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Peace Journalism Perspective


Antonio C. S. Rosa

Since You’re Here… Our December Yearly Fundraising

#457 | Antonio C. S. Rosa | Editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

TMS remains free (and ad-free) and takes us hundreds of hours a week to research, write, compose and thousands of Euros to sustain. Fund our Peace Journalism and together we can keep the world on a more positive, human, nonviolent path. Thanks for your solidarity. Our sincere gratitude to the few who have been supporting us throughout the years.

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Prof. Johan Galtung

A Better World Has Less Violence, War

#457 | Johan Galtung - TRANSCEND Media Service

The National Society of High School Scholars, Claes Nobel World Betterment Award, Carter Center, 3 Dec 2016 - Needless to say, never monetize. Human lives do not carry price tags; they carry the most precious of all gifts, life. Do not take it, create it, preserve it, eventually nature will end it. The priceless has no price. In so doing, do not compete with anybody. The Buddhist line is better: compete with yourself. Ask yourself how what you do can be done better.

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Is Peace Possible? A Dialogue with Johan Galtung on Ukraine, Trump, Putin, Gandhi, and…

Dr. Gary Corseri – TRANSCEND Media Service

I was particularly interested in a statement made by a member of the Trump team about the 200-year relationship between Russia and the United States: the point was made that Russia supported what became the United States, against the French and the English empires. And that was Tsar Alexander I! So, from the beginning of the American War of Independence in Concord, up to the end of it in 1812….

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Kissinger and Brzezinski to Be Honoured by Nobel Institute and Oslo University

Jan Oberg | Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research – TRANSCEND Media Service

These two top officials behind major US wars (Iran/Afghanistan and Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos) and regime change (against Allende, Chile) will speak at the first of a new event, The Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo, created by the Nobel Institute in Oslo. One way to go: Boycott the event and let Kissinger, Brzezinski, Njölstad and Ottersen be the only ones who turn up in that huge hall on December 11th. Or, go there – students, media and civil society – and raise all the questions any independent, decent academic must.

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[Nobel Peace Laureate] Aung San Suu Kyi Accuses International Community of Stoking Unrest in Myanmar

Reuters – The Guardian

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi accused the international community on Friday [2 Dec] of stoking resentment between Buddhists and Muslims in the country’s northwest, where an army crackdown has killed at least 86 people and sent 10,000 fleeing to Bangladesh. Leader says outsiders are ‘concentrating on the negative side’ of what the UN and Malaysia claim is ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslim minority.

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In Myanmar, Genocide Looms as the World Waits on [Nobel Peace Laureate] Suu Kyi

Tej Parikh – Asia Times

The Nobel Prize winner’s silent expedience (Suu Kyi considers herself primarily a politician, not an activist) is outrageously Machiavellian, and inexcusable, given the nature of warnings emanating from her country. If Syria and Yemen weren’t enough to illustrate the depressing state that global humanitarianism finds itself in today, look no further than Myanmar.

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[Nobel Peace Laureate] Suu Kyi Defends Military Crackdown on Burma’s Rohingya Muslims

John Roberts | WSWS – TRANSCEND Media Service

2 Dec 2016 - State Counsellor Suu Kyi, the head of government in Burma, has dismissed mounting allegations of killings by the country’s military of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state, bordering Bangladesh. Her office issued a statement declaring: “Regarding those incidents, after asking the Tatmadaw [the military] and border guard troops in those regions, it is known the information is absolutely not true.”

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Other Commentaries


‘Palestinian Gandhi’ Issa Amro Charged with ‘Hurting a Soldier’s Dignity’

Jews for Justice for Palestinians – TRANSCEND Media Service

24 Nov 2016 - Issa Hamro has done exactly what the political doctor ordered: opposed the Israeli occupation with an absolute commitment to non-violence. No trumped up charges of terrorism can be brought against him. That doesn’t inhibit Israeli authorities from frequently arresting “the Palestinian Gandhi”. His latest trial has just opened.

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Engaging an Opposing Ideology via Martial Arts Philosophy

Anthony Judge | Laetus in Praesens – TRANSCEND Media Service

5 Dec 2016 - Reframing the Challenge of Trump and Jihadism as Worthy Opponents - Much is now made of the increasing challenge of right-wing populism, especially as it is articulated by unconventional leaders held to have dubious associations with dangerous political strategies.

