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Has Charlie Hebdo’s Cartoon Mocking Drowned Syrian Child Gone Too Far?
John Vibes, True Activist – TRANSCEND Media Service, 21 Sep 2015

16 Sep 2015 – Charlie Hebdo, the French so-called comic magazine that creates art for the sole purpose of being offensive, has released one of its most controversial and insulting images yet, and this time many people are saying they have gone too far: making fun of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, found drowned in a Turkish beach.

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Banksy’s Theme Park “Dismaland” Shows Darker Side of History and Pop Culture
John Vibes, True Activist – TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 Aug 2015

21 Aug 2015 – The mysterious and world famous activist and artist Banksy recently unveiled one of his largest projects to date, a mock theme park that shows the darker side of history and pop culture. The park is called “Dismaland”, which seems to be a play on words with Disneyland.

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New Door Handle Kills Germs on Contact!
John Vibes, True Activist – TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Jun 2015

26 Jun 2015 – Two teenage science students from Hong Kong recently won second place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for their new invention, a door handle that kills germs on contact.

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Seed Bombers Can Plant an Entire Forest of 900,000 Trees A Day!
John Vibes, True Activist – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Feb 2015

Here’s a good use for old military planes! Planting trees EVERYWHERE! Seed bombing or aerial reforestation is a farming technique where trees and other crops are planted by being thrown or dropped from an airplane or flying drone.

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