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Antisemitism and the War on Gaza: Trauma and Ideology

Richard E. Rubenstein – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Nov 2023

Two weeks after the attack, it is still unclear what the alleged “Hamas apparatus” beneath the al-Shifa hospital consisted of. “Minimizing carnage” of the innocent has proved to be a pipe dream; the massacre has taken more than 13,000 Palestinian lives, some 5,000 of whom were children.

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International Inertia Follows Israeli Assault on Jenin in the West Bank

Catherine Wilson | IPS - TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 Jul 2023

28 Jul 2023 – The likelihood of further confrontations remains high following a major Israeli military assault on an impoverished camp of more than 23,500 Palestinian refugees in Jenin in the occupied West Bank earlier this month.

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Jenin Raid Is Over–Palestinians Are Left to Cope with the Trauma

Virginia Pietromarchi | Al Jazeera - TRANSCEND Media Service, 17 Jul 2023

10 Jul 2023 – Palestinians sift through the wreckage of their destroyed homes and of their damaged psyches. In Palestine, there’s no PTSD. Trauma is chronic and enduring.

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‘I Can’t Fall Asleep’: The Trauma of Israeli Raids on Palestinian Homes

Oren Ziv | +972 Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Dec 2020

2 Dec 2020 – A new report by human rights groups highlights the arbitrary nature and psychological harm of the Israeli army’s home invasions on Palestinian families.

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Even for the West Bank, This Is a Shocking Story

Gideon Levy and Alex Levac | Haaretz – Reader Supported News, 1 Apr 2019

A young Palestinian’s attempt to help a stranger shot by Israeli troops costs him his life

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Australia: Desperate Refugee Sets Fire to Himself in a Bank

Peter Byrne | WSWS – TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Nov 2016

22 Nov 2016 – A young Rohingya who fled Burma as an unaccompanied teenager four years ago doused himself with petrol and set himself alight in a branch of the Commonwealth Bank. Nur Islam, 21, had been living in acute poverty at Melbourne. He was on a temporary bridging visa, which not only denied him refugee status but blocked basic social and political rights, including to work.

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The Lie that Prosecuting Bank Fraud Will Destabilize the Economy Is What Is REALLY Destroying the Economy

Washington’s Blog – TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 Dec 2012

Failing to Prosecute White Collar Crime Guarantees a Weak and Unstable Economy … and Future Financial Crashes – After all, the main driver of economic growth is a strong rule of law.

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SPIEGEL Staff, 1 Feb 2009

The bailout packages aimed at shoring up financial markets in Europe are getting increasingly expensive. A creeping depreciation of currency is inevitable and state bankruptcies can no longer be ruled out. Could the euro zone also fall victim to the global financial crisis? "There’s a rumor going around that states cannot go bankrupt," German Chancellor […]

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Women and the 21st Century

Johan Galtung, 20 Dec 2010 - TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Dec 2010

Feminism has made an enormous contribution by identifying patriarchy as a pattern underlying capitalism and militarism…. Making patriarchy visible through brilliant feminist articulation is a transcending contribution, reminiscent of the marxist focus on another deep structure hidden to the unguided eye: the interface of means and modes of production. Or Lenin and others on imperialism, Gandhi and many others on colonialism. Race. And agism: like placing people above 67 etc. in a ghetto called retirement (or children in a ghetto called schools?).

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The US Must Stop Arming Israel’s Assault on Hospitals

Kathy Kelly – TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Feb 2024

21 Feb 2024 – If we can’t find the morality to stop, we may find we have created a world in which no one can count on upholding basic human rights.

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‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 114: UN Chief Urges Western Countries to Restore Funding to UNRWA

Mustafa Abu Sneineh | Mondoweiss - TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Jan 2024

28 Jan 2024 – Casualties:
• 26,422+ killed(*) and at least 65,087 wounded in the Gaza Strip.
• 387+ Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.
• Israel revises its estimated 7 Oct death toll down from 1,400 to 1,147.
• 557 Israeli soldiers killed since 7 Oct, and at least 3,221 injured.
(*) Some rights groups put the death toll number CLOSER TO 32,000 when accounting for those presumed dead.

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A Holistic Analysis of Apartheid and Related Ideologies as a Universal Peace Disruptor

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 22 Jan 2024

Under Apartheid Regimes and Ideologies, globally, animals are allocated a higher social status than people of colour and the discriminated. In pre-liberation South Africa, Blacks were treated like animals, with no value for their lives.  Presently, a worse status is bestowed upon the Palestinians by the Zionist Israelis.

