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1. Johan Galtung: The European Community and the Working Class: Some Preliminary Observations12 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Statement Concerning Professor William O. Peterfi3 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Comments on Professor Ahn&pos;s Paper: Korea in the Year 200013 pp
4. Johan Galtung: What Does It Mean to Be an Advanced Country? Korea at the Crossroads9 pp. 09 pp
5. Johan Galtung: Research on Imperialism: Inter-Disciplinary Approaches to International Relations23 pp
6. Johan Galtung: Book Review: Vilhelm Agrell, BEHIND THE SUBMARINE CRISIS4 pp
7. Johan Galtung: Review Essay: Kenneth E. Boulding: THE WORLD AS A TOTAL SYSTEM and HUMAN BETTERMENT11 pp
8. Johan Galtung: The Peace Movement: A Structural-Functional Exploration45 pp
9. Johan Galtung: Introduction, Essays in Peace Research, Vol. VI16 pp
10. Johan Galtung: UNESCO, A Contribution to Peace?23 pp
11. Johan Galtung: The Politics of Time for Work4 pp
12. Johan Galtung: Language and War: Is There a Connection?17 pp
13. Johan Galtung: Dialogues in Practice5 pp
14. Johan Galtung: The United Nations Today: Problems and Some Proposals- And Some Remarks on the Role of the Nordic Countries22+1 pp
15. Johan Galtung: Now Is the Chance!2 pp
16. Johan Galtung: Methodology and Development: Epilogue8 pp
17. Johan Galtung: Nonviolence Against Extreme Oppression: Three Cases Compared - Norway, Germany, Poland17+1 pp
18. Johan Galtung: Occupied Palestine: Is a Nonviolent Solution Possible?17+1 pp
19. Johan Galtung: A New Era for NGOs in the United Nations?11+2 pp
20. Johan Galtung: Europe the Contradictory11 pp
21. Johan Galtung: Carriers of Cosmology11 pp
22. Johan Galtung: Age, Gender and Race; Nation and Class: What Is the Relationship to Cosmology?11 pp
23. Johan Galtung: Star Wars: An Even More Offensive Weapon System16+3 pp
24. Johan Galtung: The United Nations University: A Bird&pos;s-Eye View23 pp
25. Johan Galtung: Religion and Peace: Some Reflections13 pp
26. Johan Galtung: Positive Peace Politics for Japan: Some Proposals38 pp
27. Johan Galtung: Japan-US Economic Relations: A Case Study in Economic Imperialism?36 pp
28. Johan Galtung: The United States Foreign Policy: As Manifest Theology38+2 pp
29. Johan Galtung: The Cold War, Peace and Development
Appendix: Alternative Security Policies
in the Pacific Theater
7+1 pp
30. Johan Galtung: Preface, Alberto L&pos;Abate, Consenso, Conflitto e Mutuamento Sociale2 pp

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