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Prof. Johan Galtung

USA-Israel vs. Arab-Muslim Worlds: What Happens?

by Johan Galtung, 25 Aug 2014 – TRANSCEND Media Service

Nothing good. But let us have a look at it in the standard peace studies way: Diagnosis-analyzing, Prognosis- forecasting, and Therapy--remedies, even solutions.

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Nobel Acceptance Speech: Art, Truth & Politics

by Harold Pinter, Nobel Literature Laureate – TRANSCEND Media Service

The justification for the invasion of Iraq was that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. We were told that Iraq had a relationship with Al Qaeda and shared responsibility for 9/11. We were told that Iraq threatened the security of the world. None of it was true. We have brought torture, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, innumerable acts of random murder, misery, degradation and death to the Iraqi people and call it 'bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East'.

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My Plea to the People of Israel: Liberate Yourselves by Liberating Palestine

by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate - Haaretz

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu calls for a global boycott of Israel and urges Israelis and Palestinians to look beyond their leaders for a sustainable solution to the crisis in the Holy Land.

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Other Commentaries


NSA Planned Automated Cyberwarfare Program

by Jack Gillum, Associated Press – Christian Science Monitor

13 Aug 2014 - The NSA secretly planned a cyberwarfare program that could automatically fire back at cyberattacks from foreign countries without any human involvement, creating the risk of accidentally starting a war, according to a new report based on interviews with former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

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The Galileo Syndrome?

by Vandana Shiva – Asian Age

Prakash Javadekar said: ‘Galileo was telling the truth and he was punished.’ Monsanto and its lobbyists are today’s Church. And independent scientists speaking the truth about GMOs and their impact on society, health and environment are today’s Galileos.

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International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

by John Scales Avery – TRANSCEND Media Service

In 2013 the UN General Assembly declared 26 September International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. The first ever event will take place a month from now on 26 Sep 2014. What can you, as an individual, do?

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Support Richard Branson’s Ukraine Dialogue Initiative

by Jan Oberg - Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research

We are drifting towards a new Cold War. The reason is the woefully incompetent way in which politicians and media focus on violence and ignore underlying conflicts and civilian means - of course there are exceptions but... Escalation doesn't create peace.

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Three Questions for Hamas

by Richard Falk – TRANSCEND Media Service

Whether wittingly or not, the international diplomacy of the West has produced dispossession, violence, and seemingly irreconcilable conflict with disastrous and tragic consequences for the indigenous population of Palestine ever since the end of World War I.

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Pentagon Funds New Data-Mining Tools to Track and Kill Activists (Part III)

by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, Occupy – TRANSCEND Media Service

The U.S. Department of Defense's multimillion dollar university research program, the Minerva Research Initiative, is developing new data mining and analysis tools for the U.S. military intelligence community to capture and analyze social media posts.

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Age: Choices for Being-in-the-World

by Anthony J. Marsella, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

There are many ages! Some are objective (i.e., quantifiable, legal), and some are subjective (i.e., private, perception, personal, psychological). We need to recognize the full range of age choices to avoid stereotypes and categorical conclusions. Obviously, physical and mental limitations and disabilities impose constraints.

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‘Common Dreams’ Website Traps Hasbara Troll Spewing Anti-Semitism

by Annie Robbins, Mondoweiss – TRANSCEND Media Service

A Jewish student posting virulently anti-Semitic comments at various internet forums, allegedly “to gauge how pervasive anti-Semitism” is online, has been busted by the progressive website Common Dreams.

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How the War on Terror Created the World’s Most Powerful Terror Group

by Patrick Cockburn – TomDispatch

The Underrated Saudi Connection - From the hours immediately after 9/11 to the present, Washington’s policies in the Middle East have created the conditions for more—not less—jihadist terror.

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‘They Want Their War And They Want It Now!’

by Adrian Salbuchi – Russia Today

If you are playing chess and the next moves will lead to a checkmate, you have two options: either topple your king accepting defeat, or… You can kick over the chessboard, refuse to accept defeat, and let all hell break loose...! Is that what the “four horsemen of the Apocalypse,” the elites running the US, UK, EU and Israel against their own peoples’ interests, are thinking of doing?

