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Save the BBC – But for What?

#633 | Prof. Jake Lynch – TRANSCEND Media Service

Among the most significant challenges of political reporting today is the rise of the so-called ‘alt-right’, led by demagogues who specialise in evidence-averse rabble-rousing, notably on issues of race and immigration. A classic BBC kerfuffle followed the call by President Trump last year for members of the so-called ‘squad’ – four left-wing Democratic Congresswomen of colour – to “go back to the places from which they came”. Three of the four were born in the USA. But it was clearly not Trump’s intention to appeal for Rashida Tlaib to return from Washington to Detroit, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the Bronx.

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COVID-19 Dashboard: Live Data Continuously Updated

Avi Schiffmann - TRANSCEND Media Service

The website shows data for all continents. You can view all data or a single continent's page by clicking the region's name.

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Messianic Zionism – The Ass and the Red Heifer

Moshé Machover | Monthly Review – TRANSCEND Media Service

1 Feb 2020 - The relation between Zionism and Judaism (the Jewish religion) is paradoxical and complex. In its early days, Zionism was apparently a thoroughly secular political movement. Apparently. In reality, while its ego was secular, its id has always been religious. And in recent times, the latter has emerged from its hidden recess and is parading in full view. A form of religious Zionism has gained influence in Israel, which shares with militant Christian evangelism and Islamic jihadism the character of political movement with fundamentalist religious ideology.

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Inspiration from a Father: Johan Galtung Interviewed by Henrik Urdal

Henrik Urdal | PRIO - TRANSCEND Media Service

"When [Gandhi] was shot on 30th January 1948, I found myself crying – much to my puzzlement and dismay. I was 17 and 17-year-olds don’t cry. And a boy to boot. And it wasn’t a habit of mine to cry. Somehow or other, Gandhi’s message had affected me so deeply that I reacted in this unexpected way."

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Why Inequality Could Spread COVID-19

Joseph Stiglitz et al. | The Lancet - TRANSCEND Media Service

2 Apr 2020 - Pandemics rarely affect all people in a uniform way. The Black Death in the 14th century reduced the global population by a third, with the highest number of deaths among the poorest. As these populations are more likely to have chronic conditions, this puts them at higher risk of COVID-19-associated mortality. Since the pandemic has perpetuated an economic crisis, unemployment rates will rise substantially and weakened welfare safety nets further threaten health and social insecurity.

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TRANSCEND Media Service team

Thank you for a small or big contribution. Every single one counts to preserve our Peace Journalism relevant, crucial work in times of profound uncertainty, confusion and pitiful world leadership.

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Anti-Parasitic Drug Kills COVID-19 in Lab

Christine McGinn | MSN - TRANSCEND Media Service

4 Apr 2020 - An anti-parasitic drug available throughout the world has been found to kill COVID-19 in the lab within 48 hours. A Monash University-led study has shown a single dose of the drug Ivermectin could stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus growing in cell culture.

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1918 Pandemic (H1N1 virus)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | U.S. Department of Health & Human Services - TRANSCEND Media Service

The 1918 influenza pandemic was the most severe pandemic in recent history. It was caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin and spread worldwide during 1918-1919. It is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide.

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Coronavirus: Once You Have Antibodies, Are You Safe?

Connor Bamford | The Conversation - TRANSCEND Media Service

31 Mar 2020 - As more and more people get infected, survive and build up antibodies and T cells against SARS-CoV-2, we may eventually reach a threshold where we achieve “herd immunity”. This refers to the phenomenon where not everyone is immune, but because most people in the population are, the chances that those non-immune susceptible people catch a disease is very small.

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How Deadly Is the Coronavirus? It’s Still far from Clear

Dr John Lee | The Spectator - TRANSCEND Media Service

28 Mar 2020 - There Is Room for Different Interpretations of the Data - Any testing regime that is based only in hospitals will over-estimate the virulence of an infection.

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The Coronavirus Did Not Escape from a Lab–Here’s How We Know

Jeanna Bryner | Live Science - TRANSCEND Media Service

As the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 spreads across the globe, with cases surpassing 284,000 worldwide today (March 20), misinformation is spreading almost as fast. One persistent myth is that this virus, called SARS-CoV-2, was made by scientists and escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China, where the outbreak began.

