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Between Three Summits: Brussels, England, Helsinki

#543 | René Wadlow – TRANSCEND Media Service

This TMS issue comes in the middle of three summit conferences of significance: a NATO summit held in Brussels, and two bilateral summits: US-UK and US-Russia.

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Johan Galtung on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Amy Goodman | Envision Peace Museum – TRANSCEND Media Service

Johan Galtung is widely considered the "Father of Peace and Conflict Studies." A Norwegian sociologist and mathematician, Galtung has taught around the world, helped found many institutions dedicated to building peace, and been honored with the Right Livelihood Award. He serves on the advisory board of Envision Peace Museum.

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The Emergence of Global Institutions for the 21st Century

Augusto Lopez-Claros, Arthur Lyon Dahl, and Maja P.C.E. Groff | Global Challenges Foundation – TRANSCEND Media Service

May 2018 - This proposal builds upon structures for international cooperation existing at least since the creation of the UN. We propose revisions to the UN Charter that provide the legal basis for a new system of global governance, supplemented by other reforms not requiring Charter amendment.

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Other Commentaries


List of TMS Supporters – Make Your Pledge

Antonio C. S. Rosa | Editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

Please write to Antonio if you want to make a pledge for next year’s budget (Aug/2018-Jul/2019). This List will be permanently displayed-updated on top left menu, TMS Homepage.

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Starving and Bombed Children of Yemen Seek Entrapment in Flooded Thai Cave

Robert J. Burrowes, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

11 Jul 2018 - While the world watched and waited with bated breath for the outcome of the substantial global effort – involving over 100 cave divers from various countries, 1,000 members of the Thai Army and 10,000 others in various roles – to rescue a team of 12 young football players and their coach, who were trapped inside a flooded cave in Thailand for 17 days, 850,000 children were killed by human adults in other parts of the world, many of them simply starved to death in Yemen or other parts of Africa, Asia and Central/South America.

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NATO’s Crisis and the Transatlantic Conflict (Part 1)

Jan Oberg | The Transnational – TRANSCEND Media Service

10 Jul 2018 - On the occasion of the NATO Summit in Brussels and the Putin-Trump meeting in Helsinki. This analysis comes in two parts – one critical and one constructive: This one on “NATO’s crisis and the Transatlantic conflict” and the second on “Make NATO civilian and civilised.”

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Make NATO Civilian and Civilised (Part 2)

Jan Oberg | The Transnational – TRANSCEND Media Service

This is the second of two articles about the coming end of NATO as we know it and what can be done.

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Are the 13 Demands to Qatar a ‘Geopolitical Crime’?

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

11 Jul 2018 - Assessing the international relations and international law Gulf Crisis that was initiated by a coalition of four countries, issuing a set of 13 demands directed at the government of Qatar. This essay evaluates whether the confrontation should be treated as a ‘Geopolitical Crime,” itself an innovative and controversial idea that I developed in a lecture at Queen Mary’s University in London at the end of March, 2018.

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Oslo: A Peace Proposal or a “Time Out” Till the “Full Victory” of Israel?

Walid Salem – TRANSCEND Media Service

7 Jul 2018 - These plans show clearly that Israel thinks and behaves on the basis that its task in Palestine is already or almost finished by transforming it to the “Land of Israel” and ending the Palestinian effective resistance. For them it is a matter of time to create Jewish Majority in Palestine in one hand and to expand to the Arab Countries in the other, territorially and economically, by using also the Iranian claimed threat to these countries as a way to pull them towards cooperating with Israel.

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“Not Enough!”

Uri Avnery | Gush Shalom – TRANSCEND Media Service

14 Jul 2018 - The State of Israel has no oil wells. It has no gold mines. What has it got? It has the ownership of the remembrance of the Holocaust.

