Here you can find a collection of some of the papers and articles by Johan Galtung.
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1. Johan Galtung: Why Is the Swiss Road to Peace Research so Tortuous?9 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Articles on War and Peace for Encyclopedia6 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Development of Society and Development of the Person24 pp
4. Johan Galtung: Towards Multinational Countries: An Essay on Migration and Minorities25 pp
5. Johan Galtung: Reaganism16 pp
6. Johan Galtung: Orwellian Society - Not Yet, But?10 pp
7. Johan Galtung: Norge og Nordmennene, Sett Utenfra, Ved en av Dem (Norwegian)18 pp
8. Johan Galtung: Transarmament: From Offensive to Defensive Defense21+6 pp
9. Johan Galtung: Stalinism22 pp
10. Johan Galtung: Work, Needs and Three Cultures10 pp
11. Johan Galtung: Will the Peace Movement Become a Liberation Movement?6 pp
12. Johan Galtung: (BOOK) GANDHI TODAY281 pp
13. Johan Galtung: Social Communication and Global Problems: Towards a New Information/Communication Order21+2 pp
14. Johan Galtung: Computer Society, Present and Future14 pp
15. Johan Galtung: How Universal Are the Human Rights?12 pp
16. Johan Galtung: From Disarmament to Transarmament: Evolving Trends in the Study of Disarmament and Security25+2 pp
17. Johan Galtung: (BOOK) HITLERISM, STALINISM, REAGANISM Three Orwell Variations150 pp
18. Johan Galtung: Frankreich und die Bundesdeutsche Friedensbewegung: Dialog mit der Franzosischen Linken (German)9 pp
19. Johan Galtung: Towards a New European Peace Order4 pp
20. Johan Galtung: The European Community: A Superpower in the Making?10 pp
21. Johan Galtung: Twenty Five Years of Peace Research: Ten Challenges and Some Responses42+5 pp
23. Johan Galtung: Preface:(BOOK) METHODOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT: Theory and Methods of Social Research - III5 pp
24. Johan Galtung: Occidental Cosmology and the Theories of Peace and Development8 pp
25. Johan Galtung: The People Were Right (at least so far)27+2 pp
26. Johan Galtung: Geography as Peace and Development Education2 pp

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