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All Roads Lead to Jerusalem: A Lucrative Border Industrial Complex

Petra Molnar | Transnational Institute - TRANSCEND Media Service, 15 Jan 2024

19 Dec 2023 – Hebron, a laboratory for both technology and violence, reflects the Israeli occupation’s impact on daily life, with sterilized roads, military checkpoints, and settler violence defining the landscape. This journey unveils the complex layers of trauma, dispossession, and dehumanization, challenging preconceptions and raising questions about freedom and oppression.

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Mazin Qumsiyeh | Popular Resistance – TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Jan 2024

1 Jan 2024 – We at the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability at Bethlehem University wish you all the best in 2024 and that this year brings an end to the genocide/carnage of our people and to suffering people everywhere (Palestine, Western Sahara, Rohingya in Myanmar, Sudan, Yemen).

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Moral and Strategic Consequences of S. Africa’s Case against Israel at the World’s Court

Maung Zarni | FORSEA – TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Jan 2024

5 Jan 2024 – The post-apartheid Republic of South Africa filing a genocide case against Israel is a significant act pregnant with positive moral consequences while handing the Palestinian liberation struggle an unprecedented strategic weapon.

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Agony of the Past and Ecstasy of the Future: War or Peace, Welcome 2024

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Jan 2024

“The Search for the Elusive Peace is striving with patient persistence and perseverance, coupled with realistic agony and expectant ecstasy.  This is indeed the hallmark of the righteous humanity, in its efforts to achieve global, sustainable peace, in the 21st century.”

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The Death of Israel

The Chris Hedges Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Dec 2023

17 Dec 2023 – Israel will appear triumphant after its genocidal campaign. Backed by the USA, its murderous rampages and genocidal violence will exterminate or ethnically cleanse Palestinians. Its dream of a state exclusively for Jews will be realized. But it will have signed its own death sentence… Israel is a pariah state.

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The ‘Greater Israel’ Scheme and Its Global Power Play: A Delusional Recipe for Armageddon

Matthew Ehret Insights – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Dec 2023

6 Dec 2023 – In 1996, a nest of American-born imperialists created a new think tank called “The Project for a New American Century.” The principled aim hinged on a new “Pearl Harbor moment” to justify regime-change wars in the Middle East, but a secondary part of the formula involved the dominance of “Greater Israel.”

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The Evil Israel Does Is the Evil Israel Gets

The Chris Hedges Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Dec 2023

8 Dec 2023 – Israel’s settler colonial project perpetuates the cycle of violence against the indigenous inhabitants of historic Palestine. Palestinians have been forced to speak back in the language Israel speaks. Make no mistake: Karma is a bitch; what goes around comes around.

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Humanity’s Bombs Are Aimed at Evolution

Robert C. Koehler | Common Wonders – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Dec 2023

6 Dec 2023 – In most media coverage of war, the unexamined assumption is that we, the readers, are spectators, looking on as the missiles fly (mostly in one direction) and Good dukes it out with Evil yet again, Paradoxically, Good and Evil are in complete agreement about one thing: The only way to deal with conflict is through violence.

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Can US Threats Prevent a Wider War in the Middle East?

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Dec 2023

29 Nov 2023 – The US is threatening to attack any forces from neighboring countries that come to the defense of the Palestinians. Can this help to prevent a wider war, or does it only help Israel to continue the massacre and ignore global calls for a lasting ceasefire and political solution, making a wider war more likely?

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The Forgotten (Part 2): The Uyghurs of Xinjiang–from Sinicization to Genocide

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Nov 2023

“Authoritarian regimes create alibis to justify their hidden agenda of ethnic cleansing and genocide.  They institute “states of exception” and “emergency resolutions” to bypass the rule of law. Countries like China, India and Israel substitute their own self-appointed notion of “right” to regularly violate human rights doctrinal conventions.”

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UN Experts Call on International Community to Prevent Genocide in Gaza

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Nov 2023

16 Nov 2023 – Grave violations committed by Israel in Gaza point to a genocide in the making, UN experts said today. They illustrated evidence of genocidal incitement, intent to “destroy the Palestinian people under occupation”, loud calls for a ‘second Nakba,’ and the use of powerful weaponry resulting in a colossal death toll and destruction of life-sustaining infrastructure.