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Tribute to Robert Parry: Investigative Journalist and Patriot

Rick Sterling – TRANSCEND Media Service

10 Jul 2018 - Although Robert Parry never became personally famous, many readers will recall news stories he played a key role in bringing to public consciousness. He uncovered the “Iran-Contra scandal” where the US secretly sold weapons to Iran via Israel with profits supporting mercenary “Contras” attacking the Nicaraguan government. He uncovered Lt. Col. Oliver North secretly working at the Reagan White House to supervise support for the Contras. He exposed CIA collusion with criminals sending weapons to the Contras and receiving tons of cocaine on return flights from Colombia and Central America.

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New World Order of Walk-away Wheeling and Dealing

Anthony Judge | Laetus in Praesens – TRANSCEND Media Service

Creating Strategic Dependency and Vulnerability through Confidence Tricks - Produced on the occasion of the NATO Summit (Brussels, 11-12 July 2018)

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Bridging India’s Skill Gap

Moin Qazi – TRANSCEND Media Service

Globalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution have increased the pace of change in labour markets, putting a premium on right skills and adaptability. Public policies should now shift to empowering and enabling workers to cope with transition, via income support, and also support incentives and opportunities for deskilling and upgrading skills.

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What Is Cooking?

Dr. Ravi Bhatia – TRANSCEND Media Service

Cooking for food, cooking for peace, cooking for friendship.

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Security Council Hails ‘Historic and Significant’ Joint Peace Declaration by Ethiopia and Eritrea

UN News – TRANSCEND Media Service

10 Jul 2018 - The United Nations Security Council today described the Joint Declaration, signed by the leaders of Eritrea and Ethiopia, as “a historic and significant” move with “far-reaching consequences” for the whole Horn of Africa region and beyond.

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In Thailand, the Kids Are All Right. Elsewhere, Not So Much

Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan – Democracy NOW!

12 Jul 2018 - In Thailand, the saga of 12 young soccer players and their coach successful rescue was a cause for global celebration. Juxtapose this outpouring of compassion and solidarity with the catastrophe facing millions of children in Yemen, and the ongoing debacle created here in the US by Trump with the forced separation of migrant children from their parents.

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America Bombs, Europe Gets the Refugees

Eric Zuesse | Strategic Culture Foundation – TRANSCEND Media Service

9 Jul 2018 - The US Government (with France and a few other US allies) bombs Libya, Syria, etc.; and the US regime refuses to accept any of the resulting refugees — the burdens from which are now breaking the EU, and the EU is sinking in economic competition against America’s international corporations.

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Blindness, End of Cycle, New Courses

Opinion Sur | Editorial – TRANSCEND Media Service

12 July, 2018 - Neoliberal domination is approaching the limits of its reproduction. So much has been destroyed with the impious concentration of wealth and decisions that the peoples of the world and the Planet can stand no more. Inequality, poverty, indigence, environmental destruction lead to the implosion of the model of society and world that has been imposed on us.

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The Con of Diversity

Chris Hedges – Truthdig

8 Jul 2018 - Racial diversity in the hands of the ruling elites—political and corporate—is a tool for preserving white privilege, wealth and power.

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Trial Runs for Fascism Are in Full Flow

Fintan O'Toole – Irish Times

Babies in cages were no ‘mistake’ by Trump but test-marketing for barbarism. People have to be given the taste for savagery. Fascism does this by building up the sense of threat from a despised out-group.

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I Was Robert Mueller’s Undergraduate Thesis Adviser—and What He Wrote Gives Some Hints about What He’ll Do as Special Counsel

Richard Falk – TRANSCEND Media Service

14 Jul 2018 - Rereading Robert Mueller's Princeton thesis 52 years later with an eye as to how he will perform as Trump's inquisitor. What makes Mueller’s thesis relevant for today is that the core of his inquiry is how a judge should interpret a legal document.

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Protests Erupting around US RIMPAC War Games Off of Hawaii

Jon Olsen | Tikkun – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 Jul 2018 - Hawaiians Are Protesting the RIMPAC War Games and the Continued US Military Occupation of the Kingdom of Hawaii - The RIMPAC war games are igniting protests in Hawaii and once again reminding people that Hawaii is stolen land, a nation taken over illegally and made part of the United States.

