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Peace Journalism Perspective


Prof. Johan Galtung

History: Epochs or Trends–Medieval Spain

#469 | Johan Galtung – TRANSCEND Media Service

Visions of the Past for Constructing a Future: Historiography of Spain - History unfolds over or in time, the basic variable, the X axis. The events are points. The trends are curves of any shape, not necessarily continuous, could also be "jumpy". And the permanents are horizontal lines set at a certain value. Points, curves, lines; with texts indicative of highly complex proactio-actio-reactio relations.

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We Do Need Your Contribution to Keep Delivering Our Peace Journalism to Your Inbox Weekly

Antonio C. S. Rosa | Editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

“TRANSCEND Media Service is the most characterful compilation of true peace journalism from around the world – critical, sustainable, constructive, reliable, on-point, and full of ideas and alternatives of how to make this world a better place, giving us hope and empowerment in the processes.” -- Benno Malte Fuchs, Master of Advanced Studies in Peace and Conflict Transformation

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Other Commentaries


An Open Letter to Trump and Putin: The World Needs Nuclear Zero

David Krieger | Nuclear Age Peace Foundation – The Hill

16 Feb 2017 - As the leaders of the USA and Russia, the two countries with the largest nuclear arsenals, you have the grave responsibility of assuring that nuclear weapons are not used — or their use overtly threatened — during your period of leadership. We, the undersigned, implore you to commence negotiations to reduce the dangers of a nuclear war, by mistake or malice, and immediately commit your respective governments to the realizable objective of a nuclear weapons-free world.

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Disqualify “The White Helmets” for an Oscar

Paul Larudee | Syria Solidarity Movement – TRANSCEND Media Service

The Syria Solidarity Movement® advises disqualification of the film “The White Helmets” for a 2017 Academy Award. It has been nominated in the category of Short Documentary. The problems with this film:

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Israel Legalizes Settlement Options as a Prelude to the Netanyahu Visit to Trumpland

Richard Falk | Social Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

13 Feb 2017 - Responses to four questions posed by Rodrigo Craveiro, a journalist from the Brazilian newspaper Correio Braziliense.

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How to Save the World from Fascism and Meet Human Needs in Harmony with Nature

Prof. Howard Richards – TRANSCEND Media Service

President Franklin Roosevelt had declared that America was fighting for the Four Freedoms: speech, worship, from want, and from fear. Jack wrote home that the U.S. troops in Europe were called “The Four Freedoms Boys.” First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt would soon play a leading role in drafting a Universal Declaration of Human Rights that would establish social rights to education, health care, employment, and social security in old age.

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Trump and the Deep State

John Scales Avery – TRANSCEND Media Service

18 Feb 2017 - In his book, The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government, Mike Lofgren called attention to the fact that much of the real power in Washington is not controlled by the President and members of Congress, but is in the hands of multi-billion-dollar organizations that are not only huge, but also unelected and secret, for example the CIA, NSA and FBI.

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Paradoxes of Wilber’s Appreciation of the Trump Challenge

Anthony Judge | Laetus in Praesens – TRANSCEND Media Service

Reframing Integral Possibilities for the Future - Given that a case is rapidly building against the incapacity of Trump, the following argument is topical. With respect to the perspective of Ken Wilber, it is framed by earlier consideration with regard to integral futures.

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How Did It Start?

Uri Avnery | Gush Shalom – TRANSCEND Media Service

18 Feb 2017 - So how the hell did it all start? I have seen this many times. Every serious debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict raises the question: "When did it start?" Each side has its own date, proving that the other side started it.

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CIA Espionage Orders for the 2012 French Presidential Election (in English and in French)

WikiLeaks – TRANSCEND Media Service

16 February, 2017 - All major French political parties were targeted for infiltration by the CIA's human ("HUMINT") and electronic ("SIGINT") spies in the seven months leading up to France's 2012 presidential election. The revelations are contained within three CIA tasking orders published today by WikiLeaks as context for its forth coming CIA Vault 7 series.

