Solution-oriented news on TMS:  Bolivia’s Evo Morales Steps Down: Reaction from Latin America and Beyond  -   Are the UN and the International Community Both Brain Dead?  -   “Peoples’ BRICS” to Be Held Concurrently with BRICS Summit in November  -   What’s Joker’s Joke?  -   Warning of ‘Untold Human Suffering,’ Over 11,000 Scientists from Around the World Declare Climate Emergency  -   Did the West Win the Cold War?  -   Inside a Foie Gras Farm  -   Deforestation in Brazil Jumped by 80% in One Year: Study  -   (Português) Em paralelo à Cúpula dos BRICS, Brasil receberá o “BRICS dos Povos” em novembro  -   Sierra Club Takes a Commendable Turn on Population, Climate Change, and Inequality  -   We Need Biodiversity-Based Agriculture to Solve the Climate Crisis  -   Is the Run on the Dollar Due to Panic or Greed?  -   UN Member States Overwhelmingly Support End of US Embargo against Cuba  -   Gandhi after His Anniversary  -   Brazil: Lula Is Free!  -   NATO Is Suffering ‘Brain Death’, Argues French President Macron  -   Trump’s Worst Impeachable Offense Hurts the Whole World–Climate  -   A Tight Grip on Our Nuclear Toys  -   US Seizure of Oil Fields Escalates Tensions in Syria  -   Fyodor Dostoyevsky (11 Nov 1821 – 9 Feb 1881)  -   Rwanda: Victoire Ingabire Endures Relentless Interrogation  -  
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