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How U.S. Interference in Cuba Creates a False Picture of Its Society

Manolo De Los Santos and Vijay Prashad | Globetrotter – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Nov 2021

26 Oct 2021 – The atmosphere is charged. The U.S. government and right-wing Cubans who are in the U.S. Congress have tried to define the terrain for events in mid-November in Cuba. They will ramp up pressure to overthrow the government.

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As Progressives Call for End to Blockade, Biden Announces More Sanctions against Cuba

Jessica Corbett | Common Dreams - TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Aug 2021

30 Jul 2021 – While President Joe Biden campaigned on a pledge to reverse the “failed” policies of his predecessor that “inflicted harm on Cubans and their families,” his administration—already under mounting pressure from progressives to deliver on that promise—announced new sanctions against Cuba today.

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The Many Faces of Regime Change in Cuba

Louis A. Pérez Jr | Jacobin - TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Jul 2021

24 Jul 2021 – Cubans confront a host of problems amid a national health emergency — and the Biden administrative is only adding to punitive sanctions with the intent to make everything worse.

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New York Times Ad: Let Cuba Live

The People's Forum - TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Jul 2021

23 Jul 2021 – Urgent times call for urgent action. In just two days, over 400 prominent activists, intellectuals, scientists and artists came together to produce an Open Letter to President Biden in the New York Times. This is just the beginning.

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The United States Tries to Take Advantage of the Price Cubans Are Paying for the Blockade and the Pandemic

Manolo De Los Santos and Vijay Prashad | Globetrotter – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Jul 2021

13 Jul 2021 – Yesterday Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel told a press conference that Cuba is facing serious shortages of food and medicine. “What is the origin of all these issues? It is the blockade.” If the U.S.-imposed blockade ended, many of the great challenges facing Cuba would lift. Meanwhile, the United States hardens a cruel and illegal blockade of the island, a medieval siege that has been in place for six decades.

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Media Play Up Protests, Play Down Effect of US Sanctions in Cuba

Alan MacLeod | FAIR-Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Jul 2021

16 Jul 2021 – The Media were quick to give the protests front and center coverage. Far larger and more deadly movements in Chile and Ecuador were mostly ignored by the corporate press. Meanwhile, the political situation in Haiti, which has seen three continuous years of nationwide protest, was overwhelmingly ignored until the assassination of US-backed President Jovenel Moïse last week.

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Biden’s Failure to End Trump’s War on Cuba Is Threatening Lives

Danny Glover | The Nation - TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Jul 2021

29 Jun 2021 – Imagine a country developing and producing Covid-19 vaccines enough to cover its entire population, but being unable to inoculate everyone because of a syringe shortage. Cuba has already vaccinated about 2 of its 11 million people, and hopes to have 70 percent of the population vaccinated by August. Yet, because of the 60-year US embargo the country is facing a shortage of millions of syringes. Biden promised to return to Obama’s policies of engagement with Cuba, but the embargo and other Trump-era restrictions remain in place.

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(Italiano) Pico Fidel: partigiani e ribelli cubani

Giorgio Barazza | Centro Studi Sereno Regis - TRANSCEND Media Service, 5 Jul 2021

2 Luglio 2021 – “Nella mattinata di sabato 25 novembre 2017, un gruppo di appassionati della montagna e alpinisti torinesi, integrati da giovani della “Brigada Gino Done” e dell’Agenzia per l’interscambio culturale ed economico con Cuba da attivisti del “Circolo Valle Susa dell’Associazione di Amicizia Italia – Cuba”, insieme all’ambasciata di Cuba in Italia si sono inerpicati dal Col del Lys verso la cima del Monte Arpone a 1600 metri di altitudine.

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Under Pandemic, UN Votes to Condemn Cruel and Illegal U.S. Blockade of Cuba—but There Is a Twist

Chris Agee | CovertAction Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Jun 2021

24 Jun 2021 – 184 Countries Vote in the UN to Condemn U.S. Blockade of Cuba—As Usual, Two Countries Vote Against: the U.S. and Israel. While Conditions in Cuba Under the Blockade are Worsening, Cuba’s Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industry May Help Them Out of the Pandemic

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Raul Castro Steps Down as Head of Communist Party Ending an Era in Cuba

Andrea Rodríguez | AP – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Apr 2021

17 Apr 2021 – Raul Castro said yesterday he is stepping down as head of Cuba’s Communist Party, ending an era of formal leadership that began with his brother Fidel and country’s 1959 revolution. The 89-year-old Castro made the announcement in a speech at the opening of the eighth congress of the ruling party.

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The Scene from Cuba: How It’s Getting So Much Right on COVID-19

Jennifer Ruth Hosek | The Conversation - TRANSCEND Media Service, 22 Mar 2021

16 Mar 2021 – As the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately harms underprivileged people globally, Cuba’s “people over profit” approach has been saving many lives — both on the island and abroad. From the onset, Cuba’s approach has been holistic and integrated.

