Solution-oriented news on TMS:  (Italiano) L’ottagono: rango, squilibrio, discordanza e teoria bellica  -   From Zoom Organization to Zome Configuration and Dynamics  -   2 Global Databases on Coronavirus: 33.3 Million+ Positive; 1 Million+ Dead  -   (Português) “Não podemos compactuar com violação de direitos humanos e crimes financeiros da Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus”  -   Trump Undermines Democracy!  -   A Court Just Slammed the Guantánamo Gate Shut  -   The Ecological Impact of Militarism  -   Fires Turn Brazil’s Tropical Wetlands into Wildlife Death Traps  -   Mahatma Gandhi (2 Oct 1869 – 30 Jan 1948)  -   Report Documents Criminality and Corruption at Heart of Global Banking System  -   The Death of Andre Vltchek, a Passionate Warrior for Truth  -   UAE/Bahrain Normalization with Israel: Peace or Geopolitics?  -   Is There any Scientific Proof of the Existence of Higher and Lower Planetary Systems?  -   TMS FUNDS DANGEROUSLY RED: Please give your contribution!  -   JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank Named in Money Laundering Report  -   The 10 Steps of Strategic Peacebuilding: Create Your Strategy to Build a More Peaceful and Just World  -   The Dark Side of 5G: Military Use  -   (Português) A Violência Contra Animais no Cinema  -   Facts about Covid-19  -   New York Times Releases Sequel of Putin-the-Poisoner: The Incredulous Case of Mr. N  -   Thought Seed  -  
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