Dear applicant to the TRANSCEND Peace University,

Welcome! We hope you will enjoy your course or courses and learn a great deal, also from the opportunity to stay in dialogue with fellow participants from around the world. On this page you can enroll to TPU in four easy steps.

1. Select your courses

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2. Read the following information regarding fees and choose how you want to pay

Tuition Fees

One course: 900 € 450 €
Two courses
incl. reduction:
1800 €
1500 €
900 €
750 €

The fees per course amount to €900 for participants from OECD-countries and €450 for participants from non-OECD countries for the 12-week courses. If you enroll in two or more courses you will get a reduction. Please refer to the table on the right for all fees.


You can pay for your courses via bank transfer to our bank account or via paypal or credit card. Please choose how you want to pay:

Refund Policy
If for any reason you wish to withdraw from a course (illness, changed circumstances, etc.), you can get a refund of your tuition.
Our policy on refunds is as follows:

  • Before a course begins, you can ask for a full refund (minus the cost of the textbook you received, if it has already been shipped to you). You need not give us any reason why you request a refund.
  • Within the first week of classes, you can request a full refund (minus costs of the textbook and shipping).
  • After the first week no refund is possible.
  • If, during the course you simply stop doing the assignments, without informing the administration and the professor that you want to withdraw from the course, you will not get any refund after the course has ended.

Please also note:

  1. The number of participants per course is limited.
  2. Your registration becomes official the moment we receive your fees and not when we receive your application.
  3. This means that in order to secure your spot on the course it is strongly advised to transfer the fees at your earliest convenience as the maximum number of participants can be reached any moment.

To calculate your total tuition fee, please tell us whether you are coming form an OECD country or not.
If you are in doubt, please check here.

3. Your contact information

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4. Confirm your Application


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