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Never Has So Little Done So Much Harm to So Many

Scott C. Tips | The National Health Federation - TRANSCEND Media Service

4 Apr 2020 - The Latest Coronavirus Attack Is A Cover for Restricting Our Health Freedoms

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Why Nation States See Themselves in a War against a Virus and Forbid Any Normal Life

Michael Kuhn – TRANSCEND Media Service

30 Mar 2020 - Is it really all happening or are we living in a science fiction? Within a few days nothing is as it always was. Everybody must go home and without any objection and all this carried out as a veritable state action, always staged and carried out by the foreign ministries of the states with the right publicity for the people at home and the other states abroad, telling everybody that after all, ‘it’s not about health issues, but about state affairs between states.’

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Don’t Just Avoid the Virus — Defeat It by Strengthening Your Immunity

Amory B. Lovins and Eric Rasmussen, MD | Medium - TRANSCEND Media Service

30 Mar 2020 - Simple, science-based steps to boost your immunity can help prevent or moderate infection — including challenging the conventional wisdom about Vitamin C.

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Coronavirus — Global Plan, Doughnut, Torus, Helix and/or Pineapple?

Anthony Judge | Laetus in Praesens - TRANSCEND Media Service

Zome Modelling Dynamics Allowing for Uncertainty in Perception of Order in Governance? Given widespread urgent calls for a "Global Plan" in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the argument first challenges the appropriateness of any "plan" in a global context. This is contrasted with the so-called doughnut model which has been presented as appropriate to ensuring a safe operating space for humanity.

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In Time of Pandemic Praise for the UN

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

3 Apr 2020 - What the COVID-19 experience made clear was the importance of information to virtually every person and governmental body on the planet, and the degree to which the WHO and its Director General were quickly established as a valued source of reliable and trustworthy information. Establishing public trust and informational reliability become paramount goals, and WHO and Tedros Adhanan Grebreyerus, its Director General, have risen to the occasion, gaining media credibility and worldwide respect.

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Beyond Chutzpah: US Charges Venezuela with Narco-Terrorism

Roger D. Harris – TRANSCEND Media Service

According to the parable, the ungrateful son takes out a life insurance policy on his parents, murders them to collect, and is caught and found guilty. At his sentencing, the judge asks if he has anything to say on his behalf. The son replies: “Have mercy upon me because I am an orphan.” That’s chutzpah. US Attorney General Barr’s indictments on March 26 against the government of Venezuela for narco-terrorism go beyond chutzpah.

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The Corona – An Opportunity to Replace Militarist Security with Common and Human Security (Part 1)

Jan Oberg | The Transnational – TRANSCEND Media Service

2 Apr 2020 - Governments have spent trillions on preparing for military threats created by their own policies. No one prioritised human and societal security. The unique over-reaction to COVID-19 should worry us much more than the virus itself. It can be seen as a panicky attempt to cover-up the failure of an outdated militarist security policy.

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He’s Got Eight Numbers, Just like Everybody Else”

Kathy Kelly – TRANSCEND Media Service

April 3, 2020 - Trident nuclear disarmament activist Steve Kelly, a Jesuit priest and member of Kings Bay Plowshares 7, begins his third year imprisoned in a county jail as he and his companions await sentencing.

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Acquiring Knowledge and Wisdom

Dr Ravi P Bhatia – TRANSCEND Media Service

Knowledge appears in various forms and of various subjects — science, social sciences, mathematics, economics, etc. Not only newer forms of knowledge such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Robotics are emerging, but the nature and features are constantly increasing. I am using the word features to suggest the extension or details of the concept of knowledge.

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Bob Dylan’s Midnight Message to JFK’s Ghost

Edward Curtin – TRANSCEND Media Service

If you listen to Dylan’s piercing voice and follow the lyrics closely, you might be startled to be told, not from someone who can be dismissed as some sort of disgruntled “conspiracy nut,” but by the most famous musician in the world, that there was a government conspiracy to kill JFK, that Oswald didn’t do it, and that the killers then went for the president’s brothers.

