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US Backs Al-Qaeda in Yemen while Dubbing Its Houthi Enemies ‘Terrorists’

Ben Norton | The Grayzone – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Feb 2021

12 Jan 2021 – The US State Department designated Yemen’s Houthi movement — the most effective force in fighting al-Qaeda — as a “terrorist” organization. Meanwhile, Washington and Saudi Arabia have supported al-Qaeda.

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Poor Little al-Qaeda

Latuff – MintPress News, 1 Oct 2018

Come to Daddy…

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Are al-Qaeda Affiliates Fighting Alongside U.S. Rebels in Syria’s South?

Sharmine Narwani – The American Conservative, 2 Jul 2018

25 Jun 2018 –Russian-brokered reconciliation talks in southern Syria fell apart when Western-backed militants rejected a negotiated peace. Al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise—the Nusra Front—appears to be deeply entrenched alongside these U.S.-backed militants in key, strategic towns and villages scattered throughout the south. If forced to choose, Israel prefers the presence of terrorist groups to Iranian influence.

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A Brief History of the U.S. Relationship to Jihadists and al-Qaeda across the World

Brandon Turbeville – Activist Post, 2 Apr 2018

22 Mar 2018 – Even when many Americans can clearly see that the United States is funding extremists in order to destroy Assad, it is difficult for them to grasp that the most frightening enemy of all, ISIS itself, is also being directed by Western intelligence, the GCC, and Israel.

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How the Mainstream Media Whitewashed Al-Qaeda and the White Helmets in Syria

Eva Bartlett – Global Research, 8 Jan 2018

6 Jan 2018 – There was not a single occasion in which I ever heard the medics (in Sunni Gaza) shout takbeeror Allahu Akbar upon rescuing civilians, much less intentionally stood on dead bodies, posed in staged videos, or any of the other revolting acts that the White Helmets have been filmed doing in Syria. They were too damn busy rescuing or evacuating the areas before another Israeli strike, and usually maintained a focused silence as they worked, communicating only the necessities.

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How al-Qaeda Became an American Ally in ‘The War on Terror’

Whitney Webb – MintPress News, 10 Jul 2017

Nearly 16 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the United States is inexplicably finding itself in bed with al-Qaeda, its alleged sworn enemy. The group’s efforts to terrorize the population of Syria have been rewarded with U.S. arms, training and other military aid.

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What’s in a Name? U.S. Takes Syria’s Al-Qaeda off Terror Watchlists

Whitney Webb – MintPress News, 29 May 2017

By changing its name to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda has managed to secure its removal from the U.S. and Canadian terror watchlists, allowing citizens of those countries to donate money and travel to fight with them.

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FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot to Just Sit Back and Enjoy Collapse of United States

The Onion – TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Nov 2016

WASHINGTON—Putting the nation on alert against what it has described as a “highly credible terrorist threat,” the FBI announced today that it has uncovered a plot by members of al-Qaeda to sit back and enjoy themselves while the United States collapses of its own accord.

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U.S.-Trained Fighters in Syria Gave Equipment to Al-Qaeda Affiliate

Karen DeYoung – The Washington Post, 28 Sep 2015

In a statement correcting earlier assertions that reports of the turnover were a “lie” and a militant propaganda ploy, the command said it was subsequently notified that the Syrian unit had “surrendered” some of its equipment — including six pickup trucks and a portion of its ammunition — to Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s arm in Syria.

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Meet ‘Moderates’ U.S. Is Supporting in Syria: They’re Al-Qaeda

Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture Foundation - TRANSCEND Media Service, 17 Aug 2015

13 Aug 2015 – Increasing evidence is coming in that the groups the U.S. is trying to install into power in Syria are actually contending groups of Sunni Islamic jihadists who seem to agree on only one thing: they want to replace the secular government of the Shiite Bashar al-Assad with a Sunni Islamic government. In Syria, al-Qaeda goes under the name Jabhat al-Nusra.

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Officials: Islamic State Arose from US Support for Al-Qaeda in Iraq

Nafeez Ahmed – Insurge Intelligence, 17 Aug 2015

A former Pentagon intelligence chief, Iraqi government sources, and a retired career US diplomat reveal US complicity in the rise of ISIS.