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Standing Rock and the Struggle Ahead

Julian Brave NoiseCat – Jacobin Magazine

14 Feb 2017 - Last week, following President Donald Trump’s executive memo, the Army Corps of Engineers granted Dakota Access an easement to drill under the Missouri River just north of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota… The indigenous movement is integral to the future of the planet and a winning left.

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Indigenous Peoples Lands Guard 80 Per Cent of World’s Biodiversity

Baher Kamal – Inter Press Service-IPS

9 Feb 2017 - They are more than 370 million self-identified peoples in some 70 countries around the world. In Latin America alone there are over 400 groups, each with a distinct language and culture, though the biggest concentration is in Asia and the Pacific– with an estimated 70 per cent. And their traditional lands guard over 80 per cent of the planet’s biodiversity.

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Chelsea Manning: To Those Who Kept Me Alive All These Years, Thank You

Chelsea E Manning – The Guardian

13 Feb 2017 - When I was afraid, you taught me how to keep going. When I was lost, you showed me the way. To those who have kept me alive for the past six years: minutes after President Obama announced the commutation of my sentence, the prison quickly moved me out of general population and into the restrictive housing unit where I am now held.

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Not So Innocent

David S. Foglesong | London Review of Books – TRANSCEND Media Service

Trump and Putin have an important opportunity to work together against international terrorism, nuclear proliferation, drug trafficking and other threats. That chance may be missed if journalists and politicians persist in vilifying Putin and harassing Trump with charges that he is Putin’s puppet.

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Worst Joke Ever? U.S. Spy Chief Gives Saudi Prince Highest Award for “Fighting Terrorism”

Mike Whitney - CounterPunch

On Friday [10 Feb 2017], the Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, used his first trip abroad to present Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef with the CIA’s highest award for fighting terrorism, the George Tenet Medal… One thing is certain, you’re not going to win the war on terror by handing out medals to the prime suspects.

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Congress Says, Let the Mentally Ill Buy Guns

The New York Times | Editorial – TRANSCEND Media Service

16 Feb 2017 - For all their dysfunction, the Republican Senate and House have managed to act with lightning speed in striking down a sensible Obama administration rule designed to stop people with severe mental problems from buying guns. They did the gun lobby’s bidding in passing a regressive measure that President Trump is expected to sign.

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Why Do So Many Americans Fear Muslims? Decades of Denial about America’s Role in the World

Jon Schwarz – The Intercept

What surprises me about the poll results isn’t that lots of Americans like the ban — but that so many Americans don’t. Regular people have lives to lead and can’t investigate complicated issues in detail. Instead they usually take their cues from leaders they trust. And given what politicians across U.S. political spectrum say about terrorism, Trump’s executive order makes perfect sense. There are literally no national-level American politicians telling a story that would help ordinary people understand why Trump’s goals are both horrendously counterproductive and morally vile.

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New US Administration Finds Political Foundation in Creaky Culture Theory

Terence McNamee – Sunday Times

15 Feb 2017 - Twenty-five years have passed since Samuel Huntington first hypothesised a world torn asunder by clashing civilisations. After a lengthy sabbatical, the late Harvard political scientist is back in favour at the White House. President Donald Trump’s closest advisers are big fans. Prominent in the 1990s and resurrected after 9/11, academic’s predictions have returned.

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A Short History of the Trump Family

Sidney Blumenthal | London Review of Books – TRANSCEND Media Service

Reckoning with Trump means descending into the place that made him. What he represents, above all, is the triumph of an underworld of predators, hustlers, mobsters, clubhouse politicians and tabloid sleaze that festered in a corner of New York City.

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Regional Actors Should Take a Stand against Myanmar

Priyamvada Gopal – Al Jazeera

15 Feb 2017 - Even by the standards of a region that has seen more than its fair share of xenophobic violence, forced migrations and displacements, the grim plight of the Rohingya of Myanmar stands out as an abomination of the worst sort. India and other South Asian nations should be unambiguous in their condemnation of Myanmar.

