Solution-oriented news on TMS:  The West Turns a Blind Eye as Israel’s Apartheid and Other Illegalities Develop Further  -   (Norwegian-Norsk) Trosforhold, religioner og fred  -   (Italiano) I soldi dell’Unione Europea a sostegno delle industrie di armi  -   (Français) Brésil: Les dessous de l’incendie–la politique amazonienne de Jair Bolsonaro  -   Henry David Thoreau (12 Jul 1817 – 6 May 1862)  -   Reframing the Righteousness Enabling Repetition of the Titanic Disaster  -   Monitoring Pressures against Religious Freedom  -   Pandemic Spirals out of Control in South Africa, India, Brazil  -   (Italiano) Contrasto allo hate speech online e social network: a che punto siamo?  -   Recent Advances in Artificial Intelligence Contribute to Nuclear Risk – SIPRI  -   BOUNTYGATE: Scapegoating Systemic Military Failure in Afghanistan  -   A Dream Deferred: Healing through Culture, Dialogues & Sharing Our Arts  -   Coronavirus: How Brazil Became the Second Worst Affected Country in the World  -   The Magic of Moss and What It Teaches Us about the Art of Attentiveness to Life at All Scales  -   Burundi: Fare Thee Well, President Nkurunziza  -   New US Indictment of Julian Assange Not Served in UK Courts  -   Education for Peace and Geopolitics  -   How Trees Secretly Talk to Each Other in the Forest  -   Where It Stops, Nobody Knows  -   How We Can Fix This Pandemic in a Month  -   On the Treatment of COVID-19  -  
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