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The Attack That Never Happened: Cuba and the U.S. Fantasy of Sonic Attacks

Rosa Miriam Elizalde | Globetrotter - TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Mar 2021

5 Mar 2021 – They called it “sonic attacks,” “health incidents,” and “Havana syndrome.” In September 2017, the United States government decided to withdraw all nonessential personnel and their families from their country’s embassy in Cuba. This decision was based on alleged inexplicable noises whose causes were unclear.

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Cuba Will Produce 100 Million Doses of Its COVID-19 Vaccine

teleSUR - TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Jan 2021

20 Jan 2021 – This year, Cuba will produce 100 million doses of its new Soberana 02 coronavirus vaccine to meet its internal demand and those of other countries, a leading Cuban scientist reported today.

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The Trump Administration’s Parting Outrage against Cuba

Medea Benjamin and Leonardo Flores | Intrepid Report - TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Jan 2021

On 11 Jan 2021, in his final days before leaving office, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo added one parting blow to the series of bludgeons his administration has inflicted on Cuba for four years: putting the island on the list of “state sponsors of terror” that includes only Iran, North Korea and Syria. The designation drew swift condemnation from policymakers and humanitarian groups.

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The War on Cuba Documentary Tells the Story of the U.S. Embargo

Julia Thomas | NACLA - TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Dec 2020

7 Dec 2020 – The Belly of the Beast collective explains how they are creating responsible media about Cuba and depicting the impacts of U.S. policy.

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Cuba Successfully Halts Its COVID-19 Outbreak

Dr. Birsen Filip | Global Research - TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Nov 2020

25 Nov 2020 – Broadly speaking, Cuba’s success in terms of containing its COVID-19 outbreak is due in large part to the centrally planned system’s adherence to the principle that free and universal health care is a fundamental human right.

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Is the Cuba Blockade a Myth?

Maité Rizo | Reader Supported News - TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Oct 2020

15 Oct 2020 – The Cuban people have lived for almost sixty years with restrictions imposed by the United States government. Many times we do not even notice how much this policy affects us, because in a certain way we get used to so many decades of economic war along with the problems of our country, and because no, it is not all the fault of the blockade. But it exists, and its impact is real.

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Cuban Medical Brigade Heads to Azerbaijan

teleSUR - TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Jul 2020

12 Jul 2020 – The latest contingent of over 100 medical professionals has departed the island for Azerbaijan to assist health authorities in combating COVID-19.

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Cuban Health Care: The Ongoing Revolution

Monthly Review - TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Jul 2020

Cuban Health Care: The Ongoing Revolution, by Don Fitz – Cuba has transformed its health care to the extent that this “third-world” country has been able to maintain a first-world medical system, whose health indicators surpass those of the United States at a fraction of the cost.

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USA: Cuban Spies Disguised as Doctors

Roger Stoll | Dissident Voice - TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Jul 2020

2 Jul 2020 – The EU now excludes travelers from the COVID-ridden U.S., but welcomes those from the virtually COVID-free Cuba. The U.S. tries to convince the world that Cuban doctors are victims of human trafficking, or spies, or both. What perfect disguises: doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, medical technicians. Oh, Cuba, please send us all the spies you can spare. For we are suffering from a severe lack of spies. And we are dying because of it.

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Leading by Example: Cuba in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Helen Yaffe | Resumen - TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Jun 2020

4 Jun 2020 – That a small island nation, subjected to hundreds of years of colonialism and imperialism and, since the Revolution of 1959, six decades of the criminal United States blockade, can play such an exemplary role is due to Cuba’s socialist system. The central plan directs national resources according to a development strategy which prioritises human welfare and community participation, not private profit.

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Experts: Cuba Is Close to the Post-COVID Stage

teleSUR - TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Jun 2020

27 May 2020 – Cuba is making the necessary adjustments to enter the post-pandemic phase, given that the country is a fortnight away from completing the contagion phase, the Director of Epidemiology reported today. It has to be in an orderly fashion, due to the danger of a possible second wave of COVID.

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COVID-19: Cuba’s People-before-Profit Approach Pays Off as Capitalism Proves a Bitter Pill for the US

Pablo Vivanco | RT - TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 May 2020

28 Apr 2020 – Havana has punched above its weight for decades when it comes to health. But never have the differences between its socialist system and the market-based system of its strongest detractor, America, been so apparent.