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Terrorist Political Leadership

Saad Rasool – The Nation {Pakistan}

19 Feb 2017 - This week, the State and people of Pakistan have experienced one of the deadliest surges in extremism, over the recent years. But even as the hapless people of Pakistan are victims of this terrorism, it must be asked: is the State of Pakistan, and its leadership, a victim or a culprit?

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China, the Party-Corporate Complex

Yi-Zheng Lian – The New York Times

In Dec 2016, 15 years after China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, the European Union, the United States and Japan formally refused to grant Beijing the coveted label, denying it important concessions on tariffs and other trade restrictions. This is partly a response to economic distortions caused by government intervention.

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The Plight of India’s Small Farmers

Moin Qazi – TRANSCEND Media Service

The Green Revolution in the 1970s relied on high-yielding seeds, irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides to increase agricultural productivity, but took a heavy toll on the land and water resources of the country, reducing long-term productivity levels.

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Israel Wants Settlements, Not Peace

Rami Hamdallah – Al Jazeera

With each new settlement, the prospect of peace and the formation of a Palestinian state become even more unattainable. Israel is above international law, or so it seems. On Dec 23, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 2334, re-affirming the illegality of Israeli settlements.

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How Factionalism Is Killing the Palestinian Struggle

Mariam Barghouti – Al Jazeera

19 Feb 2017 - In the first month of 2017, Gazans hit the streets to protest against the daily electricity cuts in the strip. Political leaders seized the opportunity to blame each other, turning it into a Hamas v Fatah debate. Factions have not only monopolised Palestinian politics but have also suffocated the youthful spirit of the struggle.

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Israel’s Vision for the Future Is Terrifying – Doublespeak Abolished

Ramzy Baroud | Politics for the People – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 Feb 2017 - Empirical historical evidence combined with little common-sense are enough to tell us the type of future options that Israel has in store for the Palestinian people: perpetual apartheid or ethnic cleansing, or a mix of both.

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US and Israel Join Forces to Bury Palestinian Statehood

Daoud Kuttab – Al Jazeera

17 Feb 2017 - Thanks to the lovefest between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump, ignoring the Palestinian national leadership seems to be back on the front burner. They are trying to push a more blatant and legalised form of apartheid on the Palestinian people.

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It’s Too Late to Stop the Senseless Capture of Palestinian Land

Sarah Helm – The Guardian

Spineless world leaders have failed to implement international law, stopping the expansion of Israeli settlements.

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Amnesty International’s Kangaroo Report on Syria

Rick Sterling – teleSUR

The report's conclusions are not based on primary sources, material evidence or their own staff; they are solely based on the claims of anonymous individuals.

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This Is What Imperialism Does to Men

Ernesto Che Guevara – TRANSCEND Media Service

11 Dec 1964, 19th UN General Assembly, New York - We would like to see this Assembly shake itself out of complacency and move forward. We would like to see the committees begin their work and not stop at the first confrontation. Imperialism wants to turn this meeting into a pointless oratorical tournament, instead of solving the serious problems of the world. We must prevent it from doing so. This session of the Assembly should not be remembered in the future solely by the number 19 that identifies it. Our efforts are directed to that end.

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Sea Ice around Antarctica Hits Record Low, Preliminary U.S. Data Show

Alister Doyle | Reuters – TRANSCEND Media Service

Sea ice around Antarctica has shrunk to the smallest annual extent on record, preliminary U.S. satellite data showed on Tuesday [14 Feb 2017]. In many recent years, the average extent of sea ice around Antarctica has tended to expand despite the overall trend of global warming. People skeptical of findings by climate scientists have often pointed to Antarctic sea ice as evidence against global warming.

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The Globalization of Environmental Degradation

George Abert and Paul Craig Roberts – TRANSCEND Media Service

13 Feb 2017 - Figuratively speaking, a ginormous asteroid is hurtling to a cataclysmic rendezvous with earth, but we are not supposed to notice. The asteroid is the rising threat from environmental degradation. Evidence is accumulating that environmental degradation is becoming global. We can either act responsibly by accepting the challenge or take refuge in denial and risk the consequences.

