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Peace Journalism Perspective


Quality Peace Journalism – We Are Still Short of Contributions

TRANSCEND Media Service

We have made drastic cutbacks in our budget; our needs have been reduced to the bare minimum to conduct our work: €24,000/year. Our heartfelt thanks to those who donated or have been donating!

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Prof. Johan Galtung

The US Nominations

Nº 439 | Johan Galtung, 25 Jul 2016 - TRANSCEND Media Service

The US mountain, so rich in human talent, labored and produced the two dwarfs for the huge job. A radical Republican strongman and a conventional Democrat, disliked by 62% and 67%--bad for electing the president of a country that still puts some stamp on the world.

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Other Commentaries


The Children Are in Danger: Welcome to the ‘Kids Guantanamo’ of Egypt

Noor El-Terk – Middle East Eye

Electrocuted, whipped, beaten on his face, jumped on his back; the list of horrors is unending as his father fights to keep tears out of his voice. “My son was born in Japan you know, I wrote to the Japanese ambassador, if [sending him to Japan] is what it takes to keep him safe, I’ll give him up. Japan can take him as one of their own – the children here are in danger. All my son will know from this country is its dungeons. He’s seen more than what any 15-year-old should see.”

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The Olympian and the Terrorist: A Story of Two Belgian Brothers

Lukas Eberle – Der Spiegel

The older brother detonated a bomb at the Brussels airport. The younger one is representing his country at the Olympic Games in Rio. The story of two Belgian siblings who long ago parted ways.

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Narrating Turkey at a Time of National Crisis

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

In times of tension, it is particularly important for the defense of what is good and identification of what would worsen the status quo, to strive for balanced assessments, always hoping for the best, while trying to identify and oppose any and all steps toward coercive authoritarianism. I have had the same reaction to conversations in the United States with friends who deem the country to have become ‘fascist.’

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Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh | Popular Resistance – TRANSCEND Media Service

Edward Said once told us we do not have to choose between a secular corrupt dictatorship and rule by Muslim Brotherhood. I do not have to support Zionism to be for Jewish rights. I do not have to support the Assad regime to be against the Saudi/US/Israel supported “rebel” groups who are nothing more than mercenary terrorists. We have many choices. It is time we exercise them.

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The Power of One Peace Activist in Pakistan: Sail’s Story

Ruth Tidy | Peace Direct – TRANSCEND Media Service

Have you ever been a situation you wanted to challenge, but did not know how? When you live in a violent, conflict affected area, the stakes are even higher. After attending Aware Girls' training course Sail began his own peace activist network and has helped young people turn away from extremism in his community.

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Orlando… Dallas… Nice… Baton Rouge… Have You Noticed a Pattern?

Dr. Shariff Abdullah – TRANSCEND Media Service

I’ve been quoting Albert Einstein for a long time: “We can’t solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” We read that famous quote, agree with it, then go right back to all of our old analyses, all of our old “causes”. And wonder why nothing changes. So… HERE is a way to recast our recent atrocities, a way to see them all as part of a larger Pattern of behavior.

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Map: The World of Coups Since 1950

Adam Taylor – The Washington Post

There have been around 475 coup attempts since 1950. That's according to a dataset compiled by Jonathan Powell and Clayton Thyne, two assistant professors who work in the political science departments of the University of Central Florida and the University of Kentucky respectively.

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We Love to Talk of Terror – But After the Munich Shooting, This Hypocritical Catch-All Term Has Finally Caught Us Out

Robert Fisk – The Independent

24 Jul 2016 - How come a Muslim can be a terrorist in Europe but a mere ‘attacker’ in south-west Asia? The frightful and bloody hours of Friday night and Saturday morning in Munich and Kabul – despite the 3,000 miles that separate the two cities – provided a highly instructive lesson in the semantics of horror and hypocrisy.

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Brexit Coincides with India’s and Pakistan’s Entry into the SCO

Alfredo Jalife-Rahme | Voltaire Network – TRANSCEND Media Service

Prof. Alfredo Jalife-Rahme, leading Latin American expert in geopolitics, considers that the UK exiting the EU at the same time that India and Pakistan become members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is an acid test, proving that the world is alive. De-globalization is at work.