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Global Call

Mazin Qumsiyeh | Popular Resistance – TRANSCEND Media Service

24 Mar 2020 - A global call from Palestine Action for the Planet. More and more people realize that the current global political and economic structures are unable to deal with global climate crisis, the endless conflicts, proliferation of WMD, and the increased frequency of pandemics. This is no longer just a question of morality and rights but a question of our survival as a civilization and as a planet facing mass extinction. 

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Was the Fed Just Nationalized?

Ellen Brown | Web of Debt – TRANSCEND Media Service

3 Apr 2020 - Did Congress just nationalize the Fed? No. But the door to that result has been cracked open.

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Collateral Murder–10 Years Later

WikiLeaks - TRANSCEND Media Service

Today is 5 Apr 2020. Ten years ago today, Julian Assange/WikiLeaks released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in Iraq including two Reuters journalists, and injuring small children. It was called Collateral Murder. The killers in the video are running free whereas Julian Assange, the publisher revealing the crime, has been politically persecuted and arrested on 12 Apr 2019 after being holed up at the Ecuadoran Embassy since 2012. Now he is under pre-trial detention at a high-security prison in London, threatened by extradition to the US, and highly vulnerable to the Coronavirus, after his humanitarian bail request was rejected.

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Bigger Brother

Tim Wu | The New York Review of Books - TRANSCEND Media Service

9 Apr 2020 Issue - What we have learned, what Skinner and secret police alike have realized, is this: to know everything about someone is to create the power to control that person. We may not be there yet, but there is a theoretical point—call it the Skinnerlarity—where enough data will be gathered about humanity to predict, with some reasonable reliability, what everyone on earth will do at any moment. That accomplishment would change the very structure of experience. As the legal scholar Jonathan Zittrain has said, it would make life “a highly realistic but completely tailored video game where nothing happens by chance.”

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Nonviolence Charter: Progress Report 16 (Apr 2020)

Robert J. Burrowes, Ph.D., Anita McKone, and Anahata Giri – TRANSCEND Media Service

Defending Humanity against the Elite Coup - In lieu of the usual six-monthly report of the activities of signatories of the Nonviolence Charter, which would normally go out in April, we are sending this very brief report and invitation to action, in response to the events taking place around the world at the moment.

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Inside Jared Kushner’s Coronavirus Research: A Wide Net on a Giant Facebook Group

Anita Kumar | Politico - TRANSCEND Media Service

Just before midnight on 11 March, a doctor asked a group of fellow emergency room physicians on Facebook how they would combat the escalating coronavirus outbreak. “I have direct channel to person now in charge at White House,” Kurt Kloss wrote in his post. Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, had asked him for recommendations.

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One Year of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Spending Would Provide 300,000 ICU Beds, 35,000 Ventilators and Salaries of 75,000 Doctors

Matthew Impelli | Newsweek - TRANSCEND Media Service

26 Mar 2020 - The amount of money spent in one year by the U.S. on nuclear weapons could instead provide 300,000 ICU (intensive care unit) beds, 35,000 ventilators and 75,000 doctors' salaries, according to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

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COVID-19 Blunders Signal End of ‘American Century’

Wang Wen | Global Times - TRANSCEND Media Service

30 Mar 2020 - For most people it's unfathomable that the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is the first global event that hasn't been led by the US since 1941. The principal founder of peace and conflict studies, Johan Galtung, predicted in his 2009 book 'The Fall of the US Empire-And Then What?' that the US empire will decline and fall by 2020. According to Galtung, it is due to USA expanding hegemon that has driven it to exploit and suppress other countries. 

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Trump: US to Deploy Anti-Drug Navy Ships near Venezuela

Joshua Goodman | AP – TRANSCEND Media Service

2 Apr 2020 - President Donald Trump announced yesterday that Navy ships are being moved toward Venezuela as his administration beefs up counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean following a U.S. drug indictment against Nicolás Maduro. The announcement came at the start of the daily White House press briefing to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.

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Visiting Auschwitz the Day Poland Locked Itself Down

Maung Zarni | Anadolu Agency - TRANSCEND Media Service

30 Mar 2020 - Genocides start with an act of framing human community, with their distinct group identity, typically vulnerable and weak, as 'a virus' or 'existential threat.'

