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Beware the Experts!

#669 | Naresh Jotwani – TRANSCEND Media Service

Opportunities for gaming the system are many. The standard, time-tested techniques of cronyism, mutual back-scratching, feudalism, deception, hyperbole, playing to the gallery ... et cetera ... run rampant. These techniques are at work incessantly and brazenly, around the world, to further the careers of aggressive and ambitious old-timers, mid-lifers and new entrants.

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How to End the War in Afghanistan

World BEYOND War - TRANSCEND Media Service

19 Nov 2020 - The U.S. war on Afghanistan is in its 19th year. Enough is enough! Ann Wright is the moderator. Panelists are Kathy Kelly, Matthew Hoh, Rory Fanning, Danny Sjursen, and Arash Azizzada.

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Everyone’s Gandhi — A Collection of Gandhi Columns

L Gopalakrishnan | Academia – TRANSCEND Media Service

It is hoped that the articles and anecdotes will serve a long felt need: to bring the Mahatma closer to us, make him a Father in every sense of the word i.e. every one's Gandhi. Since Mahatma Gandhi cannot be any one person’s property, there is no copyright of this publication. You are welcome to freely use portions of this book with due acknowledgement. Printed & Published by: Gandhi Peace Foundation

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HELP!!! Fall 2020 Fundraising Pitch in!

TRANSCEND Media Service team

There is little political leadership on which to count. Therefore, the presentation of a wide range of views in TMS provides ideas and techniques for nongovernmental conflict resolution efforts.” -- Rene Wadlow, President and a Representative to the UN, Geneva, Association of World Citizens

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Like a Rocket in the Garden: The Unending War in Afghanistan

Kathy Kelly – TRANSCEND Media Service

People in the United States continue to pretend that the despair and futility we’ve caused isn’t our fault.

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Unspeakable Memories: The Day John Kennedy Died

Edward Curtin – TRANSCEND Media Service

23 Nov 2020 - There is a vast literature on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who died on this date, November 22, 1963. Unless one is a government disinformation agent or is unaware of the enormous documentary evidence, one knows that it was the U.S. national security state, led by the CIA, that carried out JFK’s murder. Confirmation of this fact keeps arriving in easily accessible forms for anyone interested in the truth.

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Nagorno-Karabakh: Protecting the Heritage of Humanity

René Wadlow – TRANSCEND Media Service

On 18 November 2020, the Director General of UNESCO Audrey Azoulay received representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan to discuss the situation in and around Nagorno-Karabakh. The protection of cultural heritage is only one of the many challenges concerning Nagorno-Karabakh, the Russian peacekeeping troops, and relations between Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, and Iran. A situation that merits watching.

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DIWALI — Festival of Lights

Dr. Ravi P. Bhatia – TRANSCEND Media Service

The festival of Diwali is celebrated on the return of Lord Ram along with wife Sita and brother Lakshman to their kingdom after an exile of 14 years, this year celebrated on 14 Nov, New Moon night. This date is also commemorated as Children’s Day in the anniversary of the first Prime Minister of independent India — Jawaharlal Nehru.

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Pompeo’s Diabolical Diplomacy

Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service

29 Nov 2020 - This interview, devoted to Pompeo’s three-day visit to Israel and Occupied Palestine, was conducted by Eshrat Mardi and published in the Tehran Times Interview Nov. 28, 2020.

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US Intervenes as Venezuela Prepares for High Stakes Election

Roger Harris - TRANSCEND Media Service

26 Nov 2020 - A long list of international figures including Noble Prize winners and former heads of state petitioned the EU: “This election represents, above all a democratic, legal and peaceful way out of the political and institutional crisis that was triggered in January 2019 by the self-appointment of Juan Guaidó as ‘interim president’ of Venezuela.”

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State of the Empire

Mazin Qumsiyeh – TRANSCEND Media Service

Briefing on the state of the empire, ending on a positive note.