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Australia: The Hidden History of the Women Who Rose Up

John Pilger – TRANSCEND Media Service

10 Jul 2018 - John Pilger gave this address on the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Parramatta Female Factory, a prison where women convicts from mostly Ireland and England were sent in the early 19th century. Like all colonial societies, Australia has secrets. For a long time, the fact that many Australians came from what was called ‘bad stock’ was a secret.

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Time for Int’l Community to Come Forward for Rohingyas

Prothom Alo [Bangladesh] – TRANSCEND Media Service

13 Jul 2018 - The military junta in Myanmar has not only snatched away the citizenship of the Rohingyas in the country’s Rakhine state, but has been perpetuating killing and torture against them for the past four decades. The United Nations and other international institutions have been totally ineffective in addressing the problem, raising questions of their complicity. Bangladesh, however, has displayed a positive moral stance by providing the Rohingyas with shelter.

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Rohingya Cannot Become ‘Forgotten Victims,’ Says UN Chief Urging World to Step Up Support

UN News – TRANSCEND Media Service

Painting a grim picture of villages being burned to the ground and other “bone-chilling” accounts he heard from Rohingya refugees who fled violence in Myanmar, the UN chief has called on the world to answer their calls for help with real action.

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Europe’s Iron Curtain: The Refugee Crisis Is about to Worsen

Ramzy Baroud | Politics for the People – TRANSCEND Media Service

11 Jul 2018 - A recent European Council summit in Brussels was meant to articulate a united policy on the burgeoning refugees and migrant crisis. Instead, it served to highlight the bitter divisions among various European countries. Considering the gravity of the matter, Europe’s self-serving policies are set to worsen an already tragic situation.

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Puerto Rico: Disaster Colonialism Strikes Again

Judith Mirkinson | Haiti Action Committee – TRANSCEND Media Service

Disaster capitalism? Shock Doctrine? Whatever you want to call it. For Haiti, it was the 2010 earthquake. For Puerto Rico, it’s the recent 2017 mega-hurricane Maria… The lessons already learned by the popular movements in both places will be invaluable. The resistance and organization of the Puerto Rican and Haitian people—and the solidarity that they receive—will have a great impact on the outcome.

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Argentina: Over 60 Social Movements Protest US ‘Military Base’

teleSUR – TRANSCEND Media Service

12 Jul 2018 - In Argentina, political parties, social organizations, human rights groups, workers’ unions and Mapuches led a caravan to the site where a U.S. base will be built to demand respect for Argentina's territorial sovereignty. “The base comes to fulfill a strategic intelligence objective of the U.S. military that seeks to protect their corporate interests.

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The Gaza Blockade Is Illegal– And So Is the Use of Force to Maintain It

Norman G. Finkelstein | Mondoweiss – TRANSCEND Media Service

7 Jul 2018 - Is it not a tad unseemly, not to say unsettling, for the representative of a respected human rights organization [Human Rights Watch] to coach Israel how to stay within the letter of the law—before resorting to bullets, you must first try “tear gas, skunk water, and rubber-coated steel pellets”—while it’s herding two million people, half of them children, in an unlivable space in which they are slowly being poisoned?

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Bulldozing Palestine, One Village at a Time

Mariam Barghouti – Al Jazeera

10 Jul 2018 - Israel wants the village of Khan al-Ahmar razed to the ground to cut off Jerusalem from the West Bank. We will continue to stand with their residents because their resistance is part of the greater struggle against the entire framework of Israel's brutal settler-colonialism.

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BDS Victory: Ireland Approves Bill Boycotting Israeli Settlement Goods

teleSUR – TRANSCEND Media Service

Ireland becomes the first country to ban trade with Israel's illegal settlements.

