Welcome Note

TRANSCEND Media Service-TMS is both a service to other media and a medium in its own right. You are most welcome to use all materials originated here–no copyright, no fees–but attribution is greatly appreciated.

Every Monday we post Videos and Commentaries on current events from various subjects and parts of the world, drawing on the TRANSCEND network, which covers much of the world, and others.

The section Peace Journalism Perspective is inspired by a solution orientation, trying to identify the conflicts underlying the violence–direct and structural–so rampant in the world. Moreover, to search for ways out, a solution, itself in search of agency. The basic point about Peace Journalism is multi-truth, multi-angle reporting, with an inspiring, positive solution-orientation.

There are also links to related websites that may be of interest to our readers, and we are grateful for proposals to the TMS editor.

We send a TMS Weekly Digest to subscribers every Monday.

Again, welcome to TRANSCEND Media Service-TMS. Please help us make it better, as an antidote to the corporate media mono-angle negativism always in search of bombs, violence and catastrophes to report!

-Prof. Johan Galtung, founder of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment

-Antonio Carlos da Silva Rosa, M.A., editor