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A Challenge to Philanthropists

#535 | Marilyn Langlois – TRANSCEND Media Service

Instead of expressing admiration for rich people who give to the poor we should be challenging them to join us in demanding structural changes to ensure a decent and dignified life for everyone. The Greek root of the word philanthropy is love of humanity. So I invite those who truly love humanity to walk the talk, shoulder to shoulder with all our sisters and brothers, following these four principles.

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Audio Interview with Johan Galtung on Peace Journalism

Vatican News – TRANSCEND Media Service

8 May 2018 - Galtung answers the questions, Why is it so difficult for the media to inform about peace? Why does it appear it to be interested only in war? “It is because they don’t know how to write about it, they don’t even know how to conceptualize peace,” he says.

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Achieving Peace

Prof. Johan Galtung - TRANSCEND Media Service

Inter-University Center, Dubrovnik - University of Oslo, Norway 1975

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After 70 Years of Ethnic Cleansing and Global Complicity – Are We Racist?

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate | Peace People – TRANSCEND Media Service

16 May 2018 - Since the beginning of the Palestinian Grand Return March on land Day 30th April, the world has looked on in horror as Israel has killed at least 109 Palestinians and injured thousands of unarmed protestors. I extend to the Palestinian people my deepest sympathy on the killing of their sons and daughters and the continuing occupation and seizing of their land by Israel. I thank them for their courage and sacrifice to challenge injustice and the latest inhumanity perpetrated upon them by Israeli/USA policies.

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TMS, Reference in Peace Journalism, Is Powered by Readers – PLEASE DONATE! Funds Running Out

Antonio C. S. Rosa | Editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

“Thanks to TMS Weekly Digest we can always find valuable and diverse material regarding topics on culture of peace, which has been very inspiring for our work. We count on you!” -- Diana de la Rúa Eugenio (Argentina) - Secretary General of the Latin American Council for Peace Research, Vice President of International Peace Research Association Foundation

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Minuteman III Missile Test Launched Prior to USA-North Korea Summit

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation- TRANSCEND Media Service

14 May 2018 - The U.S. tested a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile carrying a mock nuclear warhead early morning today from Vandenberg Air Force Base. What kind of message is the U.S. sending to North Korea with this latest launch when these are the same class of missiles for which the U.S. has been highly critical of the North Koreans for developing and testing?

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New Data Offers Insights into the Dynamics of Nonviolent Resistance

Jonathan Pinckney and Erica Chenoweth | Waging Nonviolence – TRANSCEND Media Service

12 May 2018 - Despite a growing literature on nonviolent resistance, many of these questions remain unresolved. In the absence of systematic study, the lessons of prominent nonviolent resistance movements can often be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

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I Live in Gaza and I Want You to Know Why We’re Protesting

Intimaa Alsdudi | Think Progress – TRANSCEND Media Service

18 May 2018 - Gaza is the biggest open-air prison on earth. Nearly two million people are denied the basic freedom of movement. Ninety-seven percent of the water here is undrinkable. The unemployment rate is 44 percent. That is why we have been protesting since March 30. Two-thirds of Palestinians in Gaza are refugees from lands stolen by Israel in 1948.

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Gaza Killings: Names and Faces of Those Killed by Israeli Forces This Week

Middle East Eye – TRANSCEND Media Service

Eight-month-old Laila is youngest Palestinian killed in Gaza on Monday 14 May, the deadliest day since 2014 war. As of Tuesday afternoon, the Gaza Ministry of Health released the names of 59 Palestinians killed:

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A Grotesque Spectacle in Jerusalem

Michelle Goldberg – The New York Times

14 May 2018 - Religions like “Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism” lead people “to an eternity of separation from God in Hell,” Robert Jeffress, a Dallas megachurch pastor, once said. He was chosen to give the opening prayer at the embassy ceremony. John Hagee, one of America’s most prominent end-times preachers, once said that Hitler was sent by God to drive the Jews to their ancestral homeland. He gave the closing benediction. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner celebrated the relocation of the American Embassy to Jerusalem. The event was grotesque.

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Israeli Army Shoots Dead Dozens in Gaza’s Bloodiest Day Since 2014

+972 Magazine Staff – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 May 2018 - Israeli military kills 58 Palestinians and wounds over 2,700 others in Gaza. Palestinians and Israelis across the West Bank protest in solidarity with Gaza and against the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem.

