Solution-oriented news on TMS:  The Dangerous Deception Called the Trump Presidency  -   Is Peace Possible? A Dialogue with Johan Galtung on Ukraine, Trump, Putin, Gandhi, and…  -   This Is Why Everything You’ve Read about the Wars in Syria and Iraq Could Be Wrong  -   The Universal Declaration of Human Rights  -   (Norsk-Norwegian) Sørkoreansk avhopper: – Vi lurte Nobel­komiteen  -   A Better World Has Less Violence, War  -   (Castellano) Buscando el camino verdadero  -   The Misinformation Machine  -   The Political Legacy of Fidel Castro  -   The Alzheimer’s Laboratory  -   Circle of Poison  -   Engaging an Opposing Ideology via Martial Arts Philosophy  -   Nonviolence for Brazilians: Suggested Direct Actions  -   New Report Exposes “Patient Advocacy” Groups as a Big Pharma Scam  -   The Arabs Did It  -   This Week in History  -   A World of Difference  -   Pentagon: Looking for a Few Good Hackers  -   The People of Haiti Are Under Attack as They Fight for Their Liberation!  -   The Treaty of Tlatelolco: Giving Thanks to Our Latin American Neighbors toward a World Free of Nuclear Weapons  -   Survival of the Fittest  -  
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