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from Johan Galtung and the team of TRANSCEND University Press (TUP)

Looking for #ConflictTransformation materials and ways to overcome the omnipresent cycle of violence? On this website you are be able to look into, order and read about the books published by TRANSCEND University Press (TUP), founded in 2008 by Prof. Johan Galtung, the pioneer of Peace Research and founder of the TRANSCEND International Network.

The founding of TUP marks the 50th