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Can Crimes of Resistance Ever Justify Genocide? The Tragic Reality of Gaza

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Nov 2023

3 Nov 2023 – Israel has seized this opportunity to fulfill Zionist territorial ambitions amid “the fog of war” by inducing one last surge of Palestinian catastrophic dispossession. Whether it is called “ethnic cleansing” or “genocide” is of secondary importance; it qualifies as the predominant humanitarian catastrophe of the 21stcentury. 

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The ICC Must Investigate the Crime of Genocide in Gaza

Jeremy Corbyn | Al Jazeera - TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Nov 2023

6 Nov 2023 – We need a ceasefire. The existence of the Palestinian people is at stake.

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Gaza in Real Time: Geopolitics vs Genocide

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Nov 2023

31 Oct 2023 – Israel has long been a master of what is called in Hebrew hasbara–the spinning, manipulating and distorting of public discourse so that it either justifies what Israel is doing or diverts attention from the message of critics and skeptics to the supposedly questionable credibility of the messenger. ‘The weaponizing of antisemitism’ is a cynical example of the deployment of hasbara.

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Letter to Gaza

Mazin Qumsiyeh | Popular Resistance – TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Oct 2023

23 Oct 2023 – Dear fellow Palestinians, many of us were addressing the world but did not address you. We know 1.2 million of you are children and that Israeli campaign displaced 1.4 million of you from your homes (half are children). We can’t imagine the terror all 2.4 million of you face. I am not sure if some of you who still have internet will see this.

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Western Media’s Parroting of Official Lies Is Paving Way to Genocide in Gaza

Jonathan Cook – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Oct 2023

16 Oct 2023 – How did we get to the point where Israel can order half of Gaza’s population – more than one million people – to move from the north of their tiny prison to the south of their tiny prison? Catastrophe looms because journalists have failed to hold both Israel and their own governments to account.

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A Blow to the Strategy of Power

Amos Gvirtz – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Oct 2023

16 Oct 2023 – Fifty years after the surprise of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel has once again been taken by surprise. Israel’s fundamental security conception – based solely on its military superiority vis-à-vis its enemies – has received a crushing blow. Peace is essential to our ability to survive in the Middle East.

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Israel’s Culture of Deceit

The Chris Hedges Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Oct 2023

18 Oct 2023 – Israel, which always seeks to blame Palestinians for the atrocities it carries out, is the least trustworthy source about the bombing of the hospital in Gaza.

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Atrocity Propaganda

Elizabeth Vos | Consortium News - TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Oct 2023

17 Oct 2023 – Israel and its supporters in the West are helping to provide psychological cover for an ongoing massacre of Palestinian civilians.

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The Religious Transformative Odyssey of Bharat (Part 1): Nationalism or Democracy

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Oct 2023

“The Government of Bharitiya Janata Party, in India, is practicing Islamic cleansing and Hindu Nationalism under the guise of a pseudo-democracy on 1.3 billion citizenry resulting in significant Peace Disruption.”

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History of the Gaza Strip

Maha Nassar | The Conversation - TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Oct 2023

12 Oct 2023 – Why the History of the Densely Populated Enclave Is Key to Understanding the Current Conflict

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Israel’s Sociocide, Genocide, Ecocide in Gaza

Prof. Johan Galtung – TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Oct 2023

Sociocide is the killing of a society’s capacity to survive, to reproduce itself, a crime against humanity. The USA and Israel were born the same way, as God’s chosen people with promised lands, using sociocide and genocide (the USA).  With no policy change they may also decline and fall the same way.  Even soon.

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Zionist Settlers Have a Very Effective System for Forcing Palestinians Out of Their Homes

Avishay Mohar | Jews for Justice for Palestinians - TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 Oct 2023

Herding sheep into others’ fields, preventing access to water, blocking roads, killing animals and breaking into homes in the middle of the night – these and other tactics are part of the daily terror perpetrated by Israeli settlers in Palestinian villages.

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The Gandhian Path to Resilience

Moin Qazi - TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Oct 2023

27 Sep 2023 – Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary reopens a familiar debate around his legacy every year. How could a frail man use his moral strength to galvanize 400 million Indians in their struggle for independence from the mighty British Empire?

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The Forgotten People: Once We Were Migrants (Part 1)

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Oct 2023

It is a Serious Indictment on Governments, that various world leaders have forgotten their Origins as Migrants and are now Anti-migrants.

