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1. Johan Galtung, Christian Beck, Johannes Jaagstad: Educational Growth and Educational Disparity (PEP 1)58 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Deductive Thinking and Political Practice: An Essay on Teutonic Intellectual Style20 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Is Peaceful Research Possible? On the Methodology of Peace Research25 pp
4. Johan Galtung: On Macro-History and Western Civilization (TWC 1)44 pp
5. Erik Rudeng: Concepts of Western Pluralism (TWC 2)52 pp
6. Tore Heiestad: Some Longitudinal Tendencies (TWC 3)37 pp
7. Johan Galtung: Schooling and Future Society (PEP 2)39 pp
8. Johan Galtung: Peace as a Profession and New Peace Action Roles20 pp
9. Johan Galtung: East-West Security and Cooperation: A Skeptical Contribution14 pp
10. Johan Galtung: World Indicators (WIP 1)47 pp
11. Johan Galtung, Amalendu Guha, Anders Wirak, Malva Cifuentes, A. Lovbraek, S. Sjolie: Measuring World Development (WIP 2)75 pp
12. Amalendu B. Guha: Rumania as a Development Model32 pp
13. Erik Rudeng: The State of Macro-History Today (TWC 4)26 pp
14. Johan Galtung, Veslemoy Wiese: Measuring Non-Formal Education (WIP 3 / PEP 3)37 pp
15. Malva Cifuentes: Acerca de Educacion Formal/Informal: Una Experiencia en Chile 1972-73 (WIP 4 / PEP 4) (Spanish)26 pp
16. Veslemoy Wiese: Adult Education in Norway and Sweden (WIP 5/PEP 5)27 pp
17. Johan Galtung: Achieving Peace15 pp
18. Magnus Haavelsrud: Principles of Peace Education (PEP 6)23 pp
19. Johan Galtung: Human Settlements: A Theory, Some Strategies and Some Proposals (WIP 6)30 pp
20. Johan Galtung: The Lome Convention and Neo-Capitalism16 pp
21. Jon Elster: Leibniz and the Development of Economic Rationality (TWC 5)18 pp
22. Johan Galtung: Social Imperialism and Sub-Imperialism: Continuities in the Structural Theory of Imperialism24 pp
23. Johan Galtung: The Dialectics of Education: The Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik (PEP 7)24 pp
24. Johan Galtung, Helge Hveem: Participants in Peace-Keeping Forces27 pp
25. Dag Poleszynski: Ecology, Energy and Resources: Some Problems of Indicator Formation (WIP 8)28 pp
26. Tore Heiestad: Some Longitudinal Tendencies II (TWC 6)128 pp
27. Hakon Stang: Westernness and Islam (TWC 7)96 pp
28. Erik Rudeng: Patterns of Western History: Unity in Diversity (TWC 8)81 pp
29. Johan Galtung: Alternative Life Styles in Rich Countries: A Think Piece19 pp
30. Johan Galtung: The Specific Contribution of Peace Research to the Study of the Causes of Violence: Typologies21 pp
31. Johan Galtung, Erik Rudeng, Tore Heiestad: Makro-Historie og den Vestlige Sivilisasjon: En Presentasjon av et Forskningsprooram (TWC 9) (Norwegian)43 pp
32. Dag Poleszynski: Waste Production and Overdevelopment: An Approach to Ecological Indicators (WIP 9)22 pp
33. Johan Galtung: Positivism and Dialectics: A Comparison23 pp
34. Johan Galtung: Generalized Methodology for Social Research23 pp
35. Johan Galtung: Self-Reliance: Concept, Practice and Rationale25 pp
36. Johan Galtung: Social Position and Social Behavior: Center-Periphery Concepts and Theories24 pp
37. Johan Galtung, Anders Wirak: Human Needs, Human Rights and the Theory of Development (WIP 10)75 pp
38. Malva Cifuentes: Testing WIP Development Concepts: Chile Before and After the Coup (WIP 11)57 pp
39. Johan Galtung: Structural Analysis: Vocabulary, Graphs and Structures as Indicators (WIP 12)21 pp
40. Anders Wirak: Human Needs as Basis for Indicator Formation: A Tentative Approach (WIP 13)32 pp
41. Johan Galtung: Development, Environment and Technology: Some Non-Economic Aspects (TWC 10)92+2 pp
42. Johan Galtung: Culture, Structure and Mental Disorder (TWC 11)29 pp
43. Hakon Stang: Materialized Ideology: On Liberal and Marxist Power Analysis, Westernness and the Car (TWC 12)26 pp
44. Johan Galtung: The Politics of Self-Reliance28 pp
45. Tore Heiestad: Nomadic Migration in Eurasian History (TWC 13)22 pp
46. Johan Galtung: Is the Legal Perspective Structure-Blind?16 pp
47. Johan Galtung: The Dynamics of Rank Conflict: An Essay on Single vs. Multiple Social Systems26 pp
48. Johan Galtung: Non-Territorial Actors: The Invisible Continent. Towards a Typology of International Organizations34 pp
49. Anders Helge Wirak: Om Indikasjon av Menneskerettightene (WIP 14) (Norwegian)81 pp
50. Malva Cifuentes: Self-Reliance and Dependence: A Latin American Perspective (WIP 15)45 pp
51. Johan Galtung: Human Needs as the Focus of the Social Sciences17 pp
52. Johan Galtung: Development From Above and the Blue Revolution: The Indo-Norwegian Project in Kerala 31
