Solution-oriented news on TMS:  Intl. Community Recoils as Saudi Arabia Goes on ‘Crusade’ of Mass Killing in Yemen  -   End of Nuclearism or the End of the World: Utopian Dreams, Dystopian Nightmares  -   US and UK Ally Saudi Arabia Moves to Behead 14 for Participating In Anti-Government Protests  -   Porto  -   Animation Shows the Deadly Evolution of Nuclear Weapons  -   Nuclear-Weapon States and Their Neighbors: There Is Still Work to Do  -   August 9th, the 72nd Anniversary of the Bombing of Nagasaki: Unwelcome Truths for Church and State  -   The North Korean Military Situation: A Role for People Who Care  -   Pledge on 70 Years of Independence by People of Pakistan and India – 15 Aug 2017  -   You’re Invited to the Nuclear Denial Party!  -   (Português) A Terra entrou no cheque especial: O ser humano, Satã da Terra  -   (Français) On saura que le Venezuela est devenu une dictature le jour où les médias arrêteront d’en parler  -   Handicapping Israel’s 6th War on Lebanon (1)  -   India’s Path of Financial Inclusion  -   We Need Their Voices Today! (8)Thomas Robert Malthus  -   Puzzles of the Soul, Reincarnation and Karma  -   Death  -   “Anyone but Bibi”  -   Vault 7: CouchPotato  -   (Português) Para Entender a Venezuela: Dois Testemunhos do Outro Lado  -   Piano Man (Music Video of the Week)  -  
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