Solution-oriented news on TMS:  Backed By AFRICOM, Corporations Plunder DR Congo for “Climate-Friendly” Materials and Blame China  -   Russia’s ‘Plan to Invade Ukraine’ Exists Only in the US and NATO Imagination  -   In That Final Moment  -   OMG, Omicron! Why It’s too Soon to Panic about COVID Vaccines and the New Variant  -   The Ancient Technique to Making Tough Decisions  -   Call It ‘Old’, ‘Contemporary’, ‘Modern’ or Whatever: It Is Slavery  -   ‘We Have Fallen into a Trap’: Qatar’s World Cup Dream Is a Nightmare for Hotel Staff  -   Republican Congressman Sparks Outrage for Family Christmas Photo with Guns Days after School Shooting  -   From AIDS to Omicron, Pharmaceutical Apartheid Hurts Us All  -   Declining USA Bullies China/Russia, Earth, Outer Space, Itself: Eye-opener Readings  -   Biden’s Global Democracy Summit Raises an Awkward Question: Can Ours Endure?  -   Oliver Sacks on Gratitude, the Measure of Living, and the Dignity of Dying  -   Bannon’s Plea  -   The Unknown Help  -   Multiple Articles Questioning Aspects of COVID19 or Vaccines  -   New Study Links Major Fashion Brands to Amazon Deforestation  -   FUNDRAISING FAILING DRAMATICALLY—>RED BUDGET  -   Resisting the Gatekeepers of Hell: Gandhi, ‘Vaccine Passports’ and the Great Reset  -   Prof Johan Galtung on Peace Journalism, Capitalism, Positive Peace, Structural Violence, Feminism, and Much More  -   ‘Hate Crime’ Attacks by Israeli Settlers on Palestinians Spike in the West Bank  -   Hasta Siempre Che Guevara (Music Video of the Week)  -  
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