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Trump Administration Sued for Suspending Protections for Endangered Bumble Bee

Natural Resources Defense Council | EcoWatch – TRANSCEND Media Service

The Natural Resources Defense Council sued the Trump administration Tuesday [14 Feb 2017] for illegally suspending the rule to put the rusty patched bumble bee on the endangered species list. It has lost approximately 90 percent of its range in the past 20 years and is the first bumble bee ever listed under the Endangered Species Act.

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Fukushima: Still Getting Worse After Six Years of Meltdowns

William Boardman - Reader Supported News

After a week of limited coverage of “unimaginable levels” of radiation inside the remains of collapsed Unit 2 at Fukushima, reported Feb 11, 2017 that radiation levels are actually significantly higher than “unimaginable.”

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The Cognitive Bias President Trump Understands Better Than You

Emily Dreyfuss | Wired – TRANSCEND Media Service

The aberrant occurrence is the story you’ll read and the picture you’ll see. It’s news because it’s new. The problem here is not just that this singling out creates a distorted version of what’s really happening. It’s that the human psyche is predisposed to take an aberration and conflate it with the norm. This cognitive bias itself isn’t new. But in a media environment driven by clicks, where politicians can bypass journalistic filters entirely to deliver themselves straight to citizens, it’s newly exploitable.

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Washington Rules Change, Again

Jomo Kwame Sundaram – Inter Press Service-IPS

16 Feb 2017 - Over the last four decades, the Washington Consensus, promoting economic liberalization, globalization and privatization, reversed four decades of active state intervention… More than ever, it will be crucial for developing countries to work together, not only to ensure that South-South and ‘triangular’ (with the North) cooperation represents a progressive alternative to the Washington Consensus and its national chauvinist successors. Such solidarity will determine how well the South — and the world as a whole — will fare during the coming eclipse.

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Corruption Brings Down an Empire: Odebrecht in Brazil

Mario Osava | Human Wrongs Watch – TRANSCEND Media Service

6 Feb 2017 – The business empire built by three generations of the Odebrecht family is falling apart after three years of investigation by the Lava Jato (car wash) operation launched by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s office. People in Brazil have been overwhelmed by the flood of news stories about the huge web of corruption woven by the country’s biggest construction company that is active in dozens of fields and countries.

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China and Trumpism: The Political Contradictions of Global Capitalism

William I. Robinson - teleSUR

14 Feb 2017 - When China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, warned last December that a U.S. trade war against China would result in disaster for the United States, it was no idle threat. As U.S. hegemony declines and Chinese hegemony possibly rises, it is clear that the political scaffolding of world capitalism is hopelessly outdated.

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U.S. Imperial War Personified

Ron Jacobs – CounterPunch

17 Feb 2017 - Modern warfare is both extremely personal and robotically impersonal. Those who profit from the warfare go about the business of developing ever more murderous weaponry often designed to create even more distance between the killer and the killed; the general and the soldier.

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How the US Began Its Empire

Jackson Lears | The New York Review of Books – TRANSCEND Media Service

The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire by Stephen Kinzer, Henry Holt & Co, Jan 2017 - The recovery of civic virtue and the clarification of national interest are urgently necessary goals, and the only way we can hope to achieve them is by reviving the debate over American empire.

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A Response to a Radio Interview with Two Academic Psychiatrists

Gary G. Kohls, MD | Duty to Warn – TRANSCEND Media Service

Tom, at the end of the radio program this morning, many of your listeners will surely have come to the mistaken conclusion that the solution to the vast problem of pervasive adolescent female sadness isn’t to logically address the obvious potentially preventable causes of mental ill health. I got the impression that the solution was to get them seem by a prescribing psychiatrist and “get them treated with drugs!”

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Big Pharma Really, Really Doesn’t Want You to Know the True Value of Its Drugs

David Lazarus – Los Angeles Times

17 Feb 2017 - The latest poster child for cruel and inhuman drug pricing is Kaleo Pharma, maker of an emergency injector for a med called naloxone, which is used as an antidote to save the lives of people who overdose on painkillers.

