Solution-oriented news on TMS:  August 15 — India’s Independence Day  -   Time to Sign the Treaty  -   War Propaganda about Ukraine Starting to Wear Thin  -   Hunger Factory: The Miracle of the Sudden Rise and Fall of Food Prices (Part 1)  -   Can We Please Have an Adult Conversation about China?  -   Hunger Factory: The Modern Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Part 2)  -   We Can’t Let Them Do This: Russell Brand Interviews Matt Taibbi  -   Nagasaki Peace Declaration on 77th Anniversary of Atomic Bombing  -   European Imperialism and How India and Pakistan Won and Lost 14-15 Aug 1947 National Freedom  -   Ukraine Is a Wake-Up Call for Europe  -   Life and Death and More Life: Leo Tolstoy on Science, Spirituality, and Our Search for Meaning  -   Washington Steals over 80 Percent of Syria’s Oil Output Per Day  -   Russia-Ukraine-USA/NATO (V): From Politics to Propaganda  -   A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (20 Aug 1896 – 14 Nov 1977)  -   Singularity: Attractors and Scenarios (Part 2)  -   (Castellano) Rusia-Ucrania-Estados Unidos/OTAN: De la política a la propaganda  -   Of the Far West, the ‘Good Cowboys’… and the ‘Bad Indians’  -   Ambitious Man, Aspiring Man in India  -   Militarism vs Life  -   (Castellano) Belleza virtual, libertad virtual, amor virtual: ¿es el Metaverso nuestro futuro?  -   Sleeping at the Wheel: The Uber Files, the Media, and the Coup against Labor Rights  -  
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