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Cuba’s COVID-19 Medical Brigades Are Not Medical Diplomacy but International Solidarity at Its Finest

Bill Hackwell | Resumen - TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 May 2020

26 Apr 2020 – On the growing number of Cuban medical brigades fighting the Coronavirus pandemic around the world.

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Cuba Under Media Attack for Sending Doctors, Not Bombs, to Help COVID-19 Victims

Belen Fernandez | FAIR-Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting - TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Apr 2020

14 Apr 2020 – As coronavirus ravages the world, Cuba has exhibited disproportionate heroism, deploying medical personnel to at least 14 countries thus far to battle the pandemic. It is a welcome bit of uplifting news in an otherwise mostly dismal international panorama. Lest anyone start feeling too inspired by the idea of humanity, however, sectors of the US corporate media are dutifully standing by to burst the bubble.

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Door by Door the Cuban Government Delivers Immune Boosting Medicine to the People

Susana Hurlich | Resumen - TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Apr 2020

Taking the Concept of “Solutions-Oriented Peace Journalism” to New Heights

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The World Rediscovers Cuban Medical Internationalism

Helen Yaffe | Le Monde Diplomatique - TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Apr 2020

30 Mar 2020 – Just weeks ago, US Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders was vilified by the US establishment for acknowledging education and healthcare achievements in revolutionary Cuba. Now, as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, the island’s medical prowess is back in the spotlight.

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Cuba’s Coronavirus Response Is Putting Other Countries to Shame

Ben Burgis | Jacobin Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Mar 2020

23 Mar 2020 -Cuba is caricatured by the Right as a totalitarian hellhole. But its response to the coronavirus pandemic — from sending doctors to other countries to pioneering anti-viral treatments to converting factories into mask-making machines — is putting other countries, especially the rich ones, to shame.

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Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Bolsonaro’s Brazil Begs for Cuban Doctors–After Expelling Them

Ben Norton | Grayzone - TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Mar 2020

17 Mar 2020 – Brazil’s far-right government requested the return of thousands of Cuban doctors to help fight the coronavirus. Months ago, President Jair Bolsonaro smeared the doctors as “terrorists” and expelled them.

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Cuba Gives Permission for Cruise Ship Carrying COVID-19 Patients to Dock

Cuba Solidarity Campaign - TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Mar 2020

16 Mar 2020 – A British cruise ship carrying five passengers who have tested positive for the coronavirus is to dock in Cuba after being turned away by other countries. The MS Braemar, which is carrying six hundred passengers, most of whom are British, had been stranded at sea for two days while trying to find a country which would allow it to dock.

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Cuba Found to Be the Most Sustainably Developed Country in the World, New Research Finds

Matt Trinder – Morning Star, 9 Dec 2019

29 Nov 2019 – Cuba is the most sustainably developed country in the world, according to the Sustainable Development Index launched today. The socialist island outperforms advanced capitalist countries including Britain and the United States, which has subjected Cuba to a punitive six-decades-long economic blockade.

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UN Member States Overwhelmingly Support End of US Embargo against Cuba

UN News – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Nov 2019

For the 28th consecutive year, the UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution calling for an end to the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba. During a vote held on Wednesday [6 Nov], 187 Member States underlined their support for the resolution while Brazil and Israel joined the US in voting no. Two countries—Colombia and Ukraine—abstained.

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Cuba’s Venceremos Brigade at 50: Challenging Empire, Uplifting Solidarity since 1969

Diana Block | Portside – TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Oct 2019

As the U.S. ramps up its global efforts to protect genocidal racial capitalism, it is a crucial time for a new generation to study and learn from Cuba’s 60-year effort to build an alternative socio-economic system.

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Cuban Compassion: Training Doctors for a Pacific Island Nation Running Out of Time

Robert Huish and Sharon McLennan – The Conversation, 5 Aug 2019

11 Jul 2019 – Cuba is offering a compelling example of how we can take care of each other during the climate crisis with its work training doctors on Kiribati, a nation that is being devastated by climate change.

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The Little Known Story/History of the Chernobyl Children Cured in Cuba

Miguel Faure Polloni | Resumen – TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Jul 2019

In 1990, the Cuban government headed by Fidel Castro treated more than 25,000 children, accompanied by their families, who were victims of the tragedy from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, in the Tarará pediatric hospital. Most of them had thyroid cancer and leukemia from exposition to iodine-131 or caesium-137. They also suffered from deformities, muscular atrophy, skin disease, and stomach problems.

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Tightening the Noose on Cuba

Chandra Muzaffar - TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Jun 2019

In dealing with US sanctions against Cuba we have to go beyond merely criticising or condemning them. The time has come to decide whether unilateral sanctions by any one nation or a group of nations against another nation or a group of nations should be tolerated at all. Shouldn’t we prohibit unilateral sanctions of this sort?

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Cuba Develops First Lung Cancer Vaccine

Moustaide | CubaHeal – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 May 2019

11 Dec 2018 – Cimavax-EGF is the first worldwide registered therapeutic vaccine for non-small lung cancer developed in Cuba. It is one of two lung cancer vaccines developed there. Racotumomab is the other one, which became available in January, 2013.

