Solution-oriented news on TMS:  I only Wish…That the Truth Has a Tongue  -   Remembering JFK: Voices from a Smoldering Grave . . . Memorial Prose Poem  -   Secret Genetic Engineering Research: How the U.S. and EU Governments Want Us to Run Blindly Into a High-Risk Adventure  -   Reframing Fundamental Belief as Disinformation?  -   Donald Trump’s Refusal to Concede the Election Is Something to Be Feared  -   Coronavirus Global Data: 59M+ Infected; 40M+ Recovered; 1,3M+ Deceased  -   I Lived through a Stupid Coup–The USA Is Having One Now  -   Heart as a Vagabond  -   Joe Biden and Kamala on Israel, Palestine  -   The New Ruling Coalition: Opposition to Afghanistan Withdrawal Shows Its Key Factions  -   Susan Rice, Scourge of Africa, May Become Secretary of State  -   Remembering Robert Fisk  -   Education for Peace and Nonviolence in Times of Crisis  -   The Children of Fallujah: The Medical Mystery at the Heart of the Iraq War  -   Palestine Is Still the Issue  -   Elite Australian Troops Unlawfully Killed 39 Afghan Civilians amid a Culture of ‘Blood Lust,’ Report Alleges  -   (Français) Sucre  -   White Lies  -   [Nobel Peace Laureate] President Obama, Who Promised to Sow Peace, Instead Led the Nation in War  -   Personal Reflections on Exposing the Myths of Money  -   Putting Myanmar Election Results in Perspective  -  
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