Here you can find a collection of some of the papers and articles by Johan Galtung.
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1. Johan Galtung: Intellectual Products and Intellectual Mode of Production: The Case of the United Nations University19 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Welcome to Norway!: President's Address, 1986 Humanist World Congress8 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Anti-Washington But Pro-American!10 pp
4. Johan Galtung: Democracy and Development23 pp
5. Johan Galtung: Preface, Table of Contents, Epilogue: (BOOK) EIGHT LECTURES IN PEACE RESEARCH: JAPAN IN THE WORLD COMMUNITY3 pp
6. Johan Galtung: Diversity of Cultural Norms Relating to War and the Environment: The Major Civilizations31+14 pp
7. Johan Galtung: China in the World Economy: The Problem of Internal Adequacy28 pp
8. Johan Galtung: The "Peace Process" Twenty Years Later: Failure Without Alternative?20+1 pp
9. Johan Galtung: The Structure of a Myth: "Nuclear Deterrence Has Preserved Peace in Europe for Forty Years"14 pp
10. Johan Galtung: On the Phenomenology of the American Smile: Some Implications for US Aggressiveness10 pp
11. Johan Galtung: Principles of Nonviolent Action25 pp
12. Johan Galtung: Alternative Security Policies in Europe32+5 pp
13. Johan Galtung: Peace Studies: A Curriculum Proposal18 pp
14. Johan Galtung: Peace Studies in the U.S.: Five Reflections11 pp
15. Johan Galtung: The Card-Players4 pp
16. Johan Galtung: US and Soviet World Myths: Contradictory or Compatible?18 pp
17. Johan Galtung: Europe: A Macro Historic Overview11 pp

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