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Nonviolence for Brazilians: Suggested Direct Actions

Robert J. Burrowes, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

As I see and read about the ongoing massive protests, as well as calls by prominent community leaders to mobilize in defense of your country's democracy, I feel great hope for Brazil. Having been a nonviolent activist for many years, I would like to support Brazilian activists to develop a nonviolent strategy that will increase your chances of success.

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The Arabs Did It

Uri Avnery | Gush Shalom – TRANSCEND Media Service

When my parents married in Germany, just before World War I, among the gifts was a document attesting that a tree had been planted in their name in Palestine. Popular Jewish humor in Germany at that time had it that "a Zionist is a Jew who wants to take money from another Jew in order to settle a third Jew in Palestine." My father certainly was not planning to go to Palestine himself.

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Harmony with Nature: Toward an Earth Jurisprudence

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

30 Nov 2016 - This post consists of my responses to four questions asked of 189 ‘experts’ around the world by a project of the UN Harmony with Nature Network. My own approach is based on the biopolitical imperative in this historical period of developing an ecological consciousness for the sake of human wellbeing, and possibly species survival.

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Keynes’ Limitations and Trump’s Disasters

Prof. Howard Richards – TRANSCEND Media Service

My recommended way forward will be to deepen Keynes’ macroeconomic analysis to make it an historical analysis of social structure leading to a communitarian reformulation of social and economic democracy. This theoretical move supports a flexible approach to practice called “unbounded organization.”

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Open Letter to Trump – Blueprint for Greatness

Diane Perlman, PhD - TRANSCEND Media Service

I am post-partisan and outside the boxes. Your outside-the-box tendencies and pragmatic business skills can enable you to transcend incompatible contrived categories which impede deep understanding, enlightened policies and capacity for progress. As a political psychologist interested in reversing cycles of violence and retaliation, I can envision this possibility.

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The Coming War on China

John Pilger – New Internationalist Magazine

A major US military build-up – including nuclear weapons – is under way in Asia and the Pacific with the purpose of confronting China. John Pilger raises the alarm on an under-reported and dangerous provocation.

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The Dangerous Deception Called the Trump Presidency

F. William Engdahl – New Eastern Outlook Journal

Donald Trump is yet another project of the same boring old patriarchs who try again and again to create a one world order that they control absolutely, a New World Order that a close Trump backer once referred to as universal fascism. Ignore the sometimes fine rhetoric in some of his speeches. Talk is cheap. There is no good side to what the world is about to experience with President Trump.

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The Misinformation Machine

George Monbiot – TRANSCEND Media Service

Donald Trump’s staff are drawn from an opaque network of corporate-funded thinktanks and fake grassroots campaigns. You cannot confront a power until you know what it is. Our first task in this struggle is to understand what we face. Only then can we work out what to do.

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A World of Difference

Emanuel E. Garcia, MD | Intrepid Report – TRANSCEND Media Service

It is only in differences, however, that we sense and reach beyond ourselves. In fact, it is the ability to tolerate differences that allows for pacific cohabitation; and it is the ability to celebrate differences that leads to an appreciation of the wonderful joy of the world around us.

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Trump: Peacemaking Revolution of the US Aggressive Geopolitics

20 coauthors (*) – TRANSCEND Media Service

Trump’s shocking victory has spawned a flurry of very different opinions. We, as the peacemakers, above all, interested in the peacemakers views about the US foreign policy during Trump’s presidency.

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Edward Bernays, the Father of American Propaganda

Gary G. Kohls, MD | Duty to Warn – TRANSCEND Media Service

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic (AKA “capitalist”) society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.” – Edward L. Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, from his seminal book Propaganda (1928). Bernays was the founder of the public relations industry in the US.

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What Can Go Wrong?

William Blum | The Anti-Empire Report #147 – TRANSCEND Media Service

That he may not be “qualified” is unimportant. That he’s never held a government or elected position is unimportant. That on a personal level he may be a shmuck is unimportant. What counts is that he – as opposed to dear Hillary – is unlikely to start a war against Russia. His questioning of the absolute sacredness of NATO, calling it “obsolete”, and his meeting with Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, an outspoken critic of US regime-change policy, specifically Syria, are encouraging signs.

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Black America and the Passing of Fidel Castro

Bill Fletcher, Jr. – teleSUR

For many of us in "Black America," Fidel represented the audacity that we have desired and sought in the face of imperial and racial arrogance.