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‘We Die Anyway, So Let It Be in Front of the Cameras’: Conversations with Palestinians in Gaza

Amira Hass | Haaretz – Reader Supported News

19 May 2018 - My friends in Gaza are outraged by Israel's claim that Hamas rules everything. 'You people always looked down at us, so it's hard for you to understand that no one demonstrates in anyone else's name.'

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Mass Murder in Gaza

Bill Van Auken | WSWS – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 May 2018 - The Israeli military slaughtered dozens of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators and wounded thousands more in Gaza today. As this atrocity was being carried out, a grotesque ceremony was unfolding 50 miles away to mark the opening of a US embassy in Jerusalem. The number of unarmed Palestinian protesters shot dead by IDF snipers rose to at least 58, with over 2,700 wounded.

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Palestine: The Last Chapter?

Jafar M Ramini - Countercurrents – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 May 2018 - There have been many setbacks for us Palestinians in the last 100 years. First, the British unjustly and illegally imposed on us the Balfour Declaration in 1917. We stood fast and said ‘no.’ Then the same British tried to impose on us the partition of the Peel Report in 1937. We stood fast and said ‘no’. Then came the unfair UN partition plan of 1947 and we stood fast and said ‘no’. Then they allowed the creation of Israel in 1948. We stood fast and we said ‘no’. Still the Israeli Apartheid fascist regime ethnically cleansed our land and murdered our people. We took the blows, we stood fast and we said ‘no’.

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GAZA: Grief, Horror, Outrage, Remembering

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 May 2018 - How can one not feel intense grief for the young Palestinians who out of despair and fury joined the Great March of Return, and so often found death and severe injury awaiting them as they approached the border unarmed!!? The feeble Israeli claims of its right of self-defense or attributing Palestinian martyrdom to Hamas are as shallow and lacking in credibility as to discredit further rather than provide justifications for this exhibition of homicidal violence on a massive scale not as isolated incident but as a series of arrogant reenactments.

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Why The Non-Armed Palestinian Struggle Is Also “Illegitimate”?

Walid Salem – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 May 2018 - Till Nine PM yesterday evening, the death toll among Gaza Palestinians participating in the Marches reached the number of 55 (increased to 58 by 1:26 am this morning), in addition to 2410 injured. How come these killings and injuries just in one day are merely practiced in the framework of “Israel right to defend itself”?

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Signs of End of the Civilization and Signs of Its Rejuvenation

Mazin Qumsiyeh | Popular Resistance – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 May 2018 - There are many signs of end of the civilization and signs of its rejuvenation. These difficult times do test people's souls and minds and while we find those who fail the test (Netanyahu, Trump, Hagee, Bin Salman, etc), we do find so many that pass it and light the way for us.

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12 Features Zionist Israel Shares with Nazi Germany

Maung Zarni – TRANSCEND Media Service

The souls of the nearly 6-millions Jewish victims of the Holocaust must not be at rest, I can imagine, as long as the Zionists continue on with its version of Final Solution with respect the Palestinians. They would feel extremely pained that the State built on their ashes, tales of pains and horrors has morphed into, or simply conceived along the lines of the Third Reich of Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and Eichman.

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Have Recent Events Sounded the Death Knell for Iran’s Regional Project?

Franklin P. Lamb – TRANSCEND Media Service

The people in this region, and beyond, are becoming tired of Iran’s project and its cost in human lives and treasury, not least of whom are the civilian populations of Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon not to mention Russian officials and elements of the Assad regime.

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Gina Haspel and Pinocchio from Rome

Edward Curtin – TRANSCEND Media Service

My thoughts kept returning to all the U.S. Senators who have voted for this torturer to lead the CIA. Will they say they were only doing their jobs and following orders? Do they think of themselves as civilized? Where will we conduct the next Nuremberg trials?

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Fundamental Need for Human Sacrifice by Abrahamic Religions

Anthony Judge | Laetus in Praesens – TRANSCEND Media Service

Vital Prerequisite for Sustainable Global Civilization?

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The Day of Shame

Uri Avnery | Gush Shalom – TRANSCEND Media Service

19 May 2018 - On bloody Monday this week, when the number of Palestinian killed and wounded was rising by the hour, I asked myself: what would I have done if I had been a youngster of 15 in the Gaza Strip? My answer was, without hesitation: I would have stood near the border fence and demonstrated, risking my life and limbs every minute. I did the same when I was 15 as a member of the National Military Organization (the "Irgun"), an armed underground group labeled "terrorist".