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Being Inconvenienced While Minding My Own Business

Bruce Lerro | Dissident Voice – TRANSCEND Media Service

Liberals and the Social Contract Theory of Violence - Are “bystanders” to violent events neutral or complicit?

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Kinetics of Empire

Paul Edwards – Information Clearing House

Whether our dissolution comes through annihilation by war or evisceration through financial meltdown, it will be the greatest act of state terrorism ever inflicted on humankind. In this catastrophic imperial suicide, the collateral damage will be the world.

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Five Conspirators in the Eradication of the Middle Class

Paul Buchheit – Common Dreams

Congress: The Kingpins. Military: The Enforcers. Lobbyists: The Con Men. Media: The Illusionists. Finance: The Hitmen.

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Duty to Warn | Quotes from Assorted “Law and Order” Mis-Leaders – and Plagiarizers – Throughout History

Gary G. Kohls, MD – TRANSCEND Media Service

“The streets of our country are in turmoil! The universities are filled with students rebelling and rioting! Communists are seeking to destroy our country! Russia is threatening us with her might! Our republic is in danger, yes, danger from within and without! WE NEED LAW AND ORDER!” -- Original quote from Adolf Hitler (essentially indistinguishable from the rhetoric of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump).

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Kashmir on Fire

Taimur Zulfiqar- The Manila Times

18 Jul 2016 - Kashmir is bleeding once again. Views and opinions apart, there was a complete blackout in the local print media about the recent incidents of human rights violations in the Indian-occupied Kashmir by the Indian military and paramilitary forces against those protesting the killing of Kashmiri leader Burhan Wani, who was extremely popular among the masses. As a result, dozens of innocent Kashmiris were killed, over 2,100 have been injured, 400 of whom critically.

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Brazil’s Largest Newspaper Commits Major Journalistic Fraud to Boost Interim President Temer

Glenn Greenwald and Erick Dau – The Intercept

It’s one thing for Brazil’s plutocratic media to openly incite and agitate the fall of a democratically elected government. As Reporters Without Borders found, that behavior poses a direct threat to both democracy and press freedom. But it’s quite another to watch as they simply manufacture headlines and false narratives to suggest that a large portion of the country supports the individual who seized power undemocratically when they plainly do not.

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Brazil: Folha’s Journalistic Fraud Far Worse Than We Reported Yesterday: A Smoking Gun Emerges

Glenn Greenwald and Erick Dau – The Intercept

• Polling data concealed by Folha shows a large majority want Temer to resign: directly contradicting Folha’s key claim • 62 percent of Brazilians want Dilma and Temer to quit and new elections held: not 3 percent as Folha stated • Incriminating data was published, then unpublished, by Datafolha: discovered yesterday by a Brazilian website • Response from Folha’s executive editor — they withheld data that was not “journalistically relevant” — cannot withstand scrutiny

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Erdoğan’s Coup: Purging Domestic Critics, Gaining External Allies

Prof. James Petras – TRANSCEND Media Service

“President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan prepared a list of targets for arrest even before the coup (sic) was launched”, European Commission official on Turkey (FT 7/19/2016). In the end Erdoğan may have secured power and undertaken a vast domestic purge of his enemies, but he has lost the regional war while bearing the consequences of millions of war refugees and a deeply entrenched jihadi terrorist threat within Turkey.

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A Roadmap for Lebanon to Grant Civil Rights for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Franklin Lamb – TRANSCEND Media Service

Palestinians in Lebanon suffer from more than two dozen targeted violations including ambiguous legal status, absence of protection; the outlawing of their right to work and to own a home or real property; adequate housing; health; fair trial; freedom of association; opinion and expression; freedom of movement, accommodation and travel, among others.

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How the United States Government Obstructs Peace for Palestine/Israel

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

The United States Government has not only taken Israel’s side in diplomatic negotiation between Israel and Palestine, but has actively opposed all moves toward the establishment of an independent sovereign state for the Palestinian people (meaning that the American endorsement of the two-state mantra as the consensus formula for peace was a deliberate official lie).

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Brazilian University Solicits Professor to Teach Zionism as Racism

JTA – Haaretz

Much to the consternation of the Brazilian Israelite Confederation, the university wants curricula on the similarities between Apartheid, Nazism, and Zionism.