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Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and Israel

Robert Parry – Consortium News, 9 Feb 2015

4 Feb 2015 – Saudi Arabia is under a new cloud after a jailed al-Qaeda operative implicated senior Saudi officials as collaborators with the terror group – and the shadow could even darken the political future of Israeli Prime Netanyahu because of his odd-couple alliance with Riyadh.

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Turkish Military Says MIT-National Intelligence Service Shipped Weapons to Al-Qaeda

Fehim Taştekin – Al Monitor, 19 Jan 2015

New documents have been leaked online, prompting the government to immediatey ban reporting on the scandal and order the content deleted.

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The University of Al-Qaeda? America’s “Terrorist Academy” in Iraq Produced ISIS Leaders

Mike Whitney – CounterPunch, 13 Oct 2014

“Since 2003, Anglo-American power has secretly and openly coordinated direct and indirect support for Islamist terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda across the Middle East and North Africa. This ill-conceived patchwork geostrategy is a legacy of the persistent influence of neoconservative ideology, motivated by longstanding but often contradictory ambitions to dominate regional oil resources, defend an expansionist Israel, and in pursuit of these, re-draw the map of the Middle East.”

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CIA ‘Tortured Al-Qaeda Suspects Close to the Point of Death by Drowning Them in Water-Filled Baths’

Peter Foster – The Telegraph, 15 Sep 2014

7 Sep 2014 – As the US Senate prepares to release a report documenting US torture programme after 9/11, Telegraph reveals new details about the scope of CIA excesses.

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Why Aren’t ISIS and Al-Qaeda Attacking Israel?

Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Aug 2014

It is important to examine Israel’s central role in helping to create the very same organizations that it claims to be threatened by.

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The Continuing Al-Qaeda Threat

Ron Paul – TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Feb 2014

Why is al-Qaeda as much a threat as it was ten years ago? Perhaps it is that we continue to fight the wrong war in the wrong manner. After ten years of no progress, is it not time to try something new, non-intervention and a strong defense rather than drone strikes and pre-emptive attacks?

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A Young Syrian Al-Qaeda Member: “It is too late, I cannot come back anymore.”

International Network for Justice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 21 Oct 2013

NGOs have been protesting the fact that young people from the eastern cities of Turkey are being taken to war in Syria. How come Syria-based organizations are able to run so easily? We will make an appeal to the parliament to ensure that the organizations recruiting troops from Turkey to Syria will be busted and those young people will be taken back to Turkey.

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McCain’s Moderates Join Al-Qaeda

Daniel McAdams – Lew Rockwell, 30 Sep 2013

Senator John McCain was sure he could pick moderates in Syria and went there this spring to demonstrate how much the insurgents were like us, struggling for democracy and equal rights for all. The pillar of McCain and the Democratic neocons crashed to the ground as their picked elements of the “moderate” Free Syrian Army have this week pledged their loyalty to the local al-Qaeda in Syria.

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Breaking: Whistleblower Reveals U.S. State Dept. Ships Arms Directly to al-Qaeda

Kit Daniels, Infowars – TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Sep 2013

A former CIA gun runner revealed that the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed in the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in order to cover up the U.S. State Department’s direct arm shipments to al-Qaeda.

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Al-Qaeda to the Rescue

Pepe Escobar – Asia Times, 12 Aug 2013

Imagine a rushed crisis meeting at the highest levels of the Orwellian/Panopticon complex: “Gentlemen, we have a golden opportunity here. We are under siege by defector spy Edward Snowden – liberated by the Soviets – and that terrorist hack Greenwald. Snowden may be winning: even among US public opinion, there’s a growing perception we may be more of a threat than al-Qaeda. So we must show we are vigilantly protecting our freedoms. Yes; we’re gonna scream Terra, Terra, Terra!”

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Al-Qaeda Unleashed against Syria and Iraq with Acceptance of the West

Pepe Escobar – Russia Today, 29 Jul 2013

Now, with Syria as the new magnet of global jihad – once again a direct consequence of a US power play, via Barack “Assad must go” Obama – al-Qaeda is resurgent on both fronts. Washington has already destroyed the social fabric of Iraq. Now it’s helping to destroy Syria’s.