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Amnesty International Pushes Regime Change in Eritrea with Dubious, Unverifiable Report

Ann Garrison | The Grayzone – TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Sep 2023

21 Sep 2023 – Amnesty’s new report accusing Eritrea’s government of gruesome war crimes relies heavily on anonymous testimony, grainy satellite images, and zero field investigation. It is the latest salvo in the West’s campaign to topple the country’s independent government.

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga - TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Sep 2023

11-17 September 2023

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Neoliberalism Kills People (Music Video of the Week)

Lowkey | a/political – TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Aug 2023

Featuring Mai Khalil and Valeria Kurbatova (Lyrics below)

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South Africa, My Birthplace, Still Weeping (Part 1)

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Aug 2023

“In the Post-Liberation Democracy in South Africa, the philosophies as espoused by Ubuntu and Batho pele remain, all, but as dreams of camaraderie now dead and interred with Madiba.”

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Taliban’s Massively Successful Opium Eradication Raises Questions about What US Was Doing All Along

Alan MacLeod | MintPress News – TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Aug 2023

4 Aug 2023 – The Taliban government in Afghanistan, which produced 90% of the world’s heroin, has drastically reduced opium cultivation across the country; up to 99% in some provinces. This raises questions about the seriousness of U.S. drug eradication efforts in the country over the past 20 years of occupation.

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U.S. Leaders Are Split on China Policy

Richard D. Wolff | Independent Media Institute – TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Aug 2023

3 Aug 2023 – The U.S. bipolar approach to China: It aims to constrain China’s economic, political, and military development because it has become U.S.’ chief economic competitor—thus, enemy. However, U.S. also seeks to secure the many benefits of its companies doing business in China. “Decoupling” or “de-risking”?

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Is the Multipolar Alliance ‘Controlled Opposition’? The Case of Two Green Paradigms

Matthew Ehret Insights – TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 Jul 2023

29 Jul 2023 – In 2022, Xi Jinping and Putin unveiled a ‘Joint Declaration on the International Relations and the Global Sustainable Development.’ “Sustainable development” was coined by misanthropic fanatic Maurice Strong to promote depopulation as ‘de-carbonization.’

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The Silent Slaughter of the Flower of Ukraine’s Youth

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies – TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Jun 2023

19 Jun 2023 – The tragic sacrifice of thousands of young Ukrainians in an ill-advised and long delayed counteroffensive against Russian forces in Ukraine. The catastrophic results of the first two weeks should focus the world’s attention on the urgent need for a ceasefire to halt the daily slaughter.

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African Union Advances Peace Plan for Sudan after the Failure of U.S.-Saudi Mediation

Abayomi Azikiwe – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Jun 2023

6 Jun 2023 – Fighting Reportedly Has Intensified after the Armed Forces Withdrew from Talks in Jeddah

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The Acrimonious and Targeted Destruction of Houses of God: Climax of Religiophobia

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Jun 2023

The targeted vandalisation, demolition, destruction and repurposing of existing religious structures is the final outcome of a total loss of spirituality; humans have reached an abysmal state in their social evolution, defying all norms of civilisation and culture acquired over millennia by humanoids.

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Peace Disruption: Multipronged Treatment for this Cancerous Malady

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 15 May 2023

13 May 2023 – Peace Disruptions at a personal level, as well as globally, have reached pandemic proportions. Oh you selfish humans, curtail this malady, forthwith.

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The Army We Don’t See

Andrea Mazzarino | TomDispatch – TRANSCEND Media Service, 15 May 2023

9 May 2023 – The Private Soldiers Who Fight in North America’s Name

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How to Ignore Israel’s Apartheid: Learn from Ursula Von Der Leyen

Andrew Mitrovica | Al Jazeera - TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 May 2023

2 May 2023 – The EU boss should be ashamed about her use of anti-Palestinian racist tropes. She won’t be.

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Iraq Plus 20 (Part 2): From Iraq into the Abyss?

Dennis Kucinich | ScheerPost – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Mar 2023

22 Mar 2023 – In Part 1, I detailed the careful lies to ignite the war on Iraq.  The US military attack on Iraq commenced on March 20, 2023, after a highly structured domestic and international media campaign of misinformation and disinformation, by the Bush Administration, which succeeded in getting major media and Congressional support. 