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Human Society and the Biosphere

John Scales Avery – TRANSCEND Media Service

28 Nov 2020 - According to a recent UN report, more than a million species of plants and animals are currently threatened with extinction because of human activities. Rates of extinction today are as much as 1,000 times greater than the normal background rate. What about our own species? Are we too threatened with extinction?

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Uganda’s Youth Majority Brave Police Blockades and Bullets to Rally Behind Bobi Wine

Ann Garrison | Black Agenda Report – TRANSCEND Media Service

25 Nov 2020 - US elites may see the writing on the wall in Uganda, where the youth majority population is braving police blockades and bullets to rally behind Bobi Wine. “The dictator is worried about what will happen if he rigs and steals the election this time.”

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World Coronavirus Map

World Life Expectancy – TRANSCEND Media Service

Country Health Profile: How does Coronavirus/Covid19 rank among other illnesses? Is it the most lethal? Welcome to World Life Expectancy. Find info, insights, numbers, statistics on health and causes of death. Updated daily.

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Coronavirus Global Data: 63,1M+ Infected; 43,6M+ Recovered; 1,4M+ Deceased

Worldometer and Avi Schiffmann - TRANSCEND Media Service

*Two Databases Permanently Displayed on TMS* *Global, Localized, Specific Data Updated in Real Time* As of 30 Nov 2020 12 pm GMT: Total Cases: 63,174,127 Recovered: 43,683,981 Cases Closed: 45,151,125 Active: 18,023,002 Deaths: 1,467,144 Total Vaccines in Development: 183

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What the Leading COVID Vaccine Contenders Still Need to Tell the Public

Rob Verkerk Ph.D | The Defender – TRANSCEND Media Service

23 Nov 2020 - Given how much we don’t yet know, it’s unclear why those of us asking for more information about the leading COVID vaccines are being marginalised. We’re simply exercising our right to informed consent.

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Contesting Aspects of COVID-19

Global Research – TRANSCEND Media Service

To Inform, Educate, Create Dialogue: The Flip Side of the Discourse/Narrative--not on the streets but confined to human dwellings.

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Sidelining Africans, the US Imposes Its Own Choice for UN Envoy to Libya

Maurizio Guerrero | PassBlue - TRANSCEND Media Service

16 Nov 2020 - "We came, we saw, he died" ha ha ha - thus cackled the unrepentant sponsor of US state terrorism, Hillary Clinton, following the brutal, inhumane murder of Muammar Gaddafi the Libyan revolutionary head of state: supported by Joe Biden, by the way. The US is the last country on earth that should be allowed to impose an envoy on any country, least of all Libya. -- Roger Kotila, President DWF

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Rising Hunger in Drought-Stricken Southern Madagascar Forcing Families to Eat Insects: WFP

UN News – TRANSCEND Media Service

27 Nov 2020 - Hunger is on the rise in southern Madagascar due to consecutive years of drought, affecting half the region’s population, or 1.5 million people, and forcing most families to eat insects, the World Food Programme reported today.

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The Ruling Elite’s War on Truth

Chris Hedges | ScheerPost – TRANSCEND Media Service

23 Nov 2020 - American political leaders display a widening disconnect from reality intended to mask their complicity in the seizure of power by global corporations and billionaires. Despotisms fear the truth. They know it is a mortal threat. If we remain determined to live in truth, no matter the cost, we have a chance.

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A Long-Forgotten CIA Document from WikiLeaks Sheds Critical Light on Today’s U.S. Politics and Wars

Glenn Greenwald | Substack – TRANSCEND Media Service

23 Nov 2020 - The Agency knew that their best asset for selling their wars was Barack Obama -- the same reason so many in the security state were eager to get rid of Donald Trump.

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Study Finds Meatpacking Plants Were Responsible for 8% of Coronavirus Cases in Opening Phase of Pandemic in the US

Cordell Gascoigne | WSWS - TRANSCEND Media Service

27 Nov 2020 - A recent study by Charles Taylor of Columbia University, and Christopher Boulos and Douglas Almond of the University of Chicago, found that outbreaks at meatpacking plants were responsible for 8 percent of all COVID-19 cases in the USA during the early months of the pandemic.