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Trump Beats Up NATO Members in American Protection Racket

Finian Cunningham - RT

13 Jul 2018 - The capo-in-chief flew into Brussels beating up on other NATO members with a combination of blackmail and extortion. Trump wants the others to cough up more dough for the “protection” provided to them by the US. The American leader is the linchpin of a racket that ultimately screws the ordinary citizens of Europe and the US.

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As Eight Guantánamo Detainees Ask for Freedom, the Trump Administration Says It Could Hold Them for 100 Years

Shilpa Jindia – The Intercept

12 Jul 2018 - The men have been at Guantánamo up to 16 years with no trial or charges, and lawyers say the war on terror justification for their detention has expired.

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Professor Tariq Ramadan: Detention without Trial

Elma Berisha – TRANSCEND Media Service

14 Jul 2018 - When Tariq Ramadan, the respected Oxford Professor of Islamic Studies, voluntarily flew from London to Paris to be questioned over rape allegations, which he vehemently denied and for which evidence is yet nowhere to be found, he must have been confident he was not walking in through the iron gates of an Al-Shabab court somewhere in Africa.

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Genocide Hoax Tests Ethics of Academic Publishing

Reuben Rose-Redwood – The Conversation

2 Jul 2018 - When the Third World Quarterly published Bruce Gilley’s “The Case for Colonialism” last fall, it sparked outrage within the scholarly community. Not only did the article proclaim that colonialism was “beneficial” to the colonized, but it also advocated for the recolonization of former colonies by the Western powers. In response, two petitions garnered over 18,000 signatures calling for the article’s retraction.

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Ducking Hell: The Shocking Video Revealing How We Farm Ducks in Australia

Chris Graham – New Matilda

Shocking footage of duck farming in Australia has emerged showing day-old ducklings being dropped into an industrial shredder, adult ducks being kicked and thrown around a barn by workers, and ducks which should have been stunned before slaughter hanging by their feet on a conveyor belt while they bleed to death after having their throats slit.

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“Mysteries of the Sacred Universe” Seminar in New York

Prishni Shutton | ISKCON News – TRANSCEND Media Service

29 Jun 2018 - Murali Gopal Das presented a lively seminar at New York City’s Bhakti Center titled “Mysteries of the Sacred Universe.” Murali holds a Ph.D. in physics from Ohio University, has served an internship at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, completed his post-doctoral studies at Columbia University, and has taught Sanskrit at the University of Florida. As a member of the Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies, he develops courses on Bhakti and Science, including Vedic concepts of cosmography, consciousness, and physics.

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How to Grow Old: Bertrand Russell on What Makes a Fulfilling Life

Maria Popova | Brain Pickings – TRANSCEND Media Service

“Make your interests gradually wider and more impersonal, until bit by bit the walls of the ego recede, and your life becomes increasingly merged in the universal life.”

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Nelson Mandela (18 Jul 1918 – 5 Dec 2013)

Biography – TRANSCEND Media Service

Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa in 1994, serving until 1999. A symbol of global peacemaking, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

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Frantz Fanon (20 Jul 1925 – 6 Dec 1961)

Jennifer Poulos | Emory Postcolonial Studies – TRANSCEND Media Service

Frantz Omar Fanon was a Martinique-born French psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary, and writer whose works are influential in the fields of post-colonial studies, critical theory, and Marxism. As an intellectual, Fanon was a political radical, and an existentialist humanist concerning the psychopathology of colonization, and the human, social, and cultural consequences of decolonization.

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Buckminster Fuller (12 Jul 1895 – 1 Jul 1983): A World View on Doing More with Less

René Wadlow – TRANSCEND Media Service

As all the male members of his family, he began university at Harvard but was expelled twice, being more interested in women than in diplomas. He never received a university degree but was self-taught in design, mathematics and architecture. He brought all his ideas together in what he called "The Law of Progressive Order." Today, he is best known for his geodesic domes.