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Provocation of “Unprovoked Aggression” by Varieties of Encroachment

Anthony Judge | Laetus in Praesens – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Feb 2023

Challenge of Insensitivity to Collective Historical Amnesia – Expression of alternative perspectives on the USA/NATO-Russia-Ukraine armed conflict has been limited–and actively suppressed as “disinformation” whenever possible. Those articulating such perspectives have been discredited and personally condemned, if not actively sanctioned in some manner.

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The Ukraine War Viewed from the Global South

Krishen Mehta | ACURA American Committee for US Russia Accord – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Feb 2023

22 Feb 2023 – In October 2022, about eight months after the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the University of Cambridge harmonized surveys that asked the inhabitants of 137 countries about their views of the West, Russia, and China: different perspectives.

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From South Africa to Israel, the Three Pillars of Apartheid

Na’eem Jeenah | Orient XXI – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Feb 2023

How does a South African and former anti-apartheid activist feel about visiting Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories? Classification of the population, freedom of choice of residence and movement, importance of security: based on the three central drivers of separation, Israeli apartheid is worse than South Africa’s.

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The Moral and Intellectual Disconnect between the Memories of Shoah and Today’s Jewish State

Maung Zarni | Islamic Renaissance Front – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Feb 2023

6 Feb 2023 – Every time I hear about the Shoah or the Nazi genocide of the Jews, I can’t help but make a sad and rage-filled link between it and the present day Israel – the officially Jewish State with echoes of the ideology that served as the foundation of Nazi Germany.

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Woke Imperialism

The Chris Hedges Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Feb 2023

5 Feb 2023 – Woke culture, devoid of class consciousness and a commitment to stand with the oppressed, is another tool in the arsenal of the imperial state.

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The Plague of Social Isolation

The Chris Hedges Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Jan 2023

21 Jan 2023 – The rupture of social bonds and loss of community, caused by the decades-long assault on the poor and working class and the ravages of the pandemic, have resulted in a dangerous social isolation.

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Israeli Settler Colonialism and Apartheid: Poised for Victory or Defeat?

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Jan 2023

13 Jan 2023 – Anyone with but half eye open during the last several decades should by now be aware of the existence of an undisclosed Zionist Long Game that preceded the establishment of Israel in 1948,  and remains currently very much alive. It aims at extending Israeli sovereignty over the whole of Occupied Palestine.

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If the US Told Rwanda and Uganda to Get Out of Congo, the War Would End

Ann Garrison | Black Agenda Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Jan 2023

14 Dec 2022 – Rwanda and Uganda continue their plunder and destabilization of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as proxies of the United States.

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The Failure of Development

Howard Richards – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Jan 2023

Although “peace” and “security” were ideals that led to the founding of the United Nations, “development” was not. However, conceived as the solution, not as the problem, “development” named an ideal that could keep the UN united. It solved the problem of keeping the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe on board.

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Why German State Racism Is Now Directed at the Palestinians

Jonathan Cook – TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Nov 2022

23 Nov 2022 – The Holocaust serves, paradoxically, as an alibi for Europeans to assume they are morally superior to others, as the cancellation of an arts prize to Caryl Churchill shows.

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UN Expert Calls for Lifting Unilateral Sanctions ‘Suffocating’ Syrian People

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Nov 2022

10 Nov 2022 – UN Special Rapporteur on unilateral coercive measures and human rights Alena Douhan today urged sanctioning States to lift unilateral sanctions against Syria, warning that they were perpetuating and exacerbating the destruction and trauma suffered by the Syrian people since 2011.

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Top 5 Worst Things That Far-Right Netanyahu Could Do as Prime Minister

Juan Cole | Informed Comment - TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Nov 2022

… to Israeli Democracy and Palestinian Society

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’24 Hours of Hell’: Israeli Settler Gangs Terrorize Palestinian Town under Army Protection

Yumna Patel | Mondoweiss - TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 Oct 2022

14 Oct 2022 – Israeli settlers continued their attack on the Palestinian town of Huwwara in the northern occupied West Bank, vandalizing several storefronts, vehicles and homes–escorted and enabled by the Israeli army that fired live ammunition at Palestinians in the town. 

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Our Shared Addiction to Empire

Patrick Lawrence | Scheerpost - TRANSCEND Media Service, 17 Oct 2022

If the Columbus myth has been thoroughly discounted, what is it that causes us to continue closing the banks, stopping the mail, and marching in parades on a Monday around October 12 each year?

