Solution-oriented news on TMS:  The COVID-19 “Vaccine” and the Nuremberg Code: Crimes against Humanity, Genocide  -   [Update] Covid Early Treatment  -   Crafting an Exit Strategy from Universal Vaccination Failure  -   Four Remarkable Women  -   Gorgon Stare, the Latest in Mass Surveillance  -   COVID World Data -Total: 229,2M -Dead: 4,7M -Survival Rate: 98%  -   Crisis Ahead as TMS Donors Shrank to HALF  -   White Lily  -   20 Years, $6 Trillion, 900,000 Lives: The Enormous Costs and Elusive Benefits of the War on Terror  -   Up to Half of the $14 Trillion Spent by Pentagon since 9/11 Has Gone to War Profiteers  -   World Coronavirus Map  -   IIMM Reports Serious Crimes in Myanmar  -   In the Guise of Converting the Heathens  -   Breakthrough Strategy: The Earth Constitution & the United Nations  -   Big Tech War Profiteers Raked in $44 Billion during ‘Global War on Terror’  -   China: The Paradox and Contradictions of a Tributary Empire  -   What Went Right This Week: Indigenous Climate Wins, Plus More Positive News  -   The Third Revolution in Warfare  -   Frei Betto Pays Homage to Paulo Freire on His Birth Centenary: 19 Sep 2021  -   Pentagon-Backed Movie, ‘Black Hawk Down’, Championed Military Intervention after 9/11  -   How Many Satellites Are Orbiting Earth?  -  
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