Solution-oriented news on TMS:  Trump Administration Pulls US out of UN Human Rights Council  -   (Italiano) A Bordo dell’Aquarius c’è Anche Paolo di Tarso  -   Why TMS Weekly Digest was delivered 2 days later this week  -   “Agricultural Terrorism” and the “Right of Retaliation”  -   UN General Assembly Adopts Text Urging Greater Protection for Palestinians and Deploring Israel’s ‘Excessive’ Use of Force  -   Time Is Running Out  -   Trump Considering Pulling U.S. Out of Constitution  -   Trump and Jong-un, USA-North Korea, War and Peace: A Gandhian Phase in International Politics  -   Appeasement as Global Policy  -   India’s First Urban Women Collective’s Long Road to Empowerment  -   China’s Spiritual and Political Relationship with India  -   The Siamese Twins  -   ‘True’ Peace Requires Standing Up for Human Rights, Says UN Chief Guterres  -   Authorship  -   Acculturation and Human Relationships: Essential Encounters of “Cultural Constructions of Reality”  -   Psychiatric Drugs for Kids—A Big Pharma Revenue Stream  -   (Português) Justine Butler: “Por que o leite é uma questão feminista”  -   Humanity’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’: Starving, Enslaving, Raping, Torturing and Killing our Children  -   Scapegoating Iran  -   Yemen: Understanding the Conflict  -   The Great March of Return: The Gaza Sniper Massacre  -  
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