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All This Talk of an ‘Apocalyptic’ Threat Is Simply Childish

by Robert Fisk – TRANSCEND Media Service

The word movie is the clue. Chuck Hagel and Martin Dempsey were pure Hollywood. It only needed Tom Cruise at their press conference to utter the words “Mission impossible”. Who writes this God-awful script? Can’t the US Defence Secretary and his joint chiefs chairman do better than this?

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Why We Hurt Each Other: Tolstoy’s Letters to Gandhi on Love, Violence, and the Truth of the Human Spirit

by Maria Popova, Brain Pickings – TRANSCEND Media Service

The exchange sparked an ongoing correspondence between the two that lasted until Tolstoy’s death — a meeting of two great minds and spirits, eventually collected in Letters from One: Correspondence (and more) of Leo Tolstoy and Mohandas Gandhi and rivaled only by Einstein’s correspondence with Freud on violence and human nature.

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No Hope for AIDS-Free Generation in Uganda as Controversial HIV Bill Is Signed into Law

by Amy Fallon, IPS – TRANCEND Media Service

21 Aug 2014 - The act, HIV/AIDS activists say, will lead to people shunning testing and treatment, but will particularly drive sex workers and gay men underground, and make women more vulnerable to domestic violence.

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Hackers Successfully Crack US Nuclear Facilities for the First Time… Twice

by The Huffington Post – TRANSCEND Media Service

19 Aug 2014 - The United States has admitted that hackers attacking its nuclear power plants have already succeeded. Twice.

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The American Cult of Bombing

by William J. Astore – TomDispatch

Why You Should Expect More Bombs to Be Dropped Everywhere - Few Americans question the sanity or cult-like behavior of American presidents as they continue to seek solutions to complex issues by bombing Iraq (as well as numerous other countries across the globe).

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The End of the Israeli-American Alliance

by William Pfaff – TRANSCEND Media Service

The alliance of the United States with Israel has become internationally seen as an alliance of international lawbreakers, which literally is true because of the indifference both states demonstrate to the established norms and conventions of international justice. “There is some confusion in Israel borne of an exaggerated sense of self-importance. The strategic asset in this equation is the U.S. for Israel, not the other way around.”

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Is Burma’s Anti-Muslim Violence Led by “Buddhist Neo-Nazis”?

by Ray Downs, Vice –TRANSCEND Media Service

According to Dr. Muang Zarni, a Burmese human rights activist and research fellow at the London School of Economics, much of the blame for the current situation in Burma can be laid at the feet of the 969 group, which he describes as an neo-Nazi organization of hatemongers who are using Hitlerian tactics to “purify” the country by getting rid of the Muslims—it’s also, he says, one of the fastest-growing movements in the country.

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Peak Hour Traffic Trumps the Right to Protest, Court Finds

by Nick Riemer – New Matilda

On Wednesday [20 Aug 2014] the Supreme Court upheld a decision by the New South Wales police to prohibit the protest called for last night’s Sydney opening of the 2014 Israeli Film Festival. Political freedoms matter in Australia, just as they matter in Palestine. The police cannot be given the right to determine which causes are allowed to take to the streets.

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Obama Buggers Europe: Sanctions Deepen the Recession

by Prof. James Petras – TRANSCEND Media Service

By submitting to Washington’s doctrine of permanent wars, Europe eschews the only road out of permanent crisis: peaceful co-existence. The mega-buggers in Washington and the bootlickers in Europe have chosen sanctions over trade and destruction over prosperity.

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Ukraine Crisis: 300 German Intellectuals Support Putin, Criticize US-NATO Influence in Europe and Mainstream Media Propaganda

by Neue Rheinische Zeitung – Global Research

The Soviet Union made unparalleled sacrifices in its decisive contribution to the liberation of Europe from Nazism. Nevertheless, in 1990 it was ready to support German reunification in 1991, to dissolve the Warsaw Pact and accept NATO membership of the reunified Germany. This was not honored by the West.