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Social Inequality Escalates in Denmark amid Bonanza for Banks and Corporations

Ellis Wynne | WSWS – TRANSCEND Media Service

Indeed, a sober analysis of class relationships in Denmark would confirm a growing inequality. As liberal newspaper Information put it baldly, “From 2003 to 2013 the richest tenth of Danes became 29 percent richer whilst the poorest ten percent became 1 percent poorer.”

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American Warplanes Slaughter Civilians in Northern Syria

Thomas Gaist | WSWS – TRANSCEND Media Service

Airstrikes by American warplanes, ordered by US Central Command (CENTCOM), killed dozens of civilians around the Syrian village of al-Tukhar on Monday [18 Jul]. An estimated 85 civilians, including at least 11 children, were killed in the strikes, with unknown numbers buried beneath the rubble.

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‘Monster’ El Niño Subsides, La Niña Hitting Soon

Baher Kamal – Inter Press Service-IPS

Now that the 2015-2016 El Niño –one of the strongest on record– has subsided, La Niña – El Niño’s ‘counterpart’– could strike soon, further exacerbating a severe humanitarian crisis that is affecting millions of people in the most vulnerable communities in tens of countries worldwide, especially in Africa and Asia Pacific.

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We Ignore Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Livestock Industry at Our Own Peril

Risto Isomaki – Inter Press Service-IPS

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, the production of meat and other animal-based products is responsible for around 18 to 20 percent of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. If FAO’s assessment is correct, animal waste and the use of nitrogen-based fertilizers to grow fodder annually create about 6 million tons of nitrous oxide--65-70 percent of our total emissions.

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Radiation Along Fukushima Rivers Up to 200 Times Higher Than Pacific Ocean Seabed

Greenpeace | EcoWatch – TRANSCEND Media Service

A radiation survey team, supported by the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior, conducted underwater survey along the Fukushima coastline from Feb. 21 to March 11 this year, as well collecting samples in river systems. The samples were measured at an independent laboratory in Tokyo.

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Cairn Energy Demands India Pay $5.6 Billion or Drop Back Tax Claim

Pratap Chatterjee | CorpWatch – TRANSCEND Media Service

15 Jul 2016 - The Scottish oil exploration company has demanded compensation for losses it claims are a result of a tax assessment.... Vodafone also has another pending case on taxation of offshore transactions in India.... The Indian government lost a similar case against Shell in the Bombay High Court and chose not to appeal.

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Fascinating Graphics Show Who Owns All the Major Brands in the World

Jesus Diaz – TRANSCEND Media Service

All the biggest product brands in the world are owned by a handful of corporations. Food, cleaning products, banks, airlines, cars, media companies... everything is in the hands of these mega corporations. The following infographics show how everything is connected.

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International Trade Favours Multinational Corporations

Roberto Azevêdo – Inter Press Service-IPS

The reality of international trading is often harder and more expensive for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The smaller the business, the bigger the barriers can seem. MSMEs are responsible for the largest share of employment opportunities in most economies, up to 90% in some countries; this is especially true when looking at equal opportunities for young workers and women.

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The Mousai House: A Cooperative Vision for a New Creative Economy

Jennifer Bryant | The Next System Project – TRANSCEND Media Service

Bryant’s exposition of The Mousai House gives us a glimpse into a thriving local economy rooted in Washington D.C. that has blossomed despite struggle, displacement, and oppression, exemplifying a rich cooperative culture that transcends the current system.

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‘Fraud’ Alleged in NYT’s MH-17 Report

Robert Parry – Consortium News

An amateur report alleging Russian doctoring of satellite photos on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 case – a finding embraced by The New York Times – is denounced by a forensic expert as an “outright fraud.”

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Aedes Aegypti Mosquito: Fighting the Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Marian Blasberg, Hauke Goos and Veronika Hackenbroch – Der Spiegel

The Aedes aegypti mosquito, which carries Zika, dengue fever and other illnesses, appears unstoppable. It is posing a unique threat to this year's Olympic Games in Rio and is rapidly spreading around the world. Europe, too, is at risk.