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28 Nov 1946: Hawaii Independence Day

Hawaiian Kingdom Blog – TRANSCEND Media Service

November 28th is the most important national holiday in the Hawaiian Kingdom. It is the day Great Britain and France formally recognized the Hawaiian Islands as an “independent state” in 1843, and has since been celebrated as “Independence Day,” which in the Hawaiian language is “La Ku‘oko‘a.”

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Media, Propaganda, Perception and China’s Identity in the 21st Century

Hassanal Noor Rashid | JUST Commentary - TRANSCEND Media Service

18 Nov 2020 - Since the advent of the modern media, propaganda and disinformation have been part of the tools used in the eternal contest of public perception. But unlike traditional military power, the ones who carry the fight in this battle of perceptions are not armed soldiers. Ultimately, the layman and everyday people are the ones who propagate much of what goes into the discourse. The casualties are not measured in blood, but in the death of truth, integrity and trust.

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Cuba Successfully Halts Its COVID-19 Outbreak

Dr. Birsen Filip | Global Research - TRANSCEND Media Service

25 Nov 2020 - Broadly speaking, Cuba’s success in terms of containing its COVID-19 outbreak is due in large part to the centrally planned system’s adherence to the principle that free and universal health care is a fundamental human right.

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Iran in the Crosshairs: Tracing Overt and Covert Action

Eric Walberg | CovertAction Magazine – TRANSCEND Media Service

The assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Prof. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, has seriously complicated any efforts to normalize relations with Iran under a new Biden administration. Walberg contrasts the republican and democratic positions toward Iran while tracing key historical and recent events all in an effort to provide deeper insight into understanding Iran and U.S.-led efforts toward destabilization. -- Editor

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29 November: International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

The United Nations – TRANSCEND Media Service

Observed annually, solemnly commemorating the adoption by the Assembly, on 29 November 1947, of resolution 181 (II), which provided for the partition of Palestine into two States.

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UN Panel Votes 163-5 in Support of Palestinian Statehood, End of Occupation

Jacob Magid | The Times of Israel - TRANSCEND Media Service

20 Nov 2020 - Draft calling for two-state solution passes General Assembly’s Third Committee in large package of annual pro-Palestinian resolutions that Israel argues shows bias against it.

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Venezuela Presents the UNSC Proposal for an International Association against US Sanctions to Stop Crimes against Humanity

Orinoco Tribune - TRANSCEND Media Service

Venezuela’s ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, intervened on 25 Nov 2020 in the Security Council session to denounce the economic aggression of the U.S. against twenty-nine countries of the world, through misnamed “sanctions,” and proposed an International Alliance to stop the crimes against humanity by the USA in violation of human rights and the UN Charter.

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Reframing the Imaginable Key to the Future?

Anthony Judge | Laetus in Praesens – TRANSCEND Media Service

30 Nov 2020 - Clues to the Nature of a Global Reset - The World Economic Forum is proposing a Global Reset (or a Great Reset) as a form of panacea for the crises of global civilization. The complementary World Social Forum has not engendered any consensus on a panacea -- other than curtailing those motivated by the World Economic Forum.

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Brave Vandana Shiva Speaks Out against the Great Reset

Organic Radicals | SOTT - TRANSCEND Media Service

12 Nov 2020 - Prof. Vandana Shiva has been courageously speaking out against the insidious ‘Great Reset’ being sprung on us by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the rest of the global capitalist elite. She warns that “The Great Reset is about maintaining and empowering a corporate extraction machine and the private ownership of life”.

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Technological Solutionism Will Not Save Our Food Systems

Carla Ramos Cortés | Navdanya International - TRANSCEND Media Service

9 Nov 2020 - Although most international actors agree that our current food system is broken, not all agree on how this call for ‘food systems transformation’ should go. Now, the COVID public health crisis and its resulting economic devastation have accelerated calls to respond through the ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism through embracing the fourth industrial revolution.