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(Castellano) Cuba regala al mundo la vacuna contra el Cáncer de Pulmón

Razones de Cuba – TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 May 2019

21 marzo 2019 – Luego de 25 años de estudio y de ensayos clínicos se ha demostrado la seguridad y efectividad de la vacuna contra el cáncer de pulmón el Centro de Inmunología Molecular de Cuba desarrolló.

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Cuban Five Hero Declares His Solidarity with Julian Assange

Yimel Diaz | Resumen – TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Apr 2019

12 Apr 2019 – Hernandez who is currently a Deputy of the Cuban National Assembly and Vice Dean of the Higher Institute of International Relations spent 16 years in U.S. prisons. He commented, through his own experience that if Assange is extradited to the U.S. nothing good will happen to him. “We witnessed how they were always trying to distort the truth as a way of demonizing us.

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(Français) Socialisme tropical depuis 60 ans. Bilan de la Révolution cubaine

Marc Vandepitte | Journal Notre Amérique – TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Jan 2019

Le 1er janvier 2019, cela a fait exactement 60 ans que le peuple cubain, dirigé par les frères Castro et Che Guevara, renversèrent le dictateur Batista. Ce fut le début d’une histoire tumultueuse et légendaire. Un bilan présenté par Marc Vandepitte, expert en matière de Cuba.

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The Cuban Revolution, 60 Years On

Vijay Prashad | Independent Media Institute – TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Jan 2019

3 Jan 2019 – Early on New Year’s Day 1959—60 years ago—Cuba’s dictator Fulgencio Batista boarded a flight for the Dominican Republic. The previous day, Batista had bragged that his forces had won the decisive Battle of Santa Clara. The morning newspapers printed his side of the story. It was false. Che Guevara’s band of troops in Column 8 had taken the town and derailed a train filled with Batista’s U.S.-backed forces.

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(Português) A Revolução Cubana Completa 60 Anos: Frei Betto

Leonardo Boff – TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Jan 2019

4 jan 2019 – Frei Betto é muito conhecido e não preciso apresentá-lo. Publico este seu texto por amor à verdade contra todos os preconceitos imperantes em nosso país, reforçados pelos muitos que elegeram Jair Bolsonaro e pelo governo que montou propondo desmontar o socialismo e a cultura marxista. Seguramente nunca leram nada sério sobre Cuba. Aqui há um relato sumário, poderia ser muito mais detalhado sobre a situação daquele país.

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Cuban Declaration on the ‘More Doctors’ Program in Brazil

Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Cuba – Granma, 26 Nov 2018

14 Nov 2018 – Jair Bolsonaro, president elect of Brazil, who has made direct, contemptuous and threatening comments against the presence of our doctors, has declared and reiterated that he will modify the terms and conditions of the More Doctors program, disregarding the Pan-American Health Organization.

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Trump Regime Imposes New Illegal Sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela

Stephen Lendman | Intrepid Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Nov 2018

6 Nov 2018 – Cuba isn’t a US enemy as explained under the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act. Neither country declared war on the other. The same applies to Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran and other countries illegally sanctioned by Washington. Yet the same policies persist. On Thursday [1 Nov], John Bolton announced them on Havana and Caracas.

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Why Cuban Doctors in Kenya Don’t Deserve the Treatment They’re Getting

Rich Warner – The Conversation, 2 Jul 2018

27 Jun 2018 – Well over 131,993 Cuban doctors have taken part in international missions in 107 countries. Kenya is the latest. The first 50 specialists arrived in the country recently, with 50 more to follow. All are expected to work in underserved rural areas. But their arrival has been met with a storm of protest. Some Kenyan health professionals have strongly opposed their arrival on the grounds that they’ll be taking away local jobs.

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(Français) La politique cubaine de Donald Trump est vouée à l’échec

Salim Lamrani | Investig’Action – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Apr 2018

Depuis son arrivée à la Maison-Blanche, les relations entre Cuba et les Etats-Unis n’ont cessé de se détériorer en raison de la décision de Donald Trump d’appliquer de nouveau une politique basée sur l’hostilité.

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Cuba a ‘Champion’ of Children’s Rights: UNICEF

teleSUR – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Mar 2018

12 Mar 2018 – According to UNICEF, 99.5 percent of Cuban children under six years of age attend an early childhood education program or institution. It has declared Cuba a ‘champion’ in children’s rights.

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(Français) Une analyse comparative des démocraties étasunienne et cubaine

teleSUR | Investig’Action – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Mar 2018

Le peuple cubain élit 612 membres à l’Assemblée nationale du peuple ce dimanche 11 mars. Les élections cubaines sont rarement couvertes par les médias occidentaux, tandis que les détracteurs du système économique de l’île insistent sur la nature non démocratique de son gouvernement.