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Increase Your Life Expectancy by Sitting Less Than Three Hours a Day

Dr. Mercola | Peak Fitness – TRANSCEND Media Service

You may have heard talk that too much sitting is bad for your health, but these effects are not simply hearsay. Mounting research confirms that in order to stay optimally healthy, your body needs to spend the bulk of its time doing what it was designed to do: move. Sit less and move more. It's a simple strategy that can do wonders for your health.

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Russian Olympic Committee’s Statement in Response to the World Anti-Doping Agency Report (in English and in русский-Russian)

Russian Olympic Committee | Олимпийский комитет России – TRANSCEND Media Service

We wholeheartedly disagree with Mr. McLaren’s view that the possible banning of hundreds of clean Russian athletes from competition in the Olympic Games is an acceptable ‘unpleasant consequence’ of the charges contained in his report.

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The Olympics as a Tool of the New Cold War

Andrey Fomin | Oriental Review – TRANSCEND Media Service

21 Jul 2016 - The allegations of systematic state organised doping by the Russian authorities are founded on the evidence of three compromised individuals and have been presented in a way that denies Russian athletes their fundamental rights.

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A Farmer and His Horse

Prof. Dietrich Fischer – TRANSCEND Media Service

How a Seemingly Bad Luck Can Turn Out to Be a Good Luck

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This Week in History

Satoshi Ashikaga – TRANSCEND Media Service

Jul 25-31~ QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don't try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.” – Lao Tzu

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Dag Hammarskjold (29 Jul 1905 – 18 Sep 1961) Crisis Manager and Longer-Range World Community Builder

Rene Wadlow – TRANSCEND Media Service

Dag Hammarskjold became Secretary-General of the United Nations at a moment of crisis related to the 1950-1953 war in Korea, and he died in a plane crash in 1961 on a mission dealing with the war in the Congo.

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Aldous Huxley (26 Jul 1894 – 22 Nov 1963)

European Graduate School – TRANSCEND Media Service

Aldous Huxley was a British writer born on Jul 26 1894, who died on Nov 22 1963, the same day as President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. He would become most known to the public for his fifth novel, ‘Brave New World,’ written in 1931. The 1950s would be a time of experiences with psychedelic drugs for him, especially LSD and mescaline.

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Socorro – The City of Depleted Uranium

Norbert G. Suchanek – TRANSCEND Media Service

Socorro became a national sacrifice area. People are suffering similar health effects as the local population in Iraq who were hit by DU-Weapons during the Gulf Wars. The film gives details of the abuses and transgressions on the people of Socorro whose community was downwind and downgrade of the depleted uranium testing sites active since 1972.

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(Italiano) Spagna: colpa della normativa, non dei numeri

Johan Galtung – TRANSCEND Media Service

La Spagna si è di nuovo bloccata. I numeri dei partiti in un parlamento con 350 seggi non hanno prodotto una maggioranza né il 20 dicembre 2015 né il 26 giugno 2016. L’aritmetica non ha funzionato. I numeri erano sbagliati. O invece, potrebbe essere sbagliata la Norma?

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(Português) Brasil: Folha comete fraude jornalística com pesquisa manipulada visando alavancar Temer

Glenn Greenwald and Erick Dau- The Intercept

Uma coisa é a mídia plutocrática brasileira incentivar e incitar abertamente a queda de um governo democraticamente eleito. De acordo com a RSF, esse comportamento representa uma ameaça direta à democracia e à liberdade de imprensa. Mas é muito diferente testemunhar a fabricação de manchetes e narrativas falsas insinuando que uma grande parte do país apoia o indivíduo que tomou o poder de forma antidemocrática, quando isso não é verdade.

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(Português) Brasil: A fraude jornalística da Folha é ainda pior: surgem novas evidências

Glenn Greenwald e Erick Dau – The Intercept

• Dados de pesquisa ocultados pela Folha mostram que a grande maioria dos eleitores quer a renúncia de Temer, o que contradiz categoricamente a matéria da Folha • 62% dos brasileiros querem a renúncia de Dilma e Temer, e a realização de novas eleições: ao contrário dos 3% inicialmente mencionados pela Folha • Dados cruciais da pesquisa foram publicados e, em seguida, retirados do ar pelo datafolha: encontrados por portal brasileiro • Resposta do Diretor Executivo da Folha de São Paulo de que os dados ocultados não eram “jornalisticamente relevantes” não resiste a análise