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Ten Years Since WikiLeaks Published the US Diplomatic Cables

Thomas Scripps | WSWS - TRANSCEND Media Service

28 Nov 2020 - Today is the tenth anniversary of “Cablegate” when WikiLeaks, leading a group of partner media organisations, began reporting on the contents of hundreds of thousands of leaked United States government diplomatic cables. The documents revealed the vast scope and global reach of US imperialism’s criminal conspiracies and the brutality and corruption of governments the world over.

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Doctors for Assange Statement: Ongoing Torture and Neglect

Doctors for Assange – TRANSCEND Media Service

22 Nov 2020 - Mr Assange remains confined to Belmarsh prison for journalistic activity that was legal when and where it occurred and remains so as determined the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. He is at risk of dying and a victim of psychological torture according to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. Experts explained to the court that Mr Assange’s ASD diagnosis statistically places him at a ninefold elevated risk of suicidal ideation.

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Tulsi Gabbard Urges Trump to ‘Please Consider’ Pardons for Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

Matt Mathers | Independent - TRANSCEND Media Service

29 Nov 2020 - Democrat lawmaker, Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s call comes after Mr Trump pardoned his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who twice admitted lying to the FBI.

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The Real Threat to Democracy Isn’t Julian Assange — It’s the Espionage Case against Him

Andy Bichlbaum | Waging Nonviolence – TRANSCEND Media Service

19 Nov 2020 - We have complicated feelings about Assange. But prosecuting him under the Espionage Act would be a disaster for journalism and democracy. He is currently facing extradition to the US from London, for allegedly violating the U.S. Espionage Act — marking the first time the act has been used to prosecute the publishing of information.

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How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship, Hate Journalism

Joseph Mercola, M.D. | The Defender – TRANSCEND Media Service

27 Nov 2020 - Social media platforms are openly censoring dissenting views about COVID, particularly its origin and treatment, says author Sharyl Attkisson in her new book on media bias and the deterioration of objective journalism.

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EPA Finds Glyphosate Is Likely to Injure or Kill 93% of Endangered Species

Center for Biological Diversity - TRANSCEND Media Service

25 Nov 2020 -The Environmental Protection Agency released a biological evaluation today finding that glyphosate is likely to injure or kill 93% of the plants and animals protected under the ESA. The long-anticipated biological evaluation found that 1,676 endangered species are likely to be harmed by glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and the world’s most-used pesticide. It also found that glyphosate adversely modifies critical habitat for 759 endangered species, or 96% of all species for which critical habitat has been designated.

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[Obscenity] World Bank Urges Governments to Guarantee Private Profits even if Investors Fail Contractual Agreements

Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Anis Chowdhury | IPS/Human Wrongs Watch - TRANSCEND Media Service

24 Nov 2020 - The World Bank has been leading other multilateral development banks and international financial institutions to press developing country governments to ‘de-risk’ infrastructure and other private, especially foreign investments. Governments have little choice but to accede to their private partners’ demands. Thus, WB guidance further undermines governments.

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Wars R Us: ‘Understanding the War Industry’

Jeremy Kuzmarov | ConvertAction Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service

28 Nov 2020 - Pay no attention to all those nasty left-wing allegations about how military contractors collude and conspire with the Pentagon. Rather than simply having what President Dwight Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex, we actually have a military-industrial-congressional complex, with a media and academic adjunct.

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The Whale Who Sank a Ship and Became a Legend

Ed Fox | Whale and Dolphin Conservation - TRANSCEND Media Service

On 20th November, 1820, far out in the Pacific Ocean, an enormous male sperm whale turned on a group of American whalers, ramming their ship, the Essex, and sinking it.  News of the event shocked the whaling world, and would later inspire Herman Melville to write his great American novel, Moby Dick.