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The Russian Appeal to Germany

by Egor Prosvirnin – TRANSCEND Media Service

If we were to recall recent history, we would remember that a vast army of 300,000 Soviet troops along with 5,000 tanks, 1,500 aircraft and 10,000 artillery pieces (including tactical nuclear weapons) simply left the then just-united Germany without firing a shot. For what? For hope.

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Tracking Cross-Border Weapons Trade with Youtube

by Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer – The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

How German reporters revealed questionable international export practices of a major German arms manufacturer – and how a YouTube video helped break open the case.

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Argentina Is “in the Mood of Tango”

by TRT – TRANSCEND Media Service

The Tango World Championship has turned the streets of Buenos Aires into dance floors packed with tango dancers. As festival’s organizers call it “the world’s biggest tango extravaganza,” most of Buenos Aires has tango fever now. In 2009, tango was recognized by UNESCO as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage."

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Cuba Sees Its Future in Mariel Port, Hand in Hand with Brazil

by Patricia Grogg, IPS – TRANSCEND Media Service

The Mariel special economic development zone, the biggest construction project undertaken in decades in Cuba, emerged thanks to financial support from Brazil, which was based on political goodwill, a strategy of integration, and business vision.

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Caliphate of Fear – The Curse of the Islamic State

by SPIEGEL Staff – TRANSCEND Media Service

Images of Yazidis fleeing parts of Iraq and Syria have shocked the world and the battle against the jihadists with the Islamic State has united Americans, Europeans, Kurds and Iranians. Can the Islamists be stopped?

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The Outlaw State of Israel (Part I)

by Richard Falk and Akbar Ganji – Al Jazeera

Since 1948 Israel has drawn a long list of military aggression, human rights violations and war crimes. It has become an outlaw state.

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The Outlaw State of Israel (Part II)

by Richard Falk and Akbar Ganji – Al Jazeera

Unconditional US support for the state of Israel has precluded a peace settlement and destabilised the Middle East. In Part I we described the reasons that Israel has become an outlaw state. In this part we discuss US support for Israel and its consequences.

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The Historical Perspective of the 2014 Gaza Massacre

by Ilan Pappé – The Plymouth Institute for Peace Research

The Israeli strategy of branding its brutal policies as an ad hoc response to this or that Palestinian action is as old as the Zionist presence in Palestine itself. It was used repeatedly as a justification for implementing the Zionist vision of a future Palestine that has in it very few, if any, native Palestinians.

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The Rise of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

by Ahmed Moor – Al Jazeera

The BDS movement was founded by a broad coalition of Palestinian civil society groups in 2005. It has developed and gained force in tandem with two phenomena that will define the Palestinian fight for freedom for the foreseeable future:

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Stalinist Zionism Is No Way to Treat a Friend

by Michael Brull – New Matilda

It is not that these people are nostalgic for Stalin. It is that their style of worship of the state is reminiscent of supporters of Stalin. They display the same intellectual styles. And when people criticise their holy state, the response is lies, vilification, and whatever other means can be used to suppress criticism.

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U.N. Prepares for Overhaul of Arms Trade Reporting

by Joel Jaeger, IPS – TRANSCEND Media Service

18 Aug 2014 - The Arms Trade Treaty is about to provide the biggest shake-up to conventional arms trade transparency since the end of the Cold War.

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UN Human Rights Report and the Turning Tide against Mass Spying

by Parker Higgins and Katitza Rodriguez – Electronic Frontier Foundation

This new report constitutes an impressive and thorough new addition to the global debate about privacy and mass surveillance. It stresses the applicability of human rights law to areas where overreaching governments have tried to claim no law applies, and pushes for greater accountability and transparency for the institutions engaging in wholesale privacy violations.

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Report: US Exerting Pressure on ICC Not to Open War Crimes Probe against Israel

by The Jerusalem Post – TRANSCEND Media Service

'The Guardian' quotes lawyers and former court officials as saying that western pressure has influenced decision not to open probe.