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Genocide: The Ecology of Pathways to Ending Lives and Life

Anthony Marsella, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

21 May 2018 - This may be a tough read for some. It was difficult for me to write. I dislike being a Cassandra, Jeremiah, or any other voice that keeps calling attention to the many challenges ahead for humanity and for the world. And yet, it seems to me that if I do not, then somehow I have betrayed my responsibilities, duties, and obligations as professional psychologist, citizen, and human being.

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United Nations: Looking toward 2020

René Wadlow – TRANSCEND Media Service

18 May 2018 - There are two major issues today that the League of Nations did not have to face. Thus when the League was reincarnated in 1945 as the United Nations, no one considered how to structure appropriate responses. The major political issue today is the disintegration of Member States. The second major issue is the ecological and social consequences of global warming.

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In Love with Mountains

Dr Ravi P Bhatia – TRANSCEND Media Service

Mountains are not only beautiful and are a source of joy; they invite mountaineers to climb to the summits despite the obvious perils and difficulties involved. Mt. Everest being the highest in the world followed by K2 and Kanchenjunga has attracted hundreds of brave persons to climb to their summits.

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Baba Amte’s Legacy Ignites Granddaughter

Moin Qazi – TRANSCEND Media Service

The world is witnessing a new breed of women leaders and game-changers who are gate crashing and boldly scaling new heights even as they are pairing their ingenuity and knowledge with passion for bringing lasting solutions to society to create a sustainable and more equitable world.

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The NNV (Number Needed to Vaccinate) and the NNT (Number Needed to Treat): Truth-telling Statistics that Big Pharma and the CDC Never Report to us Physicians or our Patients

Gary G. Kohls, MD | Duty to Warn – TRANSCEND Media Service

We uninformed physicians, thanks to Merck’s deceptive tactics, ignorantly but energetically prescribed the drug for decades, thus inadvertently also deceiving our patients, some of whom suffered the permanently devastating disease called (Fosamax-induced) osteonecrosis of the jaw, an incurable disease that only came to light when thousands of dentists did otherwise standard dental extractions on Fosamax patients and then found that the extraction sites never healed, sometimes actually resulting in incurable infections, chronic pain and even fractures.

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The Information Explosion

John Scales Avery – TRANSCEND Media Service

The greed of giant fossil fuel corporations is driving us towards a tipping point after which human efforts to control climate change will be futile because feedback loops will have taken over. The greed of the military industrial complex is driving us towards a Third World War that might develop into a catastrophic thermonuclear war. The greed of our financial institutions is also driving us towards economic collapse.

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The Trust Deficit and the BN Defeat in Malaysia

Chandra Muzaffar – TRANSCEND Media Service

9th May will be remembered as the day when the multi-ethnic population of a country ousted the world’s longest ruling coalition through the ballot-box in a peaceful atmosphere without a drop of blood. This is unique in emerging democracies in the Global South. It makes one proud to be a Malaysian.

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Ecuador’s Ex-President Rafael Correa Denounces Treatment of Julian Assange as “Torture”

Glenn Greenwald – The Intercept

16 May 2018 - In an exclusive interview, the former Ecuadorian leader speaks about Assange, allegations from The Guardian, and the “submissive” posture of his successor to the U.S.

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War Profiteers vs. The People of the United States

David DeGraw | Changemaker Media – Global Research

25 Apr 2018 - According to US government documents, since 1998, the Office of the Inspector General has reported on $21 Trillion in unaccounted for taxpayer money. As unbelievable and absurd as that sounds, the actual total of unaccounted money at the Pentagon is most likely significantly more than $21 trillion.

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US Opens Embassy in Jerusalem: Which Countries Attended?

Al Jazeera – TRANSCEND Media Service

29 countries attend US ceremony to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem, says Israel's foreign ministry.

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Factsheet on the Rohingya: Group Identity, Citizenship, Persecution

Maung Zarni – TRANSCEND Media Service

17 May 2018 - Rohingyas are a native, pre-colonial ethnic minority group of Rakhine State of Western Myanmar (formerly Burma), which shares 170 miles of long modern-day borders with Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan). Rohingya people view Myanmar as the country to which they belong.

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EU Launches Nine-Point Economic Plan to Rescue Iran Nuclear Deal

Al Jazeera – TRANSCEND Media Service

16 May 2018 - The foreign ministers of France, Germany and the United Kingdom, along with Iran's foreign minister, have agreed on a nine-point economic plan to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive, including maintaining economic ties with Iran, ensuring Iran's ability to sell oil and gas products and protecting EU companies doing business in Iran.