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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (24 Nov 1864 – 9 Sep 1901)

Toulouse-Lautrec Foundation – TRANSCEND Media Service

At the age of 13 Henri fractured his left thigh bone, and at 14, the right. His legs ceased to grow, so that as an adult he was only 1.54m. tall, having developed an adult-sized torso, while retaining his child-sized legs. He is also reported to have had hypertrophied genitals. Physically unable to participate in most of the activities typically enjoyed by men of his age, Toulouse-Lautrec immersed himself in his art. An alcoholic for most of his adult life, he was placed in a sanatorium shortly before his death.

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The Love of Truth and the Truth of Love: Bertrand Russell on the Two Pillars of Human Flourishing

Maria Popova | Brain Pickings – TRANSCEND Media Service

“Fanaticism is the danger of the world. It always has been and has done untold harm. I think fanaticism is the greatest danger there is. I might almost say that I was fanatical against fanaticism.” When asked what, in nearly ninety years of living, he has learned about life that he considers most important to pass on to posterity, Russell offers two things — “one intellectual and one moral.”

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Akankha Sutta –> Wishes

Buddha Sutra – TRANSCEND Media Service

[1] "If a monk would wish, 'May I be dear and pleasing to my fellows in the holy life, respected by and inspiring to them,' then he should be one who brings the precepts to perfection, who is committed to mental calm, who does not neglect jhana, who is endowed with insight, and who frequents empty dwellings.”

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Afghanistan: Elegy . . . Unfinished Tapestry?

Anthony J. Marsella, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

I write in sympathy, empathy, compassion, and shared hope.

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(Italiano) Possiamo “TRASCENDERE” la guerra civile americana?

Diane Pearlman | Centro Studi Sereno Regis – TRANSCEND Media Service

28 Novembre 2020 - Una guerra civile sta crescendo negli Stati Uniti dati gli attacchi alla democrazia senza precedenti del presidente Trump, che sta piantando bombe pronte ad esplodere. Come abbiamo raggiunto il livello patologico della separazione degli opposti? Cosa ha da offrirci adesso il Metodo Transcend?

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(Nederlandse) Wist je dat het IMF pleit voor een coronataks? Dat en andere markante feiten over COVID-19

Marc Vandepitte | De Wereld Morgen - TRANSCEND Media Service

22 Nov 2020 - In deze rubriek brengt veellezer Marc Vandepitte markante feiten, cijfers of quotes van over heel de wereld die in de andere media weinig of geen aandacht kregen, maar zeker het vermelden waard zijn om de chaotische wereld van vandaag te begrijpen.

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(Português) Pecuarista que encomendou morte de ativistas da Amazônia continua impune

David Arioch | Vegazeta – TRANSCEND Media Service

De acordo com o juiz Raimundo Moises Flexa, o pecuarista que está foragido há seis anos agiu com culpabilidade fria, covarde e premeditada.

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(Français) Saviez-vous que le FMI plaide pour une taxation corona? Quelques faits marquants à propos du COVID-19

Marc Vandepitte | Investig'Action/De Wereld Morgen - TRANSCEND Media Service

26 Nov 2020 - Dans cet article Marc Vandepitte, lecteur tous azimuts, présente des faits marquants, des chiffres et des citations du monde entier qui n’ont guère attiré l’attention des autres médias, mais qui méritent certainement d’être mentionnés pour comprendre le monde chaotique d’aujourd’hui.

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The Year-Long Week

Old News, but…

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A People’s Vaccine? Drugmakers Set to Profit from COVID Vaccines Made with Publicly Funded Research

Amy Goodlman | Democracy NOW! - TRANSCEND Media Service

23 Nov 2020 - With the world pinning its hopes on a successful coronavirus vaccine to curb the pandemic, corporate watchdogs say much of the research and development of the medicines rely on publicly funded research.

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The Sound of Silence (Music Video of the Week)

Simon & Garfunkel | Chinese Boys Band - TRANSCEND Media Service

Name of performers unknown—but they are excellent.

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No Kidding

Dietrich Fischer – TRANSCEND Media Service

A mouse ran for her life away from a cat. She saw a cow and begged,

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