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Operation Milagro III Update: Day of the Dead Dolphins

Sea Shepherd – TRANSCEND Media Service

18 Feb 2017 - February 11th, three days before the international World Love for Dolphin’s Day, Sea Shepherd discovered 14 dolphin corpses floating in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. At least two of them showed signs of a violent death, with net marks on their bodies, stab wounds or fins crudely cut off in order for the fisherman to remove them quickly from their nets.

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The Man Who Let India Out of the Closet

Aatish Taseer – The New York Times

16 Feb 2017 — The most ubiquitous man in Bollywood is under tremendous pressure to utter three simple words: “I am gay.” If these three words have acquired the force of absolution, it is because Karan Johar is by miles the most famous Indian ever to almost be openly gay.

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga – TRANSCEND Media Service

Feb 20-26 ~ QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again.” – Bikram Choudhury

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Mystery Messages Engraved into Scotland’s Rocks up to 5,000 Years Ago Might Soon Be Unveiled Using 3D Scans

The Vintage News – TRANSCEND Media Service

Recently, a new project has launched an attempt to finally solve the mysteries of prehistoric stone carvings. Using 3D scanning to record and examine more than 2,000 carvings around the country, specialists are creating a new digital database of the mysterious etchings.

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GHA 12th Anniversary: Spherons of Global Peace and their Science

Leo Semashko – TRANSCEND Media Service

Looking back on the 12-year history of the Global Harmony Association, we ask ourselves: What is our main result? For 12 years we have created eight books and more than 50 projects of global peace from harmony.

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Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin (22 Feb or 1 Mar 1810 – 17 Oct 1849)

Barbara Smolenska-Zielinska – TRANSCEND Media Service

The musical talent of Fryderyk became apparent extremely early on, and it was compared with the childhood genius of Mozart. Already at the age of 7, Chopin was the author of two polonaises.

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The Banality of Evil: Hannah Arendt on the Normalization of Human Wickedness and Our Only Effective Antidote to It

Maria Popova | Brain Pickings – TRANSCEND Media Service

“Under conditions of terror most people will comply but some people will not… No more is required, and no more can reasonably be asked, for this planet to remain a place fit for human habitation.”

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The World Will Be Saved by Beauty and Art

Adolf P. Shvedchikov – TRANSCEND Media Service

In this cruel life where coexists Heavenly love and dreadful death,

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(Italiano) Democrazia in evoluzione

Johan Galtung | Centro Studi Sereno Regis – TRANSCEND Media Service

Immaginiamo un popolo che dia per scontato che ci siano due, solo due, versanti a qualunque contesa; uno giusto, uno sbagliato; ove non ci sia compromesso, la si giochi a duello, e chi vince ne decide il risultato. Questo copione controlla la gente. Potere al popolo, suona bene, ma che genere di popolo?

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(Português) Brasil: Globo e Folha sofrem censura de Temer e juiz, e apagam reportagens. Nós publicamos o que foi proibido.

The Intercept – TRANSCEND Media Service

Em Defesa de Uma Imprensa Livre sem a Censura do Estado - Como um dos objetivos da criação do The Intercept era defender e apoiar a liberdade de imprensa em todo o mundo, estamos publicando os materiais censurados para que possam ser analisados pelo público.

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(Français) Les risques du libre-échange

Elisabeth Beague | Investig’Action – TRANSCEND Media Service

Les accords de libre-échange (TTIP, CETA, TISA et tous les autres accords bilatéraux et multilatéraux sur le commerce et les investissements), concoctés « discrètement » depuis 2013 et largement contestés ces derniers temps, sont-ils compatibles avec les mesures ratifiées dans le Traité de Lisbonne par les pays constituant l’Union Européenne ? Il semble bien que non. Car, quoi que l’on pense de ce Traité de Lisbonne (qui a été signé de façon parfaitement antidémocratique), celui-ci reconnaît pourtant explicitement le principe de précaution.