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(Português) Tazinha e a galinha Jurema

David Arioch | Jornalismo Cultural – TRANSCEND Media Service

Com cinco anos, Tazinha não imaginava que aquele molho vermelho e borbulhante cobrindo fatias grossas de batata-inglesa envolvia partes de um ser idêntico àquele que percorria o quintal com o viço de uma criança. Quando viu a garotinha de olhos amendoados e graúdos, a galinha se escondeu atrás de um pedaço de capoeira e cacarejou, mantendo os olhos castanhos e vibrantes bem esgazeados.

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(Português) No inferno todos vestem roupas brancas

Denise Terra - ANDA Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais

Um funcionário tem então como tarefa cortar o máximo de pescoços de galinhas que falharam na serra automática, mas a esteira passa em uma velocidade assustadora, são muitas aves que devem morrer hoje para atender à demanda do mercado, cada vez mais voraz por carne de frango. Não há tempo para cortar o pescoço de todas as intactas, nem de abreviar o sofrimento daquelas que se debatem. As aves seguem para serem escaldadas em água fervendo.

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(Italiano) Il potere di un attivista per la pace in Pakistan: la storia di Sail

Ruth Tidy – Centro Studi Sereno Regis

Vi siete mai trovati in una situazione che volevate mettere in discussione, ma non sapevate come? Per chi vive in zone violente, di conflitto, la posta in gioco è ancora più alta. Ed è in questo contesto che si inserisce la storia di Sail, un giovane che è riuscito a cambiare le menti e a prevenire l’estremismo nella sua comunità.

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(Castellano) Sepa por qué los atletas rusos no podrán competir en Río 2016

teleSUR – TRANSCEND Media Service

El dictamen fue anunciado este jueves [21 julio] en Lausana (Suiza) por el secretario general del TAS, Matthiue Reeb, quien precisó que la decisión puede ser apelada en un plazo de 30 días.

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(Français) Brésil: Un tribunal populaire condamne le coup d’Etat

INTAL | Investig’Action – TRANSCEND Media Service

Le 19 et 20 juillet 2016, la ville de Rio de Janeiro accueillait un procès symbolique sur le coup d’Etat en cours au Brésil suite à la procédure d’impeachment de la présidente Dilma Rousseff.

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(Français) Eloge de la négociation

Robert Charvin | Investig’Action – TRANSCEND Media Service

Réunissons-nous autour d’une table, demande Umberto Eco, et négocions intelligemment pour trouver une solution qui force le respect de tous » … « parmi les vœux que je peux formuler pour le siècle à venir, il y a cette espérance d’une nouvelle éthique de la négociation », conclut avec lucidité l’universitaire de Bologne, angoissé du mal dont souffre l’Occident pour son deux millième anniversaire. L’Union Européenne nous donne à voir dans « l’embrouillamini des opinions toutes faites, des préjugés et des langues de bois politiques ou économiques, les clignotements de l’intelligence ».

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Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad: Exclusive Interview

NBC Nightly News – TRANSCEND Media Service

NBC's Bill Neely speaks with President Bashar Al-Assad. This interview was filmed by the Presidential press office of Bashar al-Assad. No editorial changes were made to the content.

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Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini (Music Video of the Week)

The 5 Browns – TRANSCEND Media Service

The 5 Browns performing –in 5 pianos-- the 18th Variation from Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini. Composition: Sergei Rachmaninoff

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The Roots of Terrorism: Something Is Wrong in Our Cultural Order

Prof. Al-Ansari | MEMRITVVideos – TRANSCEND Media Service

Prof. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari, former Dean of Islamic Law at Qatar University, discussed the phenomenon of terrorism and how to deal with it. Terrorism, he said, is based on ideology, not on financial distress or economic circumstances. It "begins with the sowing of hatred, the sowing of extremism," and with "this rhetoric about a nation constantly under attack." The first step to dealing with the phenomenon is to "let go of the culture of denial," to "acknowledge that something is wrong in our cultural order," and to "open up to other cultures."

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Time Constrains

Posted by Antonio C. S. Rosa, editor – TRANSCEND Media Service

Acting in the Past

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