”.[15]

Viruses are spores or building blocks of bacteria (bacteriophages).[16] Mold may appear on decaying organic matter because little ferments float through the air and land on it, but also because the tiny crystalline forms inside the matter evolve into micro-organisms, eating its sugars until homeostasis is again achieved.[17] This is the process that creates the soil microbiome, and is the cause of action for the condition Candida Albicans, for example. Microzymas are almost impossible to kill, and can exist for millions of years in a stable state.[18] Dr. Becker theorized that life evolved from crystals,[19] and the fact that microzymas are little crystals gives credence to this theory. I believe Dr. Young’s work explains how flu epidemics are caused by radiation (energy), including that from solar flares,[20] because DNA/RNA can be seen as the first chemical expression of energy into life, and the extra charges that lodge in tissue from artificial radiation are transformed into spiral amino acids and DNA. The excess energy is conducted by and incites the little crystals to transmute into the repair proteins (”viruses”), and since it is simply transposed aberrant energy, the hyperactive forms are virulent and thus pathological. Piezoelectricity is a quality of crystals in which energy causes movement, and movement causes the release of energy. Non-ionizing radiation has also been shown to cause DNA breaks.[21]

This is how electricity from the outside can cause the otherwise helpful repair proteins to become pathogenic – by the endemic microzymas or morphing cell parts incorporating charges into their DNA/RNA. Thus, a novel form of electricity causes a new ‘strain of virus’ to appear. The 5G/IoT radiation – that unleashed on Wuhan before the outbreak[22] made a new, deadly, crazy virus, in a bat, or a human. Coronavirus is not the first inexplicable, intractable flu disease from wireless; the first was the “Spanish Flu,” from the first wireless radios.[23]

We can see here the process of evolution and disease in action. New physical characteristics develop in response to an organism’s environment especially electrical and disease occurs if there is too much, too soon. (People did not go from living at sea level to 5,000 feet overnight; it took time for them to adjust to each new barometric condition.) When 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G radiation was introduced (900 MHz, modulated 1.8 GHz, pulsed modulated 2.4 GHz, and now phased array pulsed modulated 3-100 GHz), new ‘strains of virus’ arose (SARS, Swine flu, MERS, Seasonal flu, COVID[24]), which are simply new life forms, or repair proteins.

They say that the coronavirus in the US is not the same strain that left China,[25] that this SARS II is a morphed SARS I,[26] that it continues to mutate,[27] and that a central aspect that distinguishes it from the previous strain can only have been “inserted,” i.e. changed – in the laboratory.[28] If seen through the lens of pleomorphism and electricity, however, a clearer light can be shed on these claims. Collimated (maser), coherent 2.5-4.9 billion bursts of radiation per second (GHz), and 24.75-27.5, or 37-42.5 GHz, modulated, garbage (the kinds of radiation used for 5G in Wuhan)[29] can fit the bill of a new electrical configuration causing a new pathological morphed cell disease.

You can see on the Internet how bacteria, blood, and other cells change when exposed to RFR.[30] Further, the strange, absorbed, electricity is compromising immunity, as microwave radiation has been shown to do,[31] making people more susceptible when they are exposed to the pathogen, and causing it to become more virulent because it feeds off energy. People falling over in the street were asphyxiated, and the blood-oxygen deprivation symptoms seen in patients[32] are consistent with the blood cell rouleaux effect seen with wireless exposure under the microscope.[33] Thus, the repair proteins-turned-pathogenic – i.e. “viruses” – can be seen as out-of-control, over-powered energy balls (alien radiation incarnated), looking for new cells to “repair.” The new coronavirus “surge” arising in July 2020,[34] is from the unabated 5G roll-out, and this disease should be called “CV5G.” The repair particles, (also called “exosomes”), are still contagious, and particularly dangerous to those with compromised cell potential (immunity). This informs our understanding of viral growth, evolution, and disease, and sheds light on the true nature of biology.