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The Death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – RIP

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Sep 2022

24 Sep 2022 – The Impact of the Unresolved Challenges of the Global British Imperial Legacy of Colonialism

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The Children of the Gods of War (Part 1)

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Aug 2022

The Death, Abuse and Suffering of Children by the Evil Purveyors of Regional Conflicts

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Afghanistan, Iraq, and the “War on Terror”

Roger Peace and Jeremy Kuzmarov | USFP - TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Aug 2022

The paper analyzes how the North American people were duped into believing that the proper and necessary response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks was to attack other nations (beyond stateless terrorists); and examines the counterproductive policies pursued in the name of counterterrorism.

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The Ninth of August: Christians Killing Christians in the Name of Christ

Gary G. Kohls, MD – TRANSCEND Media Service, 15 Aug 2022

On 9 Aug 1945 an all-Christian B-29 bomber crew took off from Tinian Island in the South Pacific, with the blessings of its Catholic and Protestant chaplains. In the plane’s hold was the second of the only two nuclear bombs to ever be used against human targets in wartime.

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Israel’s Sociocide, Genocide, Ecocide in Palestine

Prof. Johan Galtung – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Aug 2022

Sociocide is the killing of a society’s capacity to survive, to reproduce itself, should become equally prominent a crime against humanity. The USA and Israel were born the same way, as God’s chosen people with promised lands, using sociocide and genocide. With no policy change they may also decline and fall the same way. Even soon.

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Socialism and Ecological Survival: An Introduction

John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark | Monthly Review – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Aug 2022

1 Jul 2022 – Capitalism has brought the world to the edge of the abyss. We are approaching a climate Armageddon making the earth unlivable for the human and other species. Such a catastrophe is still avoidable with a revolutionary-scale reconstitution of the systems of production, consumption, and energy usage, though the time is rapidly running out.

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The Martyrs of Apartheid in pre-1994 South Africa: Steve Biko (Part 3)

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Jul 2022

The Targeted, Severe Torture and Brutal Murder of Political Activists by the Agents of the South African Apartheid Regime

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The Worst Is yet to Come: When the Center Cannot Hold

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Jul 2022

15 Jul 2022 – This is an attempt to connect my despair about developments in the USA with wider global systemic tendencies. It is not hopeful about the future, yet its central message is that we should continue to struggle for a future we can believe in given that we live at a time of radical uncertainty.

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1980s US Central America Wars

Virginia S. Williams, Roger Peace and Jeremy Kuzmarov | US Foreign Policy – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Jul 2022

Updated January 2022 – Less than a decade after U.S. troops were withdrawn from Vietnam, the United States became deeply involved in Central America. The catalyst was a popularly supported leftist revolution in Nicaragua led by the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN).

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(Italiano) Medio Oriente e giornalismo mancante su conflitto e pace

Johan Galtung | Centro Studi Sereno Regis - TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Jul 2022

8 Luglio 2022 – Due immagini di affari internazionali, affari umani a dire il vero, due discorsi: l’approccio securitario e l’approccio pacifista; che competono per la nostra attenzione trattando la stessa preoccupazione per la violenza ma in modo diametralmente opposto.

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A Panorama of Global Challenges ©

Anthony J. Marsella, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 May 2022

A Compilation of Situational, Acute, and Chronic Global Challenges–A Journey into Brain, Mind, Meaning, and Doubt

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The Cost of War: 23 Million Afghans Suffer Acute Hunger, 95% Don’t Eat Enough Food

Baher Kamal | Human Wrongs Watch - TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Apr 2022

24 Mar 2022 – Following 20 long years (2001-2021) of brutal war on Afghanistan by the US-led military coalition, 23 million Afghans now face severe and acute hunger, economic bankruptcy, healthcare system collapse, unbearable family indebtedness, and devastating humanitarian crisis.

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67 Years Late: Machinations of the Lynching Law

Prof Hoosen Vawda – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Apr 2022

“Lynching was pure terror to enforce the lie that not everyone belongs in USA, not everyone is created equal.”

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Resisting Militarism: Mission Impossible?

Sean Howard | Cape Breton Spectator – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Apr 2022

30 Mar 2022 – “I don’t think the country should be militarized… but we live in the moment when the Army matters.” — Ukrainian peace activist Nataliya Gumenyuk. But denying millions the right to conscientiously object or leave the country is criminal. Overall problem: war. Pseudorealities lead to war. All lines lead to the war. It may be a mission impossible, but can pacifism help lead us back?