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World Votes to Lift Blockade on Cuba as US, Israel Vote ‘No’

teleSUR – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Nov 2017

1 Nov 2017 – The U.N. General Assembly has voted 191 to 2 for the lifting of the U.S. blockade on Cuba as the United States and Israel were the only countries to vote against. Delegate after delegate called for the end of the blockade, highlighting the progressive and positive role Cuba plays in the international community.

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(Français) CUBA : Fidel et la Culture

Antonio Rodriguez Salvador | La Jiribilla – TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 Oct 2017

Qu’aurait fait pour la culture, le commun des mortels à la tête d’un pays comme Cuba, dans les circonstances convulsives des premières années de la Révolution ? Si nous suivons la maxime bien connue du philosophe espagnol José Ortega y Gasset : « Je suis moi et ma circonstance », cette conjoncture historique particulière aurait probablement polarisé les actions du leader – s’il n’avait pas été Fidel – dans des aspects éloignés de la promotion culturelle…

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A Cuban Mystery: The US Embassy in Havana

Binoy Kampmark | Dissident Voice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 Oct 2017

Since the fall of 2016, up to 21 diplomats at the US embassy have been affected by what is now being considered an attack–previously deemed as “incidents” … “Ultrasonic waves, beyond the acoustic capacity of humans, can be broadcast with an amplifier, and the device does not need to be large, or used inside or outside the house.” Havana has expressed consternation at the moves by the Trump administration, but is still hopeful in cooperation.

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Undoing All the Good Work on Cuba

Editorial – The New York Times, 5 Jun 2017

5 Jun 2017 – To spite his predecessor, the president will further isolate America, hurt business interests and impede the push for greater democracy.

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Ending the U.S. Embargo on Cuba at the Grassroots

Peter Miller and Rita Barouch | NACLA – TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 Apr 2017

With Cuba policy under the Trump administration still uncertain, Cuba solidarity activists seek to turn the tide against the embargo at the local and state level.

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One Nation – Two Cubas”

Martha R. Bireda | Human Wrongs Watch – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Mar 2017

Cuba is an exceedingly beautiful island blessed with lush forests, pristine beaches, sapphire seas, and sunny tropical weather. It is a tourist’s paradise. It is an island that is beloved by its people, its exiles, and those who visit. There is physically only one island, but there are two Cubas; each Cuba seen through very different eyes and experienced in grossly dissimilar ways. Both Cubas are deeply loved.

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Socialist Cuba, China Begin New Era of Internationalist Cinema

teleSUR – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Feb 2017

China is currently Cuba’s second largest trading partner after Venezuela, with bilateral trade surpassing US$750 million, according to the Financial Times. China has also exported goods and resources to Cuba that have allowed the socialist island to rehaul its transportation infrastructure, including the addition of energy-efficient public buses that run on electricity.

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The World Must Learn from Cuba

Joe Emersberger - teleSUR, 9 Jan 2017

On the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, why has the small Caribbean nation outperformed many capitalist democracies in key ways despite fifty years of blockade, attacks, sanctions, injustices?

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Superpower in War against Cuba for 50 Years

Noam Chomsky – Defend Democracy Press, 12 Dec 2016

“During the Winter of 1959-1960, there was a significant increase in CIA-supervised bombing and incendiary raids piloted by exiled Cubans” based in the US. Cuba, however, did not respond with violent actions within the US for revenge or deterrence but followed international law. In July 1960, Cuba called on the UN providing the Security Council with records of bombings, including names of pilots, plane registration numbers, unexploded bombs, and other specific details.

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UN Unanimously Rejects Cuba Blockade as US Abstains for First Time

teleSUR – TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 Oct 2016

Only two countries, the United States and Israel, abstained from the vote, while 191 of the 193 member states in the assembly voted in favor of the resolution for the 25th consecutive year. Last year, only the USA and Israel voted against it.

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Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua – Permanent Media False Positives

teleSUR – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Jul 2016

11 Jul 2016 – Member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas are natural targets for the relentless psychological warfare of Western news media, because they form a resistance front to the foreign policy imperatives of the United States government and its allies. Right now, Venezuela is the most obvious example.

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Laying the Foundations of Cuban Revolutionary Healthcare

Don Fitz - teleSUR, 13 Jun 2016

The consciousness of the 3000 doctors who stayed became a material force in the production of Cuban health care. “The central contradiction facing revolutionary medicine was how to do much, much more with much, much less while conceptualizing much, much deeper.”

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Richmond’s People to People Delegation: How Beautiful Is Cuba

Willie Thompson, Tarnel Abbott and Marilyn Langlois – San Francisco Bay View, 16 May 2016

We were gratified by the hospitality extended to us in an atmosphere where, by and large, people do right by each other. As the popular national song declares, “Cuba que linda es Cuba!” “How beautiful is Cuba!”