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(Português) Defender os animais de maus-tratos é humano

Iara M.E. Marubayashi | Novo Momento – TRANSCEND Media Service

13 fevereiro 2017 - Recentemente houve ataques às pessoas que se indignaram e protestaram contra os maus-tratos a um cão, revelados por um vídeo que a produção diz ter sido manipulado, do filme 'Quatro vidas de um cachorro'.

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(Italiano) Dal mito della scienza oggettiva alla costruzione di una scienza nonviolenta

Elena Camino – Centro Studi Sereno Regis

8 febbraio 2017 - Questo testo riprende quanto ho esposto in una breve presentazione il 4 febbraio 2017, in occasione del Convegno “Gli occhiali di Nanni”. La mia presentazione si è basata in prevalenza su citazioni di scritti di Nanni Salio, selezionati in base a ricordi personali di una collaborazione con lui che è durata alcuni decenni.

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(Italiano) Continuando sulla strada di Nanni Salio: la nonviolenza di fronte alle sfide del nostro tempo

Angela Dogliotti – Centro Studi Sereno Regis

Quale nonviolenza? Nanni proponeva uno schema interpretativo aperto sulla nonviolenza, che cerca di tenere insieme diverse modalità e livelli in cui una cultura della nonviolenza si può manifestare:

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(Italiano) Seminare il futuro, seminare la libertà – un seme per volta

Prof. Vandana Shiva – Centro Studi Sereno Regis – TRANSCEND Media Service

L’umanità si trova di fronte a un bivio della sua evoluzione. Possiamo scegliere la via dell’”Unità” (“Oneness”), consapevoli del nostro essere parte di Un Pianeta, di Una Umanità, e vivere celebrando le nostre molte diversità, interconnesse attraverso legami di compassione, interdipendenza, solidarietà. O...

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(Italiano) Lettera a Nanni Salio

Enrico Peyretti – Centro Studi Sereno Regis

Caro Nanni, so che in qualche modo ti posso parlare, che queste modeste parole rivolte a te non sono una finzione. Quando festeggiammo gli 80 anni di Galtung mi dicesti che speravi di vivere a lungo, perché sentivi di avere tanto lavoro da fare, per la pace giusta nonviolenta. Abbiamo raccolto e stiamo continuando l’opera che tu hai avviata, che hai accompagnata, a cui hai dato gambe per camminare.

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(Português) Os perigos escondidos das lâmpadas LED revelados por um especialista em fotobiologia

Dr. Alexander Wunsch | Cura pela Natureza – TRANSCEND Media Service

“Lâmpadas LED são prejudiciais à saúde física, mental, da retina, e também aos hormônios", diz o Dr. Alexander Wunsch.

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(Português) Jo Frederiks: Animais Não São Coisas, Não São Nossos Escravos

David Arioch | Jornalismo Cultural – TRANSCEND Media Service

Jo Frederiks é uma artista australiana que cria desenhos e pinturas para conscientizar as pessoas sobre a crueldade contra os animais na indústria alimentícia, farmacêutica e de entretenimento. “Nosso próprio futuro é baseado em um reflexo de como tratamos nossos companheiros não humanos”.

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(Italiano) Era un giorno qualsiasi. Intervista a Lorenzo Guadagnucci.

Silvia Berruto – TRANSCEND Media Service

Storie è la sezione dedicata a cinque narrazioni che invitano a riflettere su violenza e nonviolenza, resistenze, pace e guerre. La proposta è inserita nello spazio Espace memoria, all’Espace Populaire di Aosta (Italy), dove è nato 10 anni il progetto culturale Collettivamente memoria di cui sono ideatrice, conduttrice e quest’anno copromotrice.

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Baby I Love Your Way (Music Video of the Week)

Peter Frampton – TRANSCEND Media Service

A Classic from ‘76 - Live on The Midnight Special...

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Pawel Kuczynski – TRANSCEND Media Service

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Dietrich Fischer – TRANSCEND Media Service

A husband and wife spent their vacation at a lake where he enjoyed fishing.

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