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The ASEAN Ulama & NGOs Declaration on the Myanmar Genocide of Rohingya

Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization - TRANSCEND Media Service

29 Nov 2016 - We the delegates in the emergency meeting of Muslims scholars and NGO activists in the ASEAN region and beyond, on the 29th November 2016, after deliberating the issues and plight of the oppressed Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar conclude the following decisions:

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Confronting Genocide in Myanmar: The Urgent Need to Prevent and Protect

Katherine Southwick | Asia & the Pacific Policy Society – TRANSCEND Media Service

Interethnic divisions in a young democracy cannot be downplayed or wished away, and it’s time Myanmar’s government and the international community acknowledge strong evidence that genocide is being perpetrated against the Rohingya and act to end it.

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A Genocide in the Making

Sir Geoffrey Nice and Francis Wade – Foreign Policy

The world can no longer look away from the intensifying assault on Burma’s Rohingya minority.

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The Political Legacy of Fidel Castro

Bill Van Auken | WSWS – TRANSCEND Media Service

Castro's legacy cannot be evaluated solely through the prism of Cuba, but must take into account the impact of his politics internationally and, above all, in Latin America.

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The People of Haiti Are Under Attack as They Fight for Their Liberation!

Pierre Labossiere | Haiti Action Committee – San Francisco Bay View

30 Nov 2016 - The following is a compilation of two breaking news reports that have come in from Haiti within the past two days. Even as we speak, bullets are flying and people are dying in the streets. The presidential elections on Nov. 20 were a repeat of the October 2015 fraudulent elections.

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Haiti 1791: the Cradle of African Nationalism and Internationalism

T.P. Wilkinson | Dissident Voice – TRANSCEND Media Service

Recovering the Virtue of Jacobins - Dr. Wilkinson delivered this paper about Haiti to a colloquium commemorating 40 years of study of African literature at the University of Porto, Portugal.

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Vultures over Havana

James McEnteer | Dissident Voice – TRANSCEND Media Service

Fidel Castro and the Castration of U.S. Latin American Policy - With a few dozen men, Fidel Castro crash-landed a leaky boat in the middle of nowhere and took to the hills to oppose the entrenched, oppressive U.S.-backed Batista government. The odds were never in their favor. But their quixotic action was the spark that ignited an incipient rage for justice, in Cuba and beyond.

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Turkish Realignment: Prospects amid Uncertainty

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

3 Dec 2016 - In recent months the Turkish President, Recep Teyipp Erdoğan, and his principal advisors have not made it a secret that they are reconsidering Turkey’s relations with neighbors, with the countries of the region, and with leading geopolitical actors.

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How Israel Privatized Its Occupation of Palestine

Antony Loewenstein and Matt Kennard – The Nation

It has enriched the security industry and allowed the country to evade accountability for human-rights violations.

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

United Nations General Assembly – TRANSCEND Media Service

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Statement: UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide on the Situation in Northern Rakhine State, Myanmar

Relief Web | United Nations – TRANSCEND Media Service

Following attacks by armed assailants against border security posts in October 2016, the response of the military has reportedly been characterized by excessive use of force and other serious human rights violations against civilian population, particularly the Rohingya Muslim population, including allegations of extrajudicial executions, torture, rape and the destruction of religious property.

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Children of the ‘Others’, Sons of Minor Gods

Baher Kamal – Inter Press Service-IPS

In December 1946, “faced with the reality of millions of children suffering daily deprivation after World War II,” the General Assembly created the UN International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). Seventy years later, as Europe copes with a refugee crisis not seen since it was founded, the organisation remains an ever-present advocate for children’s rights.

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This Is Why Everything You’ve Read about the Wars in Syria and Iraq Could Be Wrong

Patrick Cockburn – The Independent

2 Dec 2016 - The Iraqi army, backed by US-led airstrikes, is trying to capture east Mosul at the same time as the Syrian army and its Shia paramilitary allies are fighting their way into east Aleppo. It is too dangerous for journalists to operate in rebel-held areas of Aleppo and Mosul. But there is a tremendous hunger for news from the Middle East, so the temptation is for the media give credence to information they get second hand.

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Aleppo: Short-Term Action Followed by Reaffirmation of Humanitarian Law

Rene Wadlow – TRANSCEND Media Service

The Association of World Citizens stresses the need to create immediately internationally-guaranteed safe routes for the evacuation of civilians from the besieged areas of Aleppo. Such guaranteed safe routes can also serve as a model for civilians in other besieged cities.

