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WHO: 3 Children a Month in Gaza Left Disabled for Life
The Middle East Monitor – TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Jun 2019

3 Jun 2019 – At least three children in the Gaza Strip are left permanently disabled every month as a result of armed attacks and Israeli violations, data from the World Health Organisation has revealed. Why Are We Seeing Such International Apathy towards the Palestinians?

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Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy: ‘The Deal of the Century Is the Joke of Century’
Hassina Mechaï – The Middle East Monitor, 27 May 2019

25 May 2019 – The Most Hated Man in Israel – Some call Gideon Levy Israel’s conscience, others would rather insult him. Levy is a whistleblower. He would probably hate to be described as such. He is a journalist, and now a columnist at Israeli English daily Haaretz. He is also a board member there. Every week, his columns contradict the nationalist and religious ideology of those in power.

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Remembering the Revelations of US Torture at Abu Ghraib
Muhammad Hussein – The Middle East Monitor, 29 Apr 2019

28 Apr 2019 – The infamous Abu Ghraib prison complex in Iraq was revealed to be the centre of an extensive network run by the US military. The full extent of what went on was leaked to a shocked world on 28 April 2004, a year after the invasion. Abuse and torture of largely innocent civilian Iraqi detainees at the hands of American soldiers were common.

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The PA Is Taking Sides in a Diplomatic Game That Spells Disaster for Palestinians
Ramona Wadi – The Middle East Monitor, 29 Apr 2019

26 Apr 2019 – The excessive focus on US President Donald Trump’s forthcoming “deal of the century” is already marginalising the Palestinians. Pitting the US plan against the two-state compromise has created another diplomatic battlefield in which the only losers continue to be the people of Palestine.

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