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Washington Is Overtly Supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria: Prof. James H. Fetzer

Interview by Kourosh Ziabari – Counter Currents, 15 Jul 2013

American philosopher and political author James H. Fetzer argues that the United States is openly supporting Al-Qaeda and the extremist Salafist and Takfiri groups in Syria and equipping the rebels and insurgents inside the country with sophisticated weapons and arms.

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How Obama and Al-Qaeda Became Syrian Bedfellows

Shamus Cooke - CounterCurrents, 3 Jun 2013

Equally odd is that Obama’s strongest military ally on the ground in Syria- the best equipped and effective fighting force against the Syrian Government — is Jabhat al-Nusra, a group that has affiliated itself with al-Qaeda, and aims to turn Syria into an extremist Islamic state that enforces a fundamentalist version of Sharia law.

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Whistleblower: Al-Qaeda Chief Was US Asset – Did State Department Block Sunday Times Exposé of Pentagon Terrorist Ties?

Dr Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed – Huffington Post, 27 May 2013

Abridged version based on full investigative report at Ceasefire Magazine. A whistleblower has revealed extraordinary information on links between the US government, international terrorist networks, and organised crime.

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Mali: The ‘Gentle’ Face of Al-Qaeda

May Ying Welsh – Al Jazeera, 31 Dec 2012

“We are mujahideen in the cause of Allah.” The hair on our necks stands on end. The fighters look like desert military preachers – members of some stoical sect that took a vow of poverty and jihad. They wear austere beige cotton smocks and high cropped pants – like inhabitants of Tatooine, the desert planet in Star Wars. These are not outfits one buys at the market, or inherits from a brother or friend. They are uniforms tailor-made to send a message of simplicity.

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Slain Writer’s Book Says US-NATO War Served Al-Qaeda Strategy

Gareth Porter – Inter Press Service-IPS, 13 Jun 2011

Al-Qaeda strategists have been assisting the Taliban fight against U.S.-NATO forces in Afghanistan because they believe that foreign occupation has been the biggest factor in generating Muslim support for uprisings against their governments, according to the just-published book by Syed Saleem Shahzad, the Pakistani journalist whose body was found in a canal outside Islamabad last week with evidence of having been tortured.

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Government Calls Native American Resistance of 1800s “Much Like Modern-Day Al-Qaeda”

Vincent Warren - Truthout, 18 Apr 2011

Guantánamo was designed to be a prison where no laws applied. Today, it remains a prison reserved exclusively for Arab and Muslim men, many of whom the president recently announced would be subjected to military commissions, an ad hoc system intended to manufacture convictions unattainable in federal court.

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Al-Qaeda’s Suspect Humanitarianism

Maidhc Ó Cathail – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Oct 2010

AP’s sole source for the 11-minute tape, with the oddly contemplative title “Reflections on the Method of Relief Work,” is SITE Intelligence Group. The U.S.-based group, which purportedly “monitors jihadi forums,” provided AP with a copy of the message that it claims was posted on unnamed “Islamic militant websites.” There are questions, however, about whether SITE Intelligence is the most objective source of information about terrorism. SITE co-founder Rita Katz, an Israeli Defense Forces veteran, is an Iraqi-born Jew, whose father was publicly hanged in Iraq after the 1967 Six-Day War as an Israeli spy. Considering Tel Aviv’s obvious interest in having the world’s only superpower fight a “global war on terror” against the Jewish state’s Muslim neighbours, it somehow never occurred to Associated Press, or other mainstream media outlets, to ask the question, Like father, like daughter?