53. Dag Poleszynski: The Concept of Overdevelopment: Theories, Causality and Indicators (WIP 16)40 pp
54. Johan Galtung, Tore Heiestad, Erik Rudeng: On the Last 2500 Years in Western History and Some Remarks on the Coming 500 (TWC 14)58 pp
55. Johan Galtung: Self-Reliance and Global Interdependence: Some Reflections on the "New International Economic Order"31 pp
56. Johan Galtung: Literacy, Education and Schooling - For What? (PEP 8)28 pp
57. Johan Galtung: Korea North and South: Never the Twain Shall Meet? Is Peaceful Cooperation Between Different Systems Possible?22 pp
58. Johan Galtung: On the Future of the Mediterranean: Some Notes From an Outsider19 pp
59. Johan Galtung: "Nonterritorial Actors and the Problem of Peace" in Saul H. Mendlovitz (ed.): On the Creation of a Just World Order, Amsterdam: North Holland63 pp
60. Johan Galtung: Whither Technical Assistance? On the Future of International Development Cooperation28 pp
61. Johan Galtung: China After Mao - Is There a Chinese Strategy of Development?11+17 pp
62. Johan Galtung: On the Rise of Intellectuals as a Class: An Excursion Into Self-Criticism (PEP 9)13 pp
63. Johan Galtung: Poor Countries vs. Rich, Poor People vs. Rich: Whom Will NIEO Benefit?40 pp
64. Einar Flydal: Begreper og Indikatorer om Indre Kolonisering: Gir "Etnisitet" et Metodologisk Utgangspunkt? (Concepts and Indicators of Internal Colonization) (WIP 17) (Norwegian)38 pp
65. Jan Oberg: The New International Military Order - The Real Threat to Human Security. An Essay on Global Armament, Structural Militarism and Alternative Security (WIP 18)98 pp
66. Johan Galtung: Military Formations and Social Formations: A Structural Analysis26 pp
67. Johan Galtung: On the Eastern European Social Formation.21+4 pp
69. Johan Galtung: Social Outer Limits51 pp
70. Johan Galtung: "Human Needs, National Interest and World Politics: The Law of the Sea Conference" in Johan Galtung: Essays in Peace Research, Vol. V: Peace Problems: Some Case Studies. Copenhagen: Ejlers361-380, 490 pp
71. Johan Galtung, Anders Wirak: On the Relationship Between Human Rights and Human Needs (WIP 19)57 pp
72. Johan Galtung: On Violence in General and Terrorism in Particular27 pp
73. Johan Galtung: The Theory of Conflict and the Concept of Probability11 pp
74. Johan Galtung: The Basic Needs Approach (WIP 20)91 pp
75. Johan Galtung, Tore Heiestad, Erik Rudeng: On the Decline and Fall of Empires: The Roman Empire and Western Imperialism Compared (TWC 15)71 pp
76. Johan Galtung: Om Makrohistoriens Epistemologi og Metodologi: En Skisse (Norwegian)32 pp
77. Johan Galtung: Agrarian Reform and Rural Development: A Perspective and Some Theses39 pp
78. Johan Galtung: On Formal and Informal Power Systems And Their Effects on Global Planning, Management and Institutions25 pp
79. Johan Galtung: Towards a New International Technological Order?31 pp
80. Johan Galtung: The New International Economic Order and the Basic Needs Approaches: Compatibility, Contradiction and/or Conflict?23 pp
81. Johan Galtung: Educational Disparities, World Politics and the New International Economic Order28 pp
82. Johan Galtung: Social Cosmology and the Concept of Peace (TWC 16)28 pp
83. Johan Galtung: Some Strategies for Reducing Educational Inequalities11 pp
84. Dag Poleszynski: The Dominant Way of Life in Norway: Positive and Negative Aspects (WIP 21)38 pp
85. Johan Galtung: On the Structure and Function of Transnational Universities (PEP 10)13 pp
86. Dag Poleszynski: Social Pathologies and Energy Use in Overdeveloped Societies (WIP 22)37 pp
87. Magnus Haavelsrud: Friedenspadagogische Strategien Gegen Gewalt (Peace Pedagogical Strategies against Violence, with a Summary in English) (PEP 11) (German)34+4 pp
88. Dag Poleszynski: Overdevelopment and Alternative Ways of Life: The Case of Norway35 pp
90. Dag Poleszynski: Food, Social Cosmology and Mental Health: The Case of Sugar49 pp
91. Hakon Stang: On Historical Causality and Cosmology (TWC 18)34 pp
93. Hakon Stang: The Center-Periphery Myth of the World: Origin of Universalism in Eurasia (TWC 20)119 pp
96. Johan Galtung: Western Civilization in the Contraction Mode (TWC 22)33 pp
97. Johan Galtung: Two Ways of Being Western: Some Similarities Between Liberalism and Marxism26 pp
98. Johan Galtung: Structure, Culture, and Intellectual Style: An Essay Comparing Saxonic, Teutonic, Gallic and Nipponic Approaches. In Social Science Information (SAGE, London and Beverly Hills), 20, 6 (1981)817-56 pp
99. Johan Galtung, Fumiko Nishimura: Structure, Culture and Languages: An Essay Comparing the Indo-European, Chinese and Japanese languages.27+9 pp

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