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Fidel Castro Speaks at Cuban Congress, Invokes Communist Spirit

Fidel Castro Ruz - teleSUR, 25 Apr 2016

The leader of the Cuban Revolution gave a rare public speech during the closure of the seventh Congress of the Communist Party. “Perhaps, the greatest danger hanging over the earth today derives from the destructive power of modern weaponry which could undermine the peace of the planet and make human life on earth’s surface impossible.”

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America’s Astounding Human Rights Hypocrisy in Cuba

Harvey Wasserman - Reader Supported News, 28 Mar 2016

Maybe our elected officials should cease their hypocritical yapping about the human rights situation in Cuba until they come clean about what’s happening here in the United States. The idea of the United States lecturing Cuba or any other country on this planet about human rights comes down somewhere between embarrassing and nauseating. Consider:

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Cuba Leads the Way in Developing New Cancer Drugs

TeleSur – TRANSCEND Media Service, 22 Feb 2016

15 Feb 2016 – Cuba is testing drugs to turn cancer into a manageable chronic disease, adapting treatment to each tumor rather than attacking them with a one-size-fits-all cure.

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What Cuba Can Teach Us about Food and Climate Change

Raj Patel – New Republic, 4 Jan 2016

After the Cold War, Cuba faced many of the agricultural challenges that the rest of the world is now anticipating.

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Cuba Leading Eradication of HIV/AIDS, UN Says

TeleSur – TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Nov 2015

Cuba is an example for the world to follow on how to eradicate AIDS, the executive director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS said Friday [13 Nov 2015].

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UN Votes in Favor of Ending Cuban Blockade 191-2

TeleSur – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Nov 2015

The United Nations General Assembly voted in favor of lifting the blockade against Cuba Tuesday [27 Oct 2015], with only the U.S. and Israel voting against.

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US Urges ‛Genuine Democracy’ in Cuba

News from Somewhere – TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 Aug 2015

Secretary Kettle said that Cubans were misled into thinking their system was democratic just because they elected the people who run their government. This was not real democracy, because corporations were not allowed to vote. A problem in Cuba is that there aren’t many privately owned corporations, so it will be difficult to bring Cuban elections up to US standards.

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As Cuba Escalates Call for Guantanamo, Obama Battles Congress

TeleSur – TRANSCEND Media Service, 3 Aug 2015

26 Jul 2015 – The Cuban government once again demanded the U.S. to lift the 50-year-old economic blockade on the island and to return the occupied territory of Guantanamo at the 62nd anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba.

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Noam Chomsky Says US Turned to Cuba Due to Increasing Isolation

TeleSur – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Jul 2015

The U.S. was on the verge of being completely isolated from its own ‘backyard,’ Latin America, in the 2015 Summit of the Americas.

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A Cuban Flag Flies Again in Washington

Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan – Democracy NOW!, 27 Jul 2015

The United States was the only country in the Western Hemisphere that didn’t have an embassy in Havana. And Cuba was the only country in the Western Hemisphere without an embassy here. This story began when the U.S. succeeded in isolating Cuba from the rest of the hemisphere, and now the first chapter has ended with the U.S. ending its isolation from the rest of the continent.

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(Português) Cuba: Uma Nação Altiva

Laurindo Lalo Leal Filho – Carta Maior, 8 Jun 2015

Cuba vinha recebendo em média 2,5 milhões de turistas por ano. No primeiro trimestre de 2015, já chegam a 1 milhão. No entanto, em uma visão impressionista, circulando alguns dias por Havana é possível perceber que a contaminação turística não tirou dos cubanos a altivez cunhada numa longa história de lutas em busca da soberania nacional.

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Obama’s Cuba Legacy May Run through Venezuela

Mark Weisbrot – Al Jazeera America, 8 Jun 2015

The Cubans made it clear to Obama that normalization of relations would be limited if Washington was unwilling to normalize relations with Venezuela. The president has taken steps to normalize relations with Caracas but faces resistance at home.

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US Drops Cuba from Terrorism List

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Jun 2015

The State Department formally dropped Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism on Friday [29 May 2015] after more than three decades. Removing Cuba from the list paves the way for diplomatic recognition and the opening of embassies. Lifting the full U.S. trade embargo requires congressional action.

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(Português) Cuba já Tem Vacina Contra Cancro [Cancer] do Pulmão

Notícias ao Minuto – TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 May 2015

Esta descoberta pode salvar milhões de vidas em todo o mundo.

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The Cuban Revolution, the U.S. Imposed Economic Blockade and US-Cuba Relations

Birsen Filip - Global Research, 2 Mar 2015

Re-establishing diplomatic relations with Washington and the movement towards free market policies will not diminish Cuba’s standing as a symbol of the global anti-imperialist movement. A normalized relationship with Washington might witness further progress in Cuban’s socialist system.