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Portugal to Treat Migrants as Residents during Coronavirus Crisis

Reuters - TRANSCEND Media Service

28 Mar 2020 - All foreigners in Portugal with pending applications will be treated as permanent residents from Monday until at least July 1, authorities said on Saturday, to ensure migrants have access to public services during the coronavirus outbreak.

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DiEM25 Presents 3-Point Plan for Dealing with COVID-19 Depression

DiEM25 Communications - TRANSCEND Media Service

Step 1: Issue €1 trillion in ECB-Eurobonds Step 2: Inject a €2000 European Solidarity Cash Payment Step 3: Introduce a European Green Recovery & Investment Program

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The German Government Has Declared a Complete Stopping to «Defender Europe 20»

Edgars Palladis | The Duran - TRANSCEND Media Service

28 Mar 2020 - According to the official Bundestag representative, the the U.S.-led multinational Exercise «Defender Europe 20» has been cancelled.

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Letter from President Maduro as the U.S. Threatens Venezuela with War

Nicolás Maduro Moros - TRANSCEND Media Service

2 Apr 2020 - In greeting you, with affection, I take the liberty of addressing you on the occasion of denouncing the severe events taking place against the peace and stability of Venezuela, at a time when the concern of the States and Governments should be focused on the protection of the life and health of their citizens, due to the acceleration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The World Rediscovers Cuban Medical Internationalism

Helen Yaffe | Le Monde Diplomatique - TRANSCEND Media Service

30 Mar 2020 - Just weeks ago, US Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders was vilified by the US establishment for acknowledging education and healthcare achievements in revolutionary Cuba. Now, as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, the island’s medical prowess is back in the spotlight.

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Not Letting Covid-19 Crisis Go to Waste? US Ramps up War on Drugs… Focusing on Venezuela’s Maduro

RT - TRANSCEND Media Service

1 Apr 2020 - Trump has announced a massive naval deployment in the Caribbean to prevent drug cartels from ‘exploiting’ the Covid-19 pandemic, singling out Venezuela as a major threat to America. Hard pass on the Noriega remix? US narcotrafficking charges against Maduro straight out of Panama playbook

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Europe Sends Medical Aid to Iran Bypassing U.S. Sanctions

Al-Monitor - TRANSCEND Media Service

31 Mar 2020 - In the first transaction of its kind, France, Germany and Britain have sent medical goods to Iran under a trade mechanism set up to bypass US sanctions against Tehran.

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Investigating Israeli Criminality at the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

Amicus Brief submitted to the International Criminal Court in The Hague on 16 Mar 2020 in the jurisdictional phase of a proceeding in which to initiate such a legal proceeding and whether the ICC has jurisdiction, that is, legal authority to investigate and possibly prosecute such alleged. As the Prosecutor indicated, the facts at her disposal indicate a basis for accepting Palestine’s request for an investigation of alleged Israeli criminal conduct.

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Israeli Warplanes Attack Several Places in Gaza

Days of Palestine | Kia Ora Gaza - TRANSCEND Media Service

Gaza Strip, 28 Mar 2020 - Despite coronavirus pandemic, the Israeli occupation forces continue its crimes against the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip.

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Israeli Forces Demolish Emergency Coronavirus Clinic for Palestinians

Kia Ora Gaza - TRANSCEND Media Service

29 Mar 2020 - Israeli forces on Thursday [26 Mar] entered a Palestinian village in the northern Jordan Valley to confiscate materials designated to build a clinic to deal with the novel coronavirus outbreak. Officials from the Israeli Civil Administration came to the village of Khirbet Ibziq with a military escort, bulldozer and two trucks equipped with cranes to demolish community clinic and emergency housing, according to Israeli human rights monitor Btselem.

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U.N. Security Council ‘Missing In Action’ in Coronavirus Fight

Rick Gladstone | The New York Times - TRANSCEND Media Service

2 Apr 2020 - The leader of the U.N. has called the pandemic the biggest international threat in the 75-year history of the organization, but its most powerful body has yet to take action.

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Amid War Threats, Washington Blocks UN Resolution Demanding End to Sanctions

Bill Van Auken | WSWS - TRANSCEND Media Service

4 April 2020 - Washington and its allies on 2 April killed a UN resolution calling for the lifting of unilateral sanctions that are severely impeding efforts to combat the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Joining the US in blocking the resolution were the European Union and the United Kingdom, along with the right-wing governments of Ukraine and Georgia.