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Mosul and Imperialist “Human Rights”

James Cogan | WSWS – TRANSCEND Media Service

2 Dec 2016 - Samantha Power’s rhetoric in the Security Council was even more grotesque given the character of the US-directed assault underway on the Iraqi city of Mosul. Bombing this week destroyed a major water pipeline cutting off water to some 650,000 people. Electricity is already largely cut. The city’s health system is dysfunctional. The university has been reduced to rubble. On Wednesday [30 Nov], coalition aircraft bombed and “disabled” four major bridges over the Tigris River that link the western and eastern sectors of Mosul.

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Pentagon: Looking for a Few Good Hackers

The New York Times | Editorial – TRANSCEND Media Service

The last thing the Pentagon would seem to need is more hackers. But Defense Department officials are inviting them in.

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The Treaty of Tlatelolco: Giving Thanks to Our Latin American Neighbors toward a World Free of Nuclear Weapons

Robert F. Dodge, M.D. | PeaceVoice – TRANSCEND Media Service

Latin American nations drafted the treaty on Feb 14, 1967 in Mexico City and it went into force on Apr 22, 1968. Today all 33 nations of Latin America and the Caribbean have signed the treaty as part of the 80 million square kilometers of the entire southern hemisphere that is free of nuclear weapons.

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New Report Exposes “Patient Advocacy” Groups as a Big Pharma Scam

David Dayen – The Intercept

A new study shows that nearly all patient advocacy groups are captured by the drug industry. Drug companies don’t only fund them, but also doctors, medical journals, university research, hospitals, and politicians.

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Circle of Poison

Al Jazeera News – TRANSCEND Media Service

A look at the powerful pesticide industry, its effect on the developing world and how small farmers are fighting back.

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Food Politics: The GMO Conspiracy

Mel Gurtov | PeaceVoice – TRANSCEND Media Service

One of the longest-standing tricks of corporations is to produce an item that is dangerous, breakable, or soon to be obsolete and then produce another that will supposedly remedy the defect. That is what is happening with GMO-laden crops: As they become resistant to Roundup and other toxins designed to keep them bug- or disease-free, the producers—such as Monsanto and Syngenta—come up with new herbicides for the farmer to apply.

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The New York Times’ Biased Obituary of Fidel Castro

Matt Peppe | Dissident Voice – TRANSCEND Media Service

After Fidel Castro passed away Friday [25 Nov] night at 90 years old, the obituaries written about him in the American press typified the U.S. government propaganda used for decades to demonize Castro and obscure the tremendous social and humanitarian advances that the Cuban Revolution was able to achieve in the face of unrelenting interference, subversion and destabilization.

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An Initial Set of Sites That Reliably Echo Russian Propaganda

Is It Propaganda Or Not? – TRANSCEND Media Service

[Note from TMS editor: Reposting this does not mean endorsement of its content but a record of history--even historical trivia--for our public archives.]

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ISDS Corporate Rule of Law

Jomo Kwame Sundaram – Inter Press Service-IPS

Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions in ostensible free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties have effectively created a powerful, privileged system of protections for foreign investors that undermine national law and institutions.

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What’s Next? Parecon, or Participatory Economics

Michael Albert | The Next System Project – TRANSCEND Media Service

People now fighting economic injustice have no right to decide how future people should live. But we do have a responsibility to provide an institutional setting that facilitates future people deciding for themselves what their own conditions of life and work should be. To this end, participatory economics, or parecon, describes the core institutions required to generate solidarity, equity, self-management, and an ecologically sound and classless economy.

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga – TRANSCEND Media Service

Dec 5-11 ~ QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Being miserable is a habit; being happy is a habit; and the choice is yours.” - Tom Hopkins

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Genes and the Holy G: The Dark Cultural History of IQ and Why We Can’t Measure Intelligence

Maria Popova | Brain Pickings – TRANSCEND Media Service

“If the history of medical genetics teaches us one lesson, it is to be wary of precisely such slips between biology and culture… Genes cannot tell us how to categorize or comprehend human diversity; environments can, cultures can, geographies can, histories can.” IQ testing perilous cultural legacy is what practicing physician, research scientist, and Pulitzer-winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee explores.