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Close Guantanamo—Then Give It Back to Cuba

Amy Goodman – Truthdig, 12 Jan 2015

7 Jan 2015 – This week marks the 13th anniversary of the arrival of the first post-9/11 prisoners to Guantanamo Bay, the most notorious prison on the planet. This grim anniversary, and the beginning of normalization of diplomatic relations between the U.S and Cuba, serves as a reminder that we need to permanently close the prison and return the land to its rightful owners, the Cuban people.

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Cuba under the Long Shadow of Castro Brothers

Stephan E. Nikolov, PhD – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Jan 2015

We are still to see details behind the lofty statements, that are coming just in time both for the unalterable Cuban leadership, and for the incapacitated President Obama. I believe that transition in Cuba will not be that similar to that familiar here in my country, Bulgaria, and in the Eastern Europe after 1989.

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We Have So Much to Learn From Cuba

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, IPS – TRANSCEND Media Service, 5 Jan 2015

“It seems stupid to pursue a U.S. foreign policy by repeating a strategy that has proved a monumental failure for six decades. The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over, and expecting different results. In this sense, the [Cuba] embargo is insane.”

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(Português) De volta para a Igreja: Cuba restitui templos cristãos

O Globo – TRANSCEND Media Service, 5 Jan 2015

De maneira discreta, as autoridades cubanas vêm acelerando a restituição de antigas propriedades da Igreja Católica, que por muitos anos manteve uma relação conturbada com os Castro.

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Cuban Province Records World’s Lowest Infant Mortality Rate

TeleSur – TRANSCEND Media Service, 5 Jan 2015

The central province of Cienfuegos, Cuba, ended 2014 with a rate of infant mortality of three deaths per thousand live births, the lowest in the world, local health authorities reported Friday [2 Jan 2015].

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In the Right Place at the Right Time: The Lifting of the Cuban Embargo

Nuno Ramalho – TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Dec 2014

I am overwhelmed with emotion as I rush my way through Montreal’s Pierre Eliot Trudeau International Airport, headed to La Habana…. Less than 48 hours after my arrival I was surprised by the Raul Castro/Obama simultaneous announcements that the diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US are to be reestablished.

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(Castellano) Las victorias de Cuba

Emir Sader – TeleSur, 29 Dec 2014

Cuba y Berlín eran las dos esquinas más tensas de la guerra fría. La caída del muro sacó a Berlín de esa condición. La normalización de las relaciones entre La Habana y Washington hace lo mismo con Cuba. Se cierra la última página de la larga guerra fría de la segunda pos guerra. Y de la mejor manera posible para Cuba y para todos los que le apoyaron en contra del injusto bloqueo.

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(Italiano) Cuba – e poi?

Johan Galtung – TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Dec 2014

La reazione immediata all’ordine esecutivo di Obama del 17 dicembre 2014 di ristabilire rapporti diplomatici, agevolare i viaggi, scambiarsi prigionieri, è stata un senso di sollievo: finalmente correttivo di una stupidità vecchia d’oltre 50 anni. Ma perché adesso? Lo vediamo dopo; prima torniamo al giugno 1960.

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Cuba – And Then What?

Johan Galtung, 23 Dec 2014

The immediate reaction to Obama’s Executive Order of 17 December 2014–re-establishing diplomatic relations, easing travel, swapping prisoners–was a sense of relief: finally correcting a more than 50-year old stupidity. But why now? Later. First, back to June 1960.

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Obama and Raúl Castro Thank Pope for Breakthrough in US-Cuba Relations

Dan Roberts and Rory Carroll – The Guardian, 22 Dec 2014

Barack Obama and Raúl Castro thanked Pope Francis for helping broker a deal to normalising relations between US and Cuba after 18 months of secret talks over prisoner releases brought a sudden end to decades of cold war hostility.

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(Português) Pressão dos Países Latino-Americanos Foi Decisiva para o Fim do Embargo a Cuba

Leonardo Ferreira – Brasil de Fato, 22 Dec 2014

Decisão é fruto de negociações secretas entre Washington e Havana, com ajuda fundamental do Papa Francisco. Também tiveram peso a formação de grupos internacionais, como a Celac e a pressão da Unasul.

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It’s Not Cuba That Has Just Decided to Rejoin the Modern World – It’s the US

Martin Kettle – The Guardian, 22 Dec 2014

From its very earliest days, the US has seen Cuba as an American offshore interest. It is more than 200 years since the US, under Thomas Jefferson, first tried to buy Cuba from Spain. At the end of the 19th century America instead seized Cuba from Spain at gunpoint. Later on it leased Cuba back to US-approved Cubans on US terms, which included the retention of the Guantánamo Bay base.