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Amir Mir – The News, Lahore, 1 Feb 2010

Afghanistan-based US predators carried out a record number of 12 deadly missile strikes in the tribal areas of Pakistan in January 2010, of which 10 went wrong and failed to hit their targets, killing 123 innocent Pakistanis. The remaining two successful drone strikes killed three al-Qaeda leaders, wanted by the Americans. The rapid increase in […]

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F. William Engdahl – Global Research, 9 Jan 2010

On December 25 US authorities arrested a Nigerian named Abdulmutallab aboard a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on charges of having tried to blow up the plane with smuggled explosives. Since then reports have been broadcast from CNN, the New York Times and other sources that he was "suspected" of having been trained […]

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Patrick Cockburn, 3 Jan 2010

Yemen has always been a dangerous place. Wonderfully beautiful, the mountainous north of the country is guerrilla paradise with well-defended villages and towns clinging to every peak. We are the Awaleq       Born of bitterness       We are the nails that go into the rock       We are the sparks of hell       He who defies us will be […]

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Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D. and Alejandro J. Beutel, 13 Nov 2008

Minaret of Freedom Institute Recently Michael Scheuer, a former 22-year CIA analyst and head of the agency’s Bin Laden Unit gave an interview with John Barry of Newsweek. Scheuer observes that a new generation of middle class, well-educated Muslims are taking up arms to fight for Al-Qaeda. Furthermore, he points out the main reason why […]

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How the CIA Destabilizes the World

Jeffrey D. Sachs – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Feb 2024

12 Feb 2024 – There are three basic problems with the CIA: its objectives, methods, and unaccountability. Its operational objectives are whatever the CIA or the President defines to be in the U.S. interest at a given time, irrespective of international or U.S. laws. Its methods are secretive and duplicitous.

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Red Sea Tensions Increase

Ann Garrison | Black Agenda Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Feb 2024

7 Feb 2024 – Tensions increase in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

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Five Variables Defining Our Future

Pepe Escobar | Sputnik – TRANSCEND Media Service, 5 Feb 2024

25 Jan 2024 – For Germany it was a question of ‘organizing Europe’. The USA must ‘organize’ the world. Face to face with the volcanic eruption of US imperialism. Under some pretext, it will intervene in the clash to maintain its world dominion.

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Special Features of the Region of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Vladislav B. Sotirovic - TRANSCEND Media Servivce, 1 Jan 2024

In principle, the crucial mark of the region is the predominant Arab culture with some contrasts in the cultural habits between, for instance, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Besides, the cultural features of several other ethnic and confessional groups of MENA give a more comprehensive picture of the region’s peoples and challenges.

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US Foreign Policy Is a Scam Built on Corruption

Jeffrey D. Sachs – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Jan 2024

26 Dec 2023 – In the past 20 years, every US foreign policy objective has failed. The Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan. Post-Saddam Iraq is dependent on Iran. Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad stayed in power. Libya fell into a protracted civil war after Gaddafi. Ukraine was bludgeoned by Russia in 2023 as the US secretly scuttles a peace agreement Russia-Ukraine in 2022.

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This Week in History

, 18 Dec 2023

18-24 December 2023

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The Forgotten (Part 4): President Bashar-al-Assad, Syrian Civil War Chief Peace Disruptor

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Dec 2023

“The Syrian War has effectively demonstrated that under violent conditions there is total stripping of Dignity, even in Death, while the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are thriving unaccountably, in a pseudo-civilised manner. Unfortunately, this trend has been repeatedly perpetuated in the 21st century, on a regular basis, disrupting Peace.”

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Reflections on the Deep State’s Media Watchdog Tool

John Kiriakou | ScheerPost – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Dec 2023

29 Nov 2023 – NewsGuard at first glance looks like a media watchdog organization, a group that seeks to keep misinformation and disinformation out of the mainstream. That notion is quickly dispelled, however, as soon as one takes a look under the hood.

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Michael Brenner – TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Nov 2023

15 Nov 2023 – Europe has an obsession about Jews. For nearly 2 millennia, it shunned them, despised them and persecuted them. Now, after a respite of a few decades, it condemns and abuses Muslims in a similar way – all in the name of supporting Jews. 

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Will Palestine Ever Be Free? Understanding Elite Strategy in the Global Context

Robert J. Burrowes, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Nov 2023

17 Nov 2023 – How the genocidal assault on Gaza and the ongoing military attacks on the occupied West Bank constitute a fundamental threat to the people of Palestine while at the same time they are only a local manifestation of the wider assault on humanity.