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An Interview with Richard Falk on the Crisis in Gaza

by Ken Klippenstein – CounterPunch

“The [Sisi] government is determined to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood and they view Hamas as an extension of the Brotherhood. So they’re, in a certain way, on the same side as Israel on this particular confrontation.”

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War in the Hundred Acre Woods

by David Swanson – TRANSCEND Media Service

"To renounce aggression is not enough," writes Milne. "We must also renounce defence." What do we replace it with? Milne depicts a world of nonviolent dispute resolution, arbitration, and a changed conception of honor or prestige that finds war shameful rather than honorable. And not just shameful, but mad.

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Should Twitter, Facebook and Google Executives Be the Arbiters of What We See and Read?

by Glenn Greenwald – The Intercept

It’s tempting to support criminalization of, say, racist views as long as one focuses on one’s contempt for those views and ignores the serious dangers of vesting the state with the general power to create lists of prohibited ideas.

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Half-truths, Omissions and Distortions: Palestine, Israel and CNN

by Robert Fantina - CounterPunch

An article on August 18 [2014] on CNN indicates clearly the kind of misinformation it is presenting about the situation, including half-truths, omissions and distortions that may be more damaging that outright lies. The following are some examples, with commentary.

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U.S. Military Bans The Intercept

by Ryan Gallagher – The Intercept

20 Aug 2014 - The U.S. military is banning and blocking employees from visiting The Intercept in an apparent effort to censor news reports that contain leaked government secrets.

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Images of Gaza and the Erasure of History

by Ludek Stavinoha – Open Democracy

What is lost is the Palestinian view of the war, a war that did not begin on July 8 [2014] but that has been going on for decades, not confined to the Gaza Strip but the entire Palestinian people, and that will continue to diminish their lives even when the bombs temporarily stop falling and news cameras rolling.

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Bank of America to Pay $16.65 Billion to Settle Mortgage Fraud Charges

by Pratap Chatterjee, CorpWatch – TRANSCEND Media Service

Bank of America has agreed to pay the government $9.65 billion to settle charges of misleading investors over mortgage lending in the run up to the 2008 financial crisis. The bank will also pay out an additional $7 billion to help borrowers and communities affected by the loans.

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No One Wants You to Know How Bad Fukushima Might Still Be

by Johnny Magdaleno, Vice – TRANSCEND Media Service

When I asked past Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Helen Caldicott these questions, she was quick to respond: “Because money matters more than people.” Dr. Caldicott was a faculty member at Harvard Medical School when she became president of Physicians for Social Responsibility.

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FIA Formula E[lectric] Championship

by Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile – TRANSCEND Media Service

Formula E is a new FIA-Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile championship featuring single-seater cars powered exclusively by electric energy. It represents a vision for the future of the motor industry over the coming decades.

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U.S., Brazil Nearing Approval of Genetically Engineered Trees

by Carey L. Biron, IPS – TRANSCEND Media Service

Aug 20 2014 - The U.S. and Brazilian governments are moving into the final stages of weighing approval for the commercialisation of genetically engineered eucalyptus trees, moves that would mark the first such permits anywhere in the world.

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The New Yorker, GMOs and Chemical Farming: Gunning for Vandana Shiva

by Louis Proyect – CounterPunch

Perhaps nothing symbolizes the decline of the New Yorker magazine more than the hatchet job on Vandana Shiva that appears in the latest issue. The article is a meretricious defense of genetically modified organisms relying on one dodgy source after another.

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Conversations with Ban Ki-moon: What the United Nations is Really Like – The View from the Top

by René Wadlow – TRANSCEND Media Service

Ban Ki-moon comes from a Confucian tradition kept alive in certain Korean milieu: a leader leads by example in the hope that others will follow his example of hard work, honesty, concern for others. Can such a management style work in an organization such as the United Nations with people from many different cultures?