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Women in Islam: The New Paradigm

Moin Qazi – TRANSCEND Media Service

The portrayal of Muslim women that we glimpse in the media is grim and somber. The public perception of them is one of stubborn stereotypes: supposedly powerless and oppressed, behind walls and veils, demure, voiceless and silent figures, discriminated and bereft of even basic rights. This picture keeps reinforcing itself, largely because this is how the Western media caricatures women in Islam.

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A Best Selling Author

Prof. Dietrich Fischer – TRANSCEND Media Service

Sylvia Nasar was a brilliant economics student at New York University and one of four assistants of Wassily Leontief, who had won the 1973 Nobel Prize in Economic Science for his invention of input-output analysis.

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(Norsk-Norwegian) Sørkoreansk avhopper: – Vi lurte Nobel­komiteen

Vilde Helljesen | NRK – TRANSCEND Media Service

4. desember 2016 - I flere år skal det ha pågått en storstilt og velregissert kampanje med ett mål for øye: Å skaffe Nobels fredspris til Sør-Koreas president Kim Dae-jung. Norske samfunnstopper ble brukt som brikker i et spill i jakten på verdens mest prestisjefulle pris, ifølge ny bok basert på sørkoreanske etterretningsdokumenter.

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(Castellano) Buscando el camino verdadero

Robert Burrowes, Ph.D. | Pressenza – TRANSCEND Media Service

Una de las manifestaciones más sutiles del vínculo íntimo entre las emociones y conductas humanas (inconscientes) se ilustra por el simple concepto de elección y cómo esto se reduce a menudo a una dicotomía entre dos malas opciones. En tales circunstancias, la mayoría de la gente elige lo que consideran ser “el mal menor”.

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(Français) Barack Obama, le prix Nobel de l’hypocrisie

Ahmed Bensaada | Investig’Action – TRANSCEND Media Service

Il s’agissait bien sûr du prix Nobel de la paix attribué au président Barack Obama en 2009 « pour ses efforts extraordinaires pour renforcer la diplomatie et la coopération internationale entre les peuples ». Tout ça neuf mois à peine après son élection ? Comment était-ce possible ?

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(Italiano) Le lotte irrinunciabili di ieri e di oggi. Lidia Menapace ad Aosta

Sivia Berruto – TRANSCEND Media Service

MenaPACE Lidia, alias Lidia Brisca, è una donna dinamica intellettualmente onesta e decisa. Un’intellettuale necessaria. 92 anni compiuti il 3 aprile scorso, Lidia ha percorso l’Italia per condividere la riflessione, e poi l’azione, sul referendum popolare confermativo.

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(Français) « Les médias font passer les coups d’Etat modernes comme étant une défense de la démocratie »

Alex Anfruns | Investig’Action – TRANSCEND Media Service

04 Déc 2016 - Ancien rédacteur en chef du Monde Diplomatique, Maurice Lemoine est surtout un fin connaisseur de l’histoire contemporaine latino-américaine. "Les coups d’Etat actuels peuvent être nommés de différentes façons : « golpe blando », « institutionnel », « light » ou « juridico-parlementaire », comme cela s’est passé au Brésil… En effet, depuis la fin des années 1990 et l’arrivée au pouvoir de gouvernements progressistes (le premier étant Chávez en 1998, puis Lula, les Kirchner en Argentine, Rafael Correa, Evo Morales…), quasi tous ces chefs d’Etat progressistes ont été, à un moment ou à l’autre, confrontés à des tentatives de déstabilisation ou de coups d’Etat qui ont parfois échoué, parfois réussi."

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The Alzheimer’s Laboratory

CBS News | 60 Minutes – TRANSCEND Media Service

27 Nov 2016 - Colombia is home to the largest concentration of people in the world who carry a rare gene that makes them 100 percent certain to develop Alzheimer’s disease. It strikes when people are in their mid-40s and leads to demise a few decades later--generations on end.

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Don’t Worry Be Happy (MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK)

Bobby McFerrin – TRANSCEND Media Service

Released in Sep. 1988, the song's title is taken from a famous quote by Meher Baba. Dancers: Bobby McFerrin, Robin Williams and Bill Irwin.

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Survival of the Fittest

Posted by Antonio C. S. Rosa | Editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

Evolution… ?

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Dietrich Fischer – TRANSCEND Media Service

When relations between the Soviet Union and China soured in the early 1960s, Khrushchev met Zhou En Lai and told him,

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