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga - TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Nov 2023

13-19 November 2023

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Gaza in Real Time: Geopolitics vs Genocide

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Nov 2023

31 Oct 2023 – Israel has long been a master of what is called in Hebrew hasbara–the spinning, manipulating and distorting of public discourse so that it either justifies what Israel is doing or diverts attention from the message of critics and skeptics to the supposedly questionable credibility of the messenger. ‘The weaponizing of antisemitism’ is a cynical example of the deployment of hasbara.

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga - TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Nov 2023

6 – 12 November 2023

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“Peace, War, and 9/11”: A Cinematic Portrait of Graeme MacQueen, a Warrior for Peace

Edward Curtin | Behind the Curtain – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Oct 2023

19 Oct 2023 – It is one thing to read a review of this important and compelling film and another to watch it.  The former fades into insignificance when one takes an hour-and-a-half to immerse oneself in its tragic yet revelatory story. 

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga – TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Oct 2023

16-22 October 2023

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US Weapons to Ukraine Sold through Back Door to Terrorists

Steven Sahiounie | Mideast Discourse - TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 Oct 2023

4 Oct 2023 – According to former Ukrainian Defense Ministry informants, the Foundation to Battle Injustice identified which NATO weapons are being resold by the Ukrainian government and revealed the scale and routes to resell Western weapons on the black market.

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Torture at Guantanamo

John Kiriakou | ScheerPost – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Oct 2023

25 Sep 2023 – I Was the only U.S. Official Imprisoned over the Torture Program — because I Opposed and Blew the Whistle on It

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga - TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Oct 2023

2-8 October 2023

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The West Destroyed Africa, Eurasia Will Revive It

Matthew Ehret Insights – TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Sep 2023

20 Sep 2023 – In Africa, injustice looms large. After decades of restrictive IMF and World Bank loans, poverty, hunger, and conflict persist throughout the continent. While many attribute this to Africa’s governance challenges, in reality, a deliberate imperial agenda has hindered the continent’s development in all political, economic, and security sectors. 

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Michael Brenner – TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Sep 2023

21 Sep 2023 – The United States is being defeated in Ukraine. One could say that it is facing defeat or that it is staring defeat in the face. Neither formulation is appropriate, though. The U.S. doesn’t look reality squarely in the eye. We prefer to look at the world through the distorted lenses of our fantasies.

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Why the Media Aren’t Telling the Whole Story of Libya’s Floods

Jonathan Cook – TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Sep 2023

15 Sep 2023 – The reality of the West’s current foreign policy – marketed under the principle of a “Responsibility to Protect” – is all too visible amid Libya’s flood wreckage. There are reasons for Libya’s ‘chaotic’, ‘dysfunctional’ response to the disaster. And to identify them, we need to look closer to home.

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No Respite for France as a ‘New Africa’ Rises

Pepe Escobar | The Cradle – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Sep 2023

1 Sep 2023 – Like dominos, African states are one by one falling outside the shackles of neocolonialism. Chad, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, and now Gabon are saying ‘non’ to France’s longtime domination of African financial, political, economic, and security affairs.

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga - TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Sep 2023

11-17 September 2023

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga - TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Sep 2023

4-10 September 2023

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What’s Happening in Niger Is Far from a Typical Coup

Vijay Prashad | Independent Media Institute – TRANSCEND Media Service, 21 Aug 2023

16 Aug 2023 – Rather than send troops in response to the coup, France and the U.S. seem to favor a “Rwanda” type solution applied in Mozambique earlier this year. Only this time ECOWAS would apply force.

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World Sliding toward WW3 as More Warhawks Grab Power in Washington DC

Drago Bosnic | InfoBrics - TRANSCEND Media Service, 21 Aug 2023

11 Aug 2023 – Their style has always been preying on the weak, as they focus on bringing “freedom and democracy” to those unable to retaliate or defend themselves. Direct attacks are preceded by economic warfare (sanctions) and “isolation” by the so-called “international community” (read USA).

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga - TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Aug 2023

14 – 20 August 2023

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Palestine: Unsettling Israeli Settlers Severely Damaging the USA

Dan Lieberman | Countercurrents - TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Aug 2023

28 Jul 2023 – UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: “There have been 570 attacks by Jewish settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in the first six months of 2023; three attacks a day.” 2010-2019: 3,000 settler attacks, 22 Palestinians killed, 1,258 injured.