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Ending Poverty by Rethinking Thinking

Howard Richards – TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Mar 2022

Ending poverty would benefit everyone. It would be relatively inexpensive. It would open paths to sustainability. Rethinking thinking is needed to see why ending poverty is feasible…

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USA: The Post-Cold War Era, 1989-2001

Brian D’Haeseleer, Jeremy Kuzmarov and Roger Peace | US Foreign Policy – TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 Jan 2022

Imperial Self-Deception: There is no shortage of books, articles, and websites addressing the history of US foreign policy. There is nevertheless, within the USA, a dearth of understanding and often knowledge about the subject. This is due in part to popular nationalistic history, which tends to obscure, overwrite, and sometimes whitewash actual history.

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Mind &/or Brain

Michael Brenner - TRANSCEND Media Service, 15 Nov 2021

8 Nov 2021 – The question of what constitutes ‘thinking’ overlaps the issues of MIND/BRAIN. Defining, delineating and explicating self-awareness, rationality, and logic has been a perplexing challenge since time immemorial. ‘’Discovery’ of the subconscious has enormously complicated these tasks. Advances in neurology add a new dimension to the discourse.

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The Syrian Charity Scam

Paul Larudee | CovertAction Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Oct 2021

20 Oct 2021 – Americans want to feel good about themselves by giving money to charities that claim to be helping the Syrian people. But they are being duped into supporting terrorist forces that have brought misery and violence to the country—while crippling U.S. sanctions accentuate the humanitarian crisis.

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‘In the Spirit of Mandela’: International Tribunal Seeks to Charge U.S. Government with Crimes Against Humanity

Bob Lederer and Matt Meyer | Covert Action Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Oct 2021

18 Oct 2021 – An historic International Tribunal on U.S. Human Rights Abuses Against Black, Brown and Indigenous Peoples will take place in New York City on October 22-25, 2021. It is designed to propel this and related issues into the forefront of public consciousness.

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A Propaganda Model

Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Oct 2021

Excerpted from Manufacturing Consent, 1988 – The Five Filters:
1. Size, ownership, and profit orientation of the mass media
2. The advertising license to do business
3. Sourcing mass-media news
4. Flak and the enforcers (according to the authors, Freedom House is a flak)
5. Anticommunism as a control mechanism

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Shell Shocked in Amhara, Ethiopia: “I don’t even want to hear the word ‘America’”

Ann Garrison | Black Agenda Report – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Oct 2021

6 Oct 2021 – A displaced person in Ethiopia’s Amhara Region told photographer and human rights investigator Jemal Countess that he didn’t want to talk to him because he was American and “didn’t even want to hear the word America” because of all the damage America has done in Ethiopia.

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Afghan Crisis Must End America’s Empire of War, Corruption and Poverty

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Sep 2021

30 Aug 2021 – Even as UN agencies warn of an impending humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the U.S. Treasury has frozen the Afghan Central Bank’s $9.4 billion in foreign currency reserves, depriving the new government of funds that it will desperately need in the coming months. Under pressure from the Biden administration, the IMF decided not to release $450 million to Afghanistan to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Tokyo Tribunal: Precedent for Victor’s Justice II

Prof. Bishnu Pathak – TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Aug 2021

This paper aims to find out the situations of the investigation, prosecution and punishment, and analyse the preference for justice: victor’s justice or victim’s justice. During World War II, anti-communist Emperor Hirohito actively led Japan decorated by the Army’s uniform but pretended to be a ceremonial Emperor making scapegoats to his opponents.

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Brazil: Struggles of the Roofless

Mario Sergio Conti interviews Guilherme Boulos | New Left Review - TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Aug 2021

Jul/Aug 2021 – With Lula currently holding an overwhelming lead in opinion polls for the 2022 presidential election, the stakes are high. Latin America has started to roll back the gains of the right of recent years. Could his return to power make the region a beacon of non-conformity once again? Guilherme Boulos—coordinator of Brazil’s Sem Teto and PSOL presidential candidate—speaks to Mario Sergio Conti about the political crisis, bairro psychoanalysis, and the politics of impeachment.