Flu pandemics, along with new neurological diseases from man-made electricity, began in 1889 with the completion of the power grid,[35] but a new era of chronic disease epidemics began again one hundred years later, with the rise of personal electricity-broadcasting devices (beepers, cell phones), and the base station emissions that connect them. This is when extreme radiowave densification began, and when HIV/AIDS appeared. And since the appearance of digital cell phones in the late 1990’s and the accompanying radiation caused by increased cell phone use, the appearance and incidence rate of new and novel diseases and viral outbreaks have been rising exponentially. The 5G/Internet of Things, in which everything we own, including baby diapers,[36] will contain a transmitting antenna, and which will include tens of thousands of satellites placed in the ionosphere irradiating planet Earth, will bathe us and the planet with so much radiation that some experts and prominent scientists believe we will not survive.[37],[38]

The lesson that should be taken is to stop RFR pollution. We may still have flu outbreaks initiated by solar flares,[39] but they will be fewer and farther between, and even there, I believe that if we re-forest the planet, reestablishing the original planetary ecology, we would eliminate them even further. Implementing 4GLTE/5G/IoT is a crime. Dr. Young says “when the fish is sick, change the water.[40]

We need to go back to hard-wired communication and a normal world. We must go back to pre-1996 levels of artificial EMR right away. No one should be able to blast their families, neighbors, or the universe because they want to ask honey-bunch what flavor of ice cream he or she wants from the frozen isle.

We may be allowing thousands to perish just because we don’t want to admit that our addiction to on-demand gadgets is destructive to life. We can implement faster, safer, clearer, cheaper, and more secure communications through hard-wired cables,[41] or we can irradiate ourselves to extinction. We can choose unlimited profit for corporations, or look at the true nature of biology. A new paradigm incorporating pleomorphism, and electromagnetism in biology, and installing shielded fiber-optic-cable networks for hard-wired communications, and new phone booths where people can plug in, must be adopted if we are to eliminate never-ending disease epidemics. We should stop all synthetic and artificial incursion into biology, including chemical pollution, heavy metals, GMOs, nano-materials, self-assembling nano-bots, quantum dots, chip implants, synthetic drugs, vaccines, AI, biometrics, and man-made radiation of all kinds.

Has any scientist looked at how the “coronavirus” may morph or change upon exposure to cell phone and 5G radiation? Has any doctor checked if patients feel better if wireless devices are removed from their area and their EMR levels decreased? “Contact tracing” should consist of tracing people’s contact to 5G phones and base stations, and the first treatment upon entering hospital should be: cell phones off, and a fresh, green, organic drink dispensed.

The antennas in Wuhan were turned on before, and not after, the “coronavirus” outbreak. 5G must be halted until it can be shown to have zero effect on biology.[42] If we only open our eyes to the invisible elephant in the room, it is possible that the entire “coronavirus” disaster will disappear at the flick of the off switch. Someone, somewhere, should have the courage to do the tests.





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Editing aided by Claire Edwards.

Eva Bortnick: “I used to be an artist but EMR has overtaken me for the past two decades and destroyed my life. I am still recovering from the sickness.  I have written a children’s book (not yet published).  I had virtually no life to speak of for twenty years as it was purely focused on survival (see photo). I was 35 years old when this occurred; my life was pulled under me.”

For almost 20 years, Eva Bortnick was forced to take refuge in forests and rural areas as an “electro-refugee”, living in conditions that would normally be deemed unfit for human habitation. She scoured the country for four years in search of a place where she was not tortured by cell phone and other electrical towers and could get a full night’s sleep.  She finally found a relatively stable and safe place in Waldport, Oregon, and stayed in one general area for many years, residing in a tiny trailer with no facilities.  During that time, she suffered and overcame numerous illnesses due to the difficult circumstances. She endured the harrowing experience of being irradiated by a friend’s three-minute call on a cordless phone, the effects of which penetrated through several walls and over a distance of about 60 feet. As she grounded herself over the ensuing days and weeks in order to discharge the overload of electromagnetic radiation, she sought to heal herself by going within to understand the true nature of biology at an atomic level. She currently resides in town and – while remaining disabled by man-made electro-pollution – advocates for the elimination of the invisible and harmful toxin that is electromagnetic radiation from human society, nature and the planet. She is a member of the Cell Phone Taskforce. See doctors’ statements (PDF): Eva Bortnick Doc statement 1Doc statement 2Doc statement 3Doc statement 4. Email:

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