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70 Years Ago Today Palestine Was Stolen

Askiah Adam – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 May 2018 - NAKBA or CATASTROPHE DAY is being remembered today in Palestine. The March of Return, which has been going on for over a month, culminates in its commemoration. The Nakba began when Palestinians were robbed of their homeland; when the genocide began; and, will not stop until the land is ethnically cleansed by the thieving multi-national Zionists ensconced in Tel Aviv.

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70th Anniversary of Apartheid Israel: History of Violent Invasion. Chronology of Palestinian Genocide

Gideon Polya | Countercurrents – TRANSCEND Media Service

14 May 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence by Zionist terrorist David Ben Gurion, the foundation of an invasion-, violence-, racism- , genocide- and theft-based Apartheid Israel. US Alliance backers of Apartheid Israel will mark the occasion with lying praise for this evil rogue state, but decent Humanity will tell the truth and demand “Free Palestine”, an end to Israeli Apartheid, return of all refugees and a democratic, multi-ethnic Unitary State in Palestine.

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Jewish Past vs Jewish State

Gilad Atzmon – TRANSCEND Media Service

14 May 2018 - Zionism promised to make Jews ‘people like all other people.’ The horrific scenes flooding in from Gaza today demonstrate that Zionism failed miserably. The Jewish State is an embarrassment to its original humanist endeavour and to humanity in general. Just today, at least 43 Palestinian protestors have been killed and 2,200 wounded by Israeli troops at the Gaza border.

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A Short Flight to Armageddon: Trump & Netanyahu Bringing Us Closer to End of Times

George Galloway – RT

15 May 2018 - The biblical town of Armageddon is but a few miles as the bullets fly from the site of the latest Gaza massacre which has taken us further down the road to the end of times. Trump tweeted on the morning of the massacre that "This is a big day for Israel, a big day.” For once he was quite accurate. Just not in the way he could possibly have imagined.

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Jerusalem Can Never Be Taken Off the Table

Wasan Abu-Baker | Countercurrents – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 May 2018 - Ben Gurion in 1948 said, “We must do everything to insure the Palestinians never do return. The old will die and the young will forget”. How long will the international community remain silent about the escalating Israeli occupation of Jerusalem, Hebron and the West Bank, and policies of Judaization of Jerusalem, Hebron, and the West Bank? For how long will the confiscation of land, demolition of homes, and the enactment of laws that deprive the Palestinians of their rights and their land continue?

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World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development

René Wadlow – TRANSCEND Media Service

In December 2002, the UN General Assembly declared that 21 May each year should be the World Day for Cultural Diversity, for Dialogue and Development. The Day was created as a response to the destruction of the Buddha statues of Bamiyam in Afghanistan in 2001.

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As UN Approves War Crimes Probe, Human Rights Chief Rips Israel’s “Horrifying” Massacre of Palestinians

Jake Johnson – Common Dreams

18 May 2018 - “Palestinians have exactly the same human rights as Israelis do. They have the same rights to live safely in their homes, in freedom, with adequate and essential services and opportunities. All of the 1.9 million people who live in Gaza have been penned in behind fences and have suffered progressively more restrictions and greater poverty after 11 years of blockade by Israel.”

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The U.S. Army Is Turning to Robot Soldiers

Justin Bachman | Bloomberg – TRANSCEND Media Service

18 May 2018 - From the spears hurled by Romans to the missiles launched by fighter pilots, the weapons humans use to kill each other have always been subject to improvement. Right now, robots are used for reconnaissance and explosives. Soon, they’ll be on the battlefield alongside troops. Then comes the hard part.

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Trump Withdraws U.S. from Iran Nuclear Deal: There Will Be Negative Consequences

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation – TRANSCEND Media Service

The decision to withdraw from the treaty: * Makes it more likely Iran will pursue nuclear weapons. * Makes war between the U.S. and Iran more likely. * Separates the U.S. from its major allies. * Shows U.S. commitments are not reliable. * Further reinforces lack of U.S. leadership in the world. * Will likely have adverse effects on achieving nuclear deal with N. Korea.

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Transforming World Order?

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

20 May 2018 - Review of an important critical study of the deplorable conditions of law and politics in the current global setting. The author grounds his diagnosis and proposals on a philosophical interpretation of this subject-matter, but the radical vision although appealing gives little attention to how such a vision can become a political project, and so this learned text creates an impression of apolitical utopianism.

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Monsanto Loses Indian Legal Battle over GM Cotton Patents

Reuters – TRANSCEND Media Service

11 Apr 2018 - A court ruled today that Monsanto cannot claim patents on its genetically modified cotton seeds in India, the Indian company that brought the case said. More than 90 percent of India’s cotton crop is genetically modified.