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The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Part of the Climate Change Crisis

Vijay Kolinjivadi | Al Jazeera - TRANSCEND Media Service

30 Mar 2020 - The two emergencies have their roots in the world's current economic model - that of the pursuit of infinite growth at the expense of the environment on which our survival depends - and both are deadly and disruptive. The pandemic is part of climate change and therefore, our response to it should not be limited to containing the spread of the virus. What we thought was "normal" before the pandemic was already a crisis and so returning to it cannot be an option.

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Brazil Scales Back Environmental Enforcement amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The Guardian | Reuters - TRANSCEND Media Service

27 Mar 2020- Brazil will reduce efforts to fight environmental crimes during the coronavirus outbreak, despite concerns that reduced protection could lead to a surge in deforestation.

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‘Can I Keep You Safe? Your Future Is Uncertain’: Climate and the Fate of Humanity

Media Lens - TRANSCEND Media Service

31 Mar 2020 - In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the most immediate objective is to slow its spread, minimise the death toll and help people through the crisis.  But, despite government promises to support citizens who are now losing their jobs and income, the underlying establishment concern will be as it always has been: to preserve the global inequitable system of wealth and power. Private interests, including airlines, fossil fuel industries and sinister-sounding ‘businesses crucial to national security’, have been busy lobbying governments for taxfunder-paid bailouts.

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Preparedness for Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Vidushi Prasad – TRANSCEND Media Service

The disasters are continuously increasing; in future there is a need to concentrate the resources to lessen the effects of the catastrophe. The emergency preparedness should be ready to evacuate the population and provide the necessary health needs in a disaster situation. It is recommended that countries in disaster prone area should sign a pact deciding that in the case of emergency the help should be provided by their neighbouring country.

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The Race Between Economics and COVID-19

Mohamed A. El-Erian | Project Syndicate - TRANSCEND Media Service

26 Mar 2020 - For years, the economics profession has suffered from a stubborn reluctance to adopt a more multidisciplinary approach. But now that the COVID-19 pandemic is transforming economic life the world over, the profession has no choice but to leave its comfort zone.

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A New Book on Iran

Posted by Antonio C.S. Rosa | Editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

A new book entitled Politics of Oil and Nuclear Technology in Iran has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan. In it, Johan Galtung’s version of the Center Periphery model, described in his article entitled “A Structural Theory of Imperialism,” has been used as an analytical framework.

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“Murder Most Foul”: Unpacking Bob Dylan’s New Epic, from Dallas 1963 to the Pandemic of 2020

David Masciotra | Salon - TRANSCEND Media Service

4 Apr 2020 - Bob Dylan's new song, "Murder Most Foul," arrives in the mailbox like a postcard from the apocalypse. In an effectively restrained voice, America's most important songwriter delivers an act of mourning for John F. Kennedy that enlarges into political prophecy, almost as if he is auditioning for authorship of a follow chapter to the book of Revelation. 

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An Antidote to Helplessness and Disorientation: The Great Humanistic Philosopher and Psychologist Erich Fromm on Our Human Fragility as the Key to Our Survival and Our Sanity

Maria Popova | Brain Pickings – TRANSCEND Media Service

“Only through full awareness of the danger to life can this potential be mobilized for action capable of bringing about drastic changes in our way of organizing society.”

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On Anniversary of MLK’s Death, His Words Are ‘More Relevant’ than Ever, His Son Says

Erik Ortiz | NBC News - TRANSCEND Media Service

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Five decades later, his family says in a new video, he can help "guide humanity in the right direction."

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Siddhartha Gautama–the Buddha’s —Birthday: 8 April (563 – 483 BC)

Good News Network – TRANSCEND Media Service

8 Apr 2019 - Today is the anniversary of the Buddha’s birth—born Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, the fourth largest religion in the world.

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Paul Robeson (9 Apr 1898 – 23 Jan 1976)

Tayo Aluko | Counterfire – TRANSCEND Media Service

Black Lawyer, Singer and Football Player, Paul Robeson's Extraordinary Life Holds Many Lessons for the Present Day

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Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

Walt Whitman – TRANSCEND Media Service

Flood-tide below me! I see you face to face! Clouds of the west—sun there half an hour high—I see you also face to face.