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British Intelligence in the Dock for CIA Torture

Kit Klarenberg | The Grayzone – TRANSCEND Media Service, 17 Jul 2023

11 Jul 2023 – Recent developments raise the prospect that British intelligence agents could finally face justice for their little-known role in the CIA’s global torture program.

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(Italiano) 11 settembre: Chi è stato? E perché importa al movimento pacifista

Marilyn Langlois | Centro Studi Sereno Regis – TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Jul 2023

Johan Galtung mi presentò a Graeme a un simposio TRANSCEND nel 2011 in North Carolina. L’11 settembre non era nell’agenda formale, ma emerse in conversazioni laterali con l’approssimarsi del 10° anniversario. Galtung ha sempre promosso un dialogo aperto su argomenti provocanti, tenendo testa a una propensione delle istituzioni accademiche e delle maggiori piattaforme mediatiche ad ignorare opinioni dissenzienti sul 11.09 passandole per infatuate teorie cospiratorie.

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Mainstream Media Colludes with U.S. Government to Conceal Source of Syria’s Heartbreaking Humanitarian Crisis

Jeremy Kuzmarov | CovertAction Magazine – TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Jul 2023

30 Jun 2023 – Illegal U.S. bombing raids, brutal economic sanctions, and BRAZEN THEFT BY U.S. FORCES OF 66,000 BARRELS OF SYRIAN OIL PER DAY (80% of its total output) have visited a biblical-scale tragedy upon the Syrian people that has battered them virtually back to the stone age.

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9/11: Whodunnit? and Why It Matters to the Peace Movement

Marilyn Langlois – TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Jun 2023

Johan Galtung introduced me to Graeme at a 2011 TRANSCEND symposium in North Carolina.  9/11 was not on the formal agenda, but came up in side conversations as the 10-year anniversary approached.  Galtung has always promoted open dialog on challenging topics, bucking the penchant of academic institutions and major media platforms to ignore dissenting views on 9/11 and dismiss them as crazy conspiracy theories.

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As Arab States Seek Peace, US Insists That Syrians Suffer

Aaron Maté | Substack – TRANSCEND Media Service, 15 May 2023

14 May 2023 – After the Arab League re-admits Syria, Washington threatens new sanctions to prevent reconstruction.

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Can the U.S. Adjust Sensibly to a Multipolar World?

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies – TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 May 2023

4 May 2023 – The multipolar world that is taking shape, and the failure of the United States to adjust sensibly to the new order or play a constructive role in it.

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Bombshell Filing: 9/11 Hijackers Were CIA Recruits

Kit Klarenberg | The Grayzone - TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 May 2023

18 Apr 2023 – At least two 9/11 hijackers had been recruited into a joint CIA-Saudi intelligence operation that was covered up at the highest level, according to an explosive new court filing.

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Empire of Jingoistic Lies

Bishnu Pathak – TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Apr 2023

8 Apr 2023 – How the US and its military alliance created, encircle, attack, and destroy potential rivals, governments and leaders abusing their (including NATO) powers through proxy politics and victor-centric justice. NATO is a collective, defensive, rich countries’ alliance that functions under control/leadership of the USA.

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History of US-NATO Military Campaigns (1991-2023)

Jean Toschi Marazzani Visconti | Global Research – TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Apr 2023

1 Apr 2023 – Speech presented to the Conference, “Is our future NATO?” organized by Abbasso la Guerra Group. “The US/NATO forces have cleared corruption as a weapon of war, and wherever they have intervened to establish democracy they have left only instability and misery.”

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Timeline of United States Military Operations

Wikipedia – TRANSCEND Media Service, 3 Apr 2023

From 1945 to 2021 –> Addicted to Destruction of the Other

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My Plagiarised Work Was Used to Justify the War on Iraq

Ibrahim al-Marashi | Al Jazeera - TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Mar 2023

21 Mar 2023 – Imagine it is February 5, 2003. The US secretary of state is speaking in front of the United Nations, holding your work in his hands, as he calls for a war on another sovereign nation. How would you feel? Well, it happened to me, and I felt shocked.