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Maureen Korp – TRANSCEND Media Service

Seeing something there a glint, quick light rippling in the tide

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“I don’t know why” Says a Rohingya

Dr. Abid Bahar – TRANSCEND Media Service

“I don’t know why” says a Rohingya. But I thought I didn’t know the answer to why But I know, I know why, I know why and why

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(Castellano) Los Niños Hambrientos Y Bombardeados De Yemen Desearían Estar Atrapados En Una Cueva Tailandesa Inundada

Robert Burrowes - Pressenza Int’l Press Agency

13 Jul 2018 - ¿Estoy contento de que los 12 niños y su entrenador hayan sido rescatados en Tailandia? Por supuesto que lo estoy. Desearía que se hiciera un esfuerzo equivalente para rescatar a cada uno de los 50.000 niños que mataremos hoy, mañana, pasado mañana y tras pasado mañana…

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(Português) Leonardo DiCaprio junta-se à Sea Shepherd na produção de documentário sobre mamífero marinho mais ameaçado do mundo

Paula Borim - ANDA Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais

As vaquitas são animais marinhos semelhantes ao boto, e atualmente restam apenas 30 delas no planeta.

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(Castellano) Una amenaza, la autodestrucción, y los peligros para la paz

Leonardo Boff – TRANSCEND Media Service

12 Jul 2018 - Existe una percepción general de que la situación de la humanidad no es buena, pues hay una acumulación de riqueza absurda en pocas manos dentro de un mar de miseria y de hambre… Lo que se está haciendo en Europa contra los refugiados, rechazando su presencia en Italia y en Inglaterra, y peor, en Hungría y en la catoliquísima Polonia, alcanza niveles de inhumanidad.

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(Português) Esforço compartilhado por toda a sociedade: hipocrisia e ignomínia

Roberto Sansón Mizrahi | Opinion Sur – TRANSCEND Media Service

12 julho 2018 - Diante de situações de crise que setores dominantes geraram ou, quando menos, gravemente agigantaram, suas representações políticas convocam com hipocrisia e ignomínia a que a sociedade toda compartilha o esforço de recuperação e desenvolvimento. Enquanto pedem ao povo que aceite os sacrifícios para gerar em conjunto um futuro venturoso, seguem fugindo capitais para guaridas fiscais e impõem planos de resgate e políticas econômicas e culturais que protegem seus privilégios e negócios.

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(Português) Não Tenho Necessidade de Alimentar-me de Animais

David Arioch | Jornalismo Cultural – TRANSCEND Media Service

1 jul 2018 - Pratico musculação há anos e reconheço que não tenho necessidade de me alimentar de animais e também não tenho necessidade de usar esteroides.

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(Italiano) Ventimiglia città aperta. manifestazione internazionale secondo alcuni ValdAostani

Silvia Berruto – TRANSCEND Media Service

16 luglio 2018 - Per il riconoscimento della mobilità come diritto inalienabile e “per rivendicare la necessità di un permesso di soggiorno europeo. Per ripensare l’attuale sistema della così detta “accoglienza”. Una mobilitazione contro la tratta e le violenze di genere, contro lo sfruttamento delle persone migranti, per la loro libertà e autodeterminazione.

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A Quest for Truth with Investigative Journalist Seymour M. Hersh: The State of American Journalism

Chris Hedges - RT

30 Jun 2018 - In a conversation with Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter who broke several "seismic" stories throughout his career, reporting on U.S. involvement in Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile and Iraq, Chris Hedges wonders if the era of great journalism that Hersh embodies has passed.

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Somewhere in Time (Music Video of the Week)

Maksim – TRANSCEND Media Service

Maksim - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Julian Kershaw | Somewhere in Time -The Old Woman

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Meanwhile, Boys in the USA

Pia Guerra | THE NIB – TRANSCEND Media Service

Not an Accident of Nature...

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Between Us, Philosophers…

Dan Piraro | Bizarro – TRANSCEND Media Service

Pure Wisdom

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