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(Português) Identificado Medicamento Antiparasitário que ‘Mata’ Covid-19 em 48 Horas

Notícias ao Minuto - TRANSCEND Media Service

3 abr 2020 - Um estudo conjunto levado a cabo pelo Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute e pelo Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity, na Austrália, identificou um medicamento antiparasitário capaz de 'matar' a Covid-19 nos testes laboratoriais no espaço de 48 horas.

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(Italiano) «Il virus è la malattia del pianeta stressato»

Francesco Bilotta interviste Prof. Gianni Tamino | Il Manifesto – TRANSCEND Media Service

26 marzo 2020 - Intorno alla pandemia causata dal nuovo coronavirus si sta sviluppando un intenso dibattito sugli aspetti sanitari. Anche nel campo delle scienze sociali, per l’impatto che il virus sta avendo sulle nostre abitudini e stili di vita, si stanno producendo riflessioni ed analisi.

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(Italiano) Proteggere la filiera alimentare… non solo merci, anche persone

Elena Camino | Centro Studi Sereno Regis – TRANSCEND Media Service

29 Marzo 2020 - “Scarsità di cibo”: questo il titolo di un recente articolo pubblicato sul giornale «The Guardian». Se i governi introducessero misure protezionistiche durante questa crisi sanitaria da coronavirus, potrebbero verificarsi difficoltà di approvvigionamento di cibo in tutto il mondo: questa l’opinione espressa da Maximo Torero, economista dalle FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation).

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(Português) O Coronavírus Resgata a Nossa Verdadeira Humanidade

Leonardo Boff – TRANSCEND Media Service

31 mar 2020 - A pandemia do coronavírus nos obriga a todos a pensar: o que conta, verdadeiramente, a vida ou os bens materiais? O individualismo de cada um para si, de costas para os outros, ou a solidariedade de uns para com os outros? Podemos olhar a guerra que o coronavírus está movendo em todo o planeta sob um outro ângulo, e este positivo. O vírus nos faz descobrir qual é a nossa mais profunda e autêntica natureza humana.

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(Português) Acorrentados, elefantes passam fome e podem morrer após anos de exploração

ANDA Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais – TRANSCEND Media Service

3 abr 2020 - Cerca de 2 mil elefantes estão passando fome e vivendo acorrentados na Tailândia, após seus tutores argumentarem que a pandemia de Covid-19 os deixou sem condições financeiras para cuidar dos animais, que há anos são explorados no país para entretenimento humano. Sem alimentação adequada, os animais correm risco de morte.

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(Português) Tranquilidade Face ao Coronavirus

Francisco Gomes de Matos – TRANSCEND Media Service


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(Português) Jane Goodall Diz que Devemos Deixar os Animais em Paz

Jane Goodall | Vegazeta - TRANSCEND Media Service

31 mar 2020 - Considerando a origem e as consequências da pandemia de coronavírus, este mês a famosa primatologista Jane Goodall, de 85 anos, protagonizou um vídeo disponibilizado no YouTube em que pede que os animais sejam deixados em paz. “Nosso relacionamento muito próximo com animais silvestres nos mercados ou quando os usamos para entretenimento, desencadeou o terror e a miséria de novos vírus”.

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We Can All Help!

Joe Kandra and Kathie MM | Engaging Peace – TRANSCEND Media Service

How to Help Others in the Pandemic

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Empowering and Protecting Families during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mariana Price - TRANSCEND Media Service

22 Mar 2020 - Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City shares information on empowerment and protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first 15-20 minutes are the most beneficial. An important and simple message/method to follow to avoid being infected. 

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Thank You Coronavirus

Posted by Antonio C. S. Rosa | Editor - TRANSCEND Media Service

Nothing will be the same again...

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Murder Most Foul (Music Video of the Week)

Bob Dylan - TRANSCEND Media Service

Bob Dylan's New Epic (with lyrics) - Released on 27 Mar 2020

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Helping Humanity

Schulz | Peanuts – TRANSCEND Media Service


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