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Behind the Smokescreen: West’s China Cold War Agenda

Gordon Dumoulin, Jan Oberg and Thore Vestby | TFF - TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Aug 2021

An Analysis of the West’s Destructive China Cold War Agenda and Why It Must Stop

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Bless the Traitors

Chris Hedges | ScheerPost – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Jul 2021

12 Jul 2021 – Daniel Hale exposed the widespread and indiscriminate murder of noncombatants in the global US drone war. For his heroism, he faces ten years in prison while those who oversee these war crimes continue their killing spree.

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US-led NATO in Afghanistan: Crimes against Humanity Call for Accountability

Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Jul 2021

7 Jul 2021 – After 9/11, America led NATO’s invasion of Afghanistan was a revulsion against truth as it was in complete disconnect to the living consciousness of global community. When falsehood goes unchallenged, it attracts shallow and puppets accomplices into the fold. Pakistan military ruler General Musharraf and many puppet Arab dictators were conveniently hired to promote the bogus war on terrorism.

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“Narrative Breakthrough”: Is the Tide Turning on the Representation of the Palestinian Struggle?

Jake Lynch – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Jul 2021

If media contribute to agenda-setting and the framing of issues in public discourse, then patterns of media representation constitute a significant arena in their own right. The most fundamental distinction in the Peace Journalism model is whether a conflict is reported in a “violence-oriented” manner, in “restricted space and time”, as a series of big bangs – or, on the other hand, “peace and conflict-oriented”, investigating “the formation of the conflict”, with “causes and solutions looked for everywhere, also in history and culture”.

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Believe Your Eyes: Becoming a Snitch–If You See Something, Say Something

Gary G. Kohls, MD | Duty to Warn – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Jul 2021

11 Jul 2021 – The reality of snitching on others has been around for a long time. Just think Adolf Hitler’s or Joseph Stalin’s totalitarian police states where free thought and free speech was a punishable crime against the state. The same thing happened in every war that America has ever entered. The corporate propaganda machinery behind all those wars had their ways to ferret out dissenters.

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Chris Hedges Speaks on ‘American Sadism’ (video)

Chris Hedges | ScheerPost – TRANSCEND Media Service, 5 Jul 2021

Chris Hedges gave this talk on American Sadism at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, New York on Sunday June 27.

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Have We Learned Nothing? Biden Backs Mass Murder in the Middle East

Connor Freeman | The Libertarian Institute - TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Jun 2021

18 Jun 2021 – The Gaza Strip, measures only 25 miles long and five miles wide. It is one of the most densely populated places on the planet. Since 2007, Israel has imposed a full blockade on Gaza from the air, land, and sea. The two million Palestinians living there are trapped in an open air prison where food, potable water, electricity, medicine, building materials, etc. are severely restricted by the Israeli authorities.

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Whither Palestine? Whither Israel? After the Violence Spike, after the Abraham Accords, after Netanyahu

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Jun 2021

13 Jun 2021 – The changing circumstances in Israel/Palestine over the last six weeks. Two questions that will shape the Palestinian destiny: Will the post-Netanyahu government push harder the political agenda of the right-wing settler movement? Will the aftermath of the IDF military operation, Guardian of the Walls, increase Palestinian resistance and global solidarity?

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Palestine Is Winning the Legitimacy War

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 May 2021

19 May 2021 – This piece attempts to contextualize the current violence directed against Gaza in earlier Israeli provocations and takes note of Israel’s reliance on excessive force upon a helpless Gazan civilian population of over two million people trapped inside a crowded and unlawfully blockaded enclave. I find it appropriate to recall Gandhi’s famous observation along these lines: “First, they ignore you, then they insult you, then they fight you, then you win.”

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The Fascinating Memoir of a “Citizen Pilgrim”: Q&A with Richard Falk

Busra Cicek and Daniel Falcone | CounterPunch – TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 May 2021

7 May 2021 – Richard Falk, the well-known international relations scholar, taught at Princeton University for four decades. Starting in 2002 he has taught Global and International Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Falk is also a chair for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. This lengthy interview is about his latest book, a memoir, Public Intellectual: The Life of a Citizen Pilgrim, that explores his career as an academic, activist, rapporteur, political theorist, and professor.

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News from Palestine: The Messenger Refuses to Be Killed

David Adams | Transition to a Culture of Peace – TRANSCEND Media Service, 17 May 2021

15 May 2021 – The Israeli government has bombed the headquarters of Associated Press and Al Jazeera in Gaza, trying to limit messages from the Palestinian people to describe their suffering. But the messenger refuses to be killed.  Here are some of the messages I have received from people in Palestine.

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