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Demand Swells for Straight Answers on Plane in Ukraine

by David Swanson, War Is A Crime – TRANSCEND Media Service

22 Aug 2014 - A long list of prominent individuals has signed, a number of organizations will be promoting next week, and you can be one of the first to sign right now, a petition titled "Call For Independent Inquiry of the Airplane Crash in Ukraine and its Catastrophic Aftermath."

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Why Are You Dressed Like Darth Vader?

by Tom Tomorrow – TRANSCEND Media Service

Comic Strip - This Modern World

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Does Iceland Gain From Whaling?

by Lowana Veal, IPS – TRANSCEND Media Service

The story of what then happens to the whales once they have been taken back to Iceland is part mystery and part an economic balancing act between the country’s economic interests and its international image.

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A Poem on the 74th Anniversary of Leon Trotsky’s Murder

by Kevin Higgins – TRANSCEND Media Service

Today [21 Aug 2014] is the 74th anniversary of the murder in Mexico City, by an agent of Soviet Military Intelligence, of the exiled co-organiser of the Russian Revolution.

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Not a War Criminal

by Tom Greening – TRANSCEND Media Service

Like Julius Streicher, I've never killed anyone. He was a Nazi newspaperman hanged at Nuremburg for portraying Jews as evil.

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(Português) Acusemos Israel

by Prof. Boaventura de Sousa Santos – TRANSCEND Media Service

A criação do Estado judaico de Israel configura um crime continuado cujos abismos mais desumanos se revelam nos dias de hoje. Declarada a sua extinção, os cidadãos do mundo propõem a criação na Palestina de um Estado secular, plurinacional e intercultural, onde judeus e palestinos possam viver pacifica e dignamente.

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(Português) Ratos Demonstram Empatia por Companheiros Torturados e Mortos em Laboratório

by Mark Bekoff - ANDA Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais

Aqueles dentre nós que estudam e convivem com animais já sabem muita coisa sobre suas emoções e capacidades mentais, mesmo que a ciência ainda não tenha provado além de uma sombra de dúvida acerca desse conhecimento.

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(Português) A 74 anos de seu assassinato: Trotksy e seu tempo

by Guillermo Ameyra – Carta Maior

Trotsky nasceu, viveu, lutou e foi assassinato em 21 de agosto, 74 anos atrás, em um mundo repleto de revoluções anticapitalistas e de libertação nacional.

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(Français) Comment Moscou et Pékin vont évincer le dollar de leurs transactions

by La Voix de la Russie – TRANSCEND Media Service

La Banque centrale de Russie et la Banque populaire de Chine se sont mises d’accord sur l’organisation des échanges financiers (des swaps) en roubles et en yuans. Il s’agit des transactions qui prévoient simultanément l’achat et la vente d’une monnaie en échange de la monnaie d’un autre pays.

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(Français) L’Afrique bénéficiera de la banque des BRICS, selon Prétoria

by Star Africa – TRANSCEND Media Service

La nouvelle banque de développement récemment créée les BRICS a pour vocation de mobiliser des ressources pour des projets d’infrastructure de développement en Afrique, a rassuré la ministre sud-africaine des Relations internationales et de la Coopération.

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Street Pianos – Rondo Alla Turca (MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK)

by the5brownsmusic's channel – TRANSCEND Media Service

The 5 Browns playing an arrangement and rift of Mozart's Alla Turca by Greg Anderson.

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All Christian Supporters of Israel Need to Watch These

by Lior Shlein – TRANSCEND Media Service

This was broadcast on Israeli State TV as part of a nightly comedy show - mocking Jesus, Christianity, and calling Mary a whore.

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The Powers behind the Islamic State

by Nafeez Ahmed – The Real News Network

August 24, 2014 - Investigative journalist, TRANSCEND member Nafeez Ahmed gives specific examples of how Saudi, Qatari, and American interests have supported the group known as ISIS and what the global community can do now to rein them in.

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Playing Bridge

by Dietrich Fischer – TRANSCEND Media Service

Four women were playing bridge together every Friday afternoon for twenty years.

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