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Obama and the Beginning of the End of the Cuban Embargo

Amy Goodman – Truthdig, 22 Dec 2014

It was President Dwight Eisenhower who severed relations with Cuba, on Jan. 3, 1961, two years after Fidel Castro took power. President John F. Kennedy then expanded the embargo, and his CIA invasion of the Bay of Pigs, intending to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro, went awry.

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Cuba’s Extraordinary Global Medical Record Shames the US Blockade

Seumas Milne – The Guardian, 8 Dec 2014

Four months into the Ebola emergency that has devastated West Africa, Cuba leads the world in direct medical support to fight the epidemic. The US and Britain have sent thousands of troops and promised aid that has yet to materialise. From Ebola to earthquakes, Havana’s doctors have saved millions. Obama must lift this embargo.

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How Ebola Could End the Cuban Embargo

Arturo Lopez-Levy – The Nation, 1 Dec 2014

Instead of encouraging Cuban doctors to defect, the United States should be working with them to stop the spread of Ebola.

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Cuba Is a Medical Superpower

Elio Delgado Legón - Havana Times, 10 Nov 2014

David Nabarro, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General, declared: “When deployment is complete (…) you will have sent 255 frontline workers to West Africa. This is more than those sent by Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, the United States, United Kingdom or China (…)” Nabarro said that the sending of thousands of specialists to more than 39 countries in Africa and other nations in recent years demonstrates Cuba’s solidarity. I would add: it also demonstrates that Cuba is, without a doubt, a medical superpower.

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Cuba, the Empire and Ebola

Prof. Tim Anderson - Global Research, 10 Nov 2014

3 Nov 2014 – In early October, as a first group of 165 Cuban doctors arrived in Sierra Leone, the Wall Street Journal recognised that Cuba was ‘at the forefront’ of the battle against Ebola in Africa. This was unusual North American praise for Cuba. The imperial approach has been to present a militarised and self-referential response to Ebola, as a security threat to ‘Americans’.

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For 23rd time, UN General Assembly Votes to End US Blockade against Cuba

TeleSur – TRANSCEND Media Servivce, 3 Nov 2014

28 Oct 2014 – Today the UN General Assembly once again voted overwhelmingly in favor of ending the blockade of Cuba by the USA. 188 countries voted in favor with only the United States and Israel voting against it. The 3 Pacific island nations Palau, Marshall Islands and Micronesia abstained. The voting result was identical to last year’s.

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(Português) Cuba: 23ª Votação na ONU Contra Bloqueio Evidencia Isolamento dos EUA

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey - Pravda, 3 Nov 2014

As votações na ONU contra o bloqueio econômico que os Estados Unidos mantêm contra Cuba evidenciam o isolamento internacional de Washington. 188 países votam A Favor de levantar o bloqueio. 2 Contra: EUA e Israel. 3 Abstenções: Palau, Ilhas Marshall e Micronesia. Votação idêntica à do ano passado.

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(Castellano) Tiempo de Acabar el Embargo de Cuba

Editorial – The New York Times, 27 Oct 2014

Cuando mira un mapa del mundo, el Presidente Obama debe sentir angustia al contemplar el lamentable estado de las relaciones bilaterales que su administración ha intentado reparar. Sería sensato que el líder estadounidense reflexione seriamente sobre Cuba, donde un giro de política podría representar un gran triunfo para su gobierno.

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Cuba’s Sending Doctors to Fight Ebola in West Africa — How Will the US React?

Greg Grandin – The Nation, 20 Oct 2014

15 Oct 2014 – Last week, BBC News reported that Cuba had sent 165 healthcare workers to Sierra Leone to help that country fight Ebola. Another 296 doctors and nurses are scheduled to arrive in Liberia. In addition to West Africa, Cuba is also sending specialists to Nicaragua, though that country has not yet had a reported case, to prepare local doctors and nurses in case there is an outbreak.

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Obama Should End the Embargo on Cuba

Editorial – The New York Times, 20 Oct 2014

Scanning a map of the world must give President Obama a sinking feeling as he contemplates the dismal state of troubled bilateral relationships his administration has sought to turn around. He would be smart to take a hard look at Cuba, where a major policy shift could yield a significant foreign policy success.

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In the Medical Response to Ebola, Cuba Is Punching Far Above Its Weight

Adam Taylor – The Washington Post, 13 Oct 2014

While the international community has been accused of dragging its feet on the Ebola crisis, Cuba, a country of just 11 million people that still enjoys a fraught relationship with the United States, has emerged as a crucial provider of medical expertise in the West African nations hit by Ebola.

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Cuba to Send Doctors to Ebola Areas

Smitha Mundasad - BBC News, 13 Oct 2014

Cuba is sending 165 health workers to help tackle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, officials say. Doctors, nurses and infection control specialists travel to Sierra Leone in October and stay for six months.

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