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Bred to Suffer: Inside the Barbaric U.S. Industry of Dog Experimentation

Glenn Greenwald and Leighton Akio Woodhouse – The Intercept

17 May 2018 - An investigation into Ridglan Farms shines a light on a largely hidden industry that breeds and cages dogs for the sole purpose of experimentation. This article includes graphic images that some readers may find disturbing.

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Pope Francis Tells Gay Abuse Victim: ‘God Loves You Just the Way You Are’

James Macintyre | Christian Today – TRANSCEND Media Service

21 May 2018 - A victim of clerical sex abuse has said Pope Francis told him God made him gay, that his sexuality 'does not matter' and that God and the pope love him as he is. Juan Carlos Cruz revealed what he said were details of the private conversation he had with Francis last week about the abuse he suffered at the hands of a prominent Chilean priest, Fernando Karadima.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson (25 May 1803 – 27 Apr 1882)

Ann Woodlief | Virginia Commonwealth University – TRANSCEND Media Service

He had become quite famous, a major figure in the American literary landscape, a celebrity which brought both adulation and satire. He had been a profound inspiration for many writers, especially Henry Thoreau and Walt Whitman.

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A Snowflake

Prof. Dietrich Fischer – TRANSCEND Media Service

Randy Kehler, who later became national coordinator of the Nuclear Freeze movement in the United States, was drafted into the Army in the early 1970s to go fight in Vietnam. Like many others, he refused to serve and was sentenced to prison. But unlike many others, he did more than that.

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A Blessing for PEACE

John O' Donohue – TRANSCEND Media Service

As the fever of day calms towards twilight May all that is strained in us come to ease.

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On Communicative Goodness: A Peace Linguist’s View

Francisco Gomes de Matos – TRANSCEND Media Service

The communicative good we can do should help our dignity deeply renew

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(Italiano) Israele, 200 armi nucleari puntate sull’Iran

Manlio Dinucci – Centro Studi Sereno Regis

16 maggio 2018 - La decisione degli Stati uniti di uscire dall’accordo sul nucleare iraniano provoca una situazione di estrema pericolosità non solo per il Medio Oriente. Per capire quali implicazioni abbia tale decisione, presa sotto pressione di Israele che definisce l’accordo «la resa dell’Occidente all’asse del male guidato dall’Iran», si deve partire da un fatto ben preciso: Israele ha la Bomba, non l’Iran.

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(عربى – Arabic) مسيرة العودة الكبرى – غزة ، فلسطين

عزالدين أبو العيش – TRANSCEND Media Service

إن "الصفقة النهائية" هي تحقيق لفكرة الأرض المقدسة، أرض السلام، ومن خلال العمل المشترك يمكن للفلسطينيين والإسرائيليين أن يعيشوا جميعًا على هذه الأرض -أي المسلمين والمسيحيين واليهود -كمواطنين متساوين كونهم جميعًا أديانًا إبراهيمية. ضمدوا الجراح، امسحوا الدموع ولا تنظروا إلى الوراء ولكن انظروا إلى الأمام وتعلموا الدروس

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(Português) Reino Unido manifesta-se a favor da proibição global de testes cosméticos em animais

Fernanda Cotez - ANDA Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais

Debates no Reino Unido sobre testes cosméticos em animais ressaltam a influência britânica na banição mundial dessa crueldade, e políticos demonstram apoio.

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The Purpose of Nonviolent Communication

Sustainable Human | The Center for Nonviolent Communication – TRANSCEND Media Service

Nonviolent Communication is based on the principles of nonviolence-- the natural state of compassion when no violence is present in the heart. People who practice NVC have found greater authenticity in their communication, increased understanding, deepening connection and conflict resolution.

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The Art of War: The B61-12, America’s New “Nuclear Parcel Bomb”

Manlio Dinucci | Pandora TV – TRANSCEND Media Service

8 May 2018 - The new B61-12 nuclear bomb – which the US is preparing to send to Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and other European countries – is now in its final stages of development for a cost of 10 billion dollars for the production of 500 bombs. (This means that each one will cost twice what it would cost if it were built entirely of gold).

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Viðrar vel til loftárása (Music Video of the Week)

Sigur Rós – TRANSCEND Media Service

Depicting a Violent Reaction of Deep Structural/Cultural Homophobia

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Killer Media

Latuff – MintPress News


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Dietrich Fischer – TRANSCEND Media Service

A man did not feel well and went to see his doctor.

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