Solution-oriented news on TMS:  (Português) Seminário – Rumo a um Mundo Livre de Armas Nucleares: Desafios e Perspectivas  -   Ludwig van Beethoven (17 Dec 1770 – 26 Mar1827)  -   Towards a World without Nuclear Weapons: Challenges and Perspectives  -   Why the UN Is Setting Up a Database of International Businesses Operating in Israeli Settlements  -   (Français) La résolution 2250 du Conseil de Sécurité sur «La jeunesse et la paix»  -   Amy Biehl  -   A Religion Called Economy  -   Violence against Women: Why the UN Secretary-General Got It Wrong  -   Europe Responds: ‘If the law allows this, we need to change the law.’  -   Progress toward Nuclear Weapons Abolition  -   Aluminum in Vaccines May Cause Autism According to Experts in New Study  -   Conservation Goal for the Amazon Exceeded: More than 60 Million Hectares Protected  -   Modern Life Styles – Symbols of Consumerism, Self-centeredness and Isolation  -   10 December: Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Eleanor Roosevelt, World Citizen  -   Johan Galtung’s Acceptance Speech of the People’s Nobel in Sweden  -   Palestinians Recognize Texas as Part of Mexico  -   The Doomsday Machine in Donald Trump’s Hands  -   Symbolic Relocation of United Nations HQ to Jerusalem Vicinity  -   (Português) O Intento de Recolonizar o Brasil e a América Latina  -   After Trump’s Jerusalem Move, Media Worry about ‘Violence’–Not Violation of International Law  -   Plunder Capitalism  -  
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