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The Lords of Chaos

The Chris Hedges Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Mar 2023

19 Mar 2023 – The politicians and shills in the media who orchestrated 20 years of military debacles in the Middle East, and who seek a world dominated by U.S. power, must be held accountable for their crimes.

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The Travesty of “International Justice”

Vanessa Beeley – TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Mar 2023

18 Mar 2023 – The Latest ICC Attempt to Criminalise a World Leader Who Challenges UK, US Supremacy

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Lynching the Deplorables

The Chris Hedges Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Mar 2023

5 Mar 2023 – The criminal investigation undertaken by the federal government against hundreds of participants in the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol is polarizing the country and shredding civil liberties.

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Ukraine’s Death by Proxy

The Chris Hedges Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Mar 2023

11 Mar 2023 – Proxy wars devour the countries they purport to defend. There will come a time when the Ukrainians will become expendable to the U.S. They will disappear, as many others before them, from U.S. national discourse and popular consciousness.

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US Exceptionalism and the Wars in Syria and Ukraine

Rick Sterling – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Mar 2023

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, neoconservatives said it was time for US interests and priorities to be dominant. This was to be a New American Century with no challengers. It became US foreign policy: The US should not permit any country to challenge US supremacy and dominance.

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The Security Apparati (Part 1): Tentacles of Global Peace Disruptors

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Feb 2023

25 Feb 2023 – This publication discusses the global strategies, after the two world wars, when the great powers, suspicious of foreign ones, entered into a phase of Cold War using subterfuge, covert operations, and secret, double or triple agents, to gain access to strategic information. 

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The 20th Anniversary of the Sociocide of Iraq by Bush/Cheney

Ralph Nader – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Feb 2023

23 Feb 2023 – Will President Biden, Congress and other North Americans recognize the massive war crimes committed against the Iraqi people with appropriate declarations and actions on 19 Mar 2023?

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US-Laid Trap for Russia Has Trapped West Instead

Joe Lauria | Consortium News – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Feb 2023

6 Feb 2023 – A month before the Feb. 24, 2022 Russian invasion, CN wrote that the U.S. was laying a trap to lure Russia into an economic, information and proxy war. All three have failed for the U.S.

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Three New Books by Former Soldiers That the US Military Doesn’t Want You to Read

Steve Early and Suzanne Gordon | Jacobin – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Feb 2023

5 Feb 2023 – Several new memoirs from disillusioned military veterans reflect on the horrors of war. They’re essential tools for challenging US empire.

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Peace Negators: A Litany of Abduction, Torture, Deprogramming, Rendition and Murder by First World Governmental Security Agencies

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Feb 2023

The extra judicial excesses of the US government’s security apparatus and how the workings of the organization impacts upon the lives of ordinary people globally.

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When Journalists Act as State Propagandists

Peter Oborne | Declassified UK - TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Jan 2023

18 Jan 2023 – In advance of the invasion of Iraq 20 years ago, the UK media parroted government lies and became a part of the state’s propaganda machine. An inquiry into British reporting of the Iraq war is well past due.

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Yemen War Continues Beyond Media Spotlight

Felix Abt | CovertAction Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Jan 2023

11 Jan 2023 – The Washington Post even gives positive spin by suggesting that the war has improved gender equality in devastated country.

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Nobel Peace Prize Winners Have Deep CIA Ties

Jeremy Kuzmarov | CovertAction Magazine – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Jan 2023

21 Dec 2022 – Far-fetched as it sounds, this year’s winners are all connected to a CIA offshoot, the National Endowment for Democracy and parroted CIA/State Department/Pentagon talking points about Ukraine and Russia in their acceptance speeches.

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Why Does U.S. Navy Allow Officers to Commit Gory Murders and Other Atrocities with Impunity?

Jeremy Kuzmarov | CovertAction Magazine – TRANSCEND Media Service, 5 Dec 2022

30 Nov 2022 – And even more disturbingly, why are the men who commit these crimes revered in American popular culture? “The thrill of killing [is] like a drug; the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life.” – Eddie Penney, Navy SEAL Team 6.

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SAMs for Uncle Sam

William T. Hathaway – TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Nov 2022

Radical Peace presents the experiences of war resisters, deserters, and peace activists who are working to change our US warrior culture.

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American Horror: POTUS after POTUS Wronged This Old Pakistani Man

Andrew Mitrovica | Al Jazeera - TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Nov 2022

3 Nov 2022 – Saifullah Paracha, a 75-year-old Pakistani, was released last week (29 October) after 19 years in the dungeons of Guantanamo Bay for no crime. He won’t even get an apology.

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Two New Books Explore Pernicious Impact of U.S. Intelligence Agencies

Dee Knight | CovertAction Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 Oct 2022

17 Oct 2022 – Credibility is low these days for the U.S. government, politicians and the mainstream media. Sorting through news reports for reliable fact and analysis would make George Orwell weep. How ideologies of American exceptionalism and innocence have inoculated public from human suffering meted out in their name.

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Getting to Yes: What U.S. Africa Command Doesn’t Want You to Know

Nick Turse | TomDispatch – TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 Oct 2022

23 Oct 2022 – What’s the U.S. military doing in Africa? It’s an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, straight-jacketed in secrecy, and hogtied by red tape. Or at least it would be if it were up to the Pentagon.

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The Flaws and Fantasies of the New Biden Doctrine

Marwan Bishara | Al Jazeera - TRANSCEND Media Service, 17 Oct 2022

14 Oct 2022 – United States President Joe Biden’s newly released National Security Strategy is an amalgam of his predecessors’ doctrines. It is ambitious–and delusional–about America’s role in the world.

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USA’s Open Wound

Edward Snowden | Continuing Ed - TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Sep 2022

20 Sep 2022 – The CIA Is Not Your Friend – Democracy and the rule of law have been so frequently invoked as a part of the U.S. political brand that citizens simply take it for granted they enjoy both.

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“Monsters Breed Monsters”: The Impact of Systemic Peace Disruption on Children in Violent Conflict Situations

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Sep 2022

17 Sep 2022 – The Western countries are guilty of allowing warring parties globally to breed children and transform them into terrorists of the future who will come back to haunt them and seek revenge. This publication contains graphic images which may be disturbing to certain readers.  Parental guidance is advised.

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Europe, More Than Putin, Must Shoulder the Blame for the Energy Crisis

Jonathan Cook – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Sep 2022

14 Sep 2022 – The same arrogant, self-righteous posturing from the West that fuelled the Ukraine war is now plunging Europe into recession.

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Should the UN Investigate 9/11?

Roger Kotila, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Sep 2022

18 Sep 2022 – When your government is suspected of committing a crime, but refuses to provide an independent investigation, you are stuck. There is nowhere else to turn. What about the United Nations?

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The Children of the Gods of War (Part 3): The Lost Innocence of a Generation of Syrian Children

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Sep 2022

“The Forgotten War in Syria – The Lost World of Children”

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Chain of Corruption: How the White Helmets Compromised OPCW Investigations in Syria

Aaron Maté | Substack – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Sep 2022

9 Sep 2022 – By enlisting the sectarian insurgent-allied, US-funded White Helmets for chemical weapons probes in Syria, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons abandoned impartiality and broke its fundamental rules for collecting evidence.

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Afghanistan, Iraq, and the “War on Terror”

Roger Peace and Jeremy Kuzmarov | USFP - TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Aug 2022

The paper analyzes how the North American people were duped into believing that the proper and necessary response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks was to attack other nations (beyond stateless terrorists); and examines the counterproductive policies pursued in the name of counterterrorism.

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How a Missile in Kabul Connects to a Speaker in Taipei

Pepe Escobar | The Cradle – TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Aug 2022

3 Aug 2022 – Washington’s hard power display of taking out Al-Qaeda’s Al-Zawahiri will not be reciprocated by Beijing over Pelosi’s provocative visit to Taiwan. It does however, definitively bury the decades-long era of cooperative US-Chinese relations.

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Why No One Cared That Al Qaeda Honcho Zawahiri Got Droned

Murtaza Hussain | The Intercept - TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Aug 2022

3 Aug 2022 – That Zawahiri’s killing went so quietly suggests that the cultural and political behemoth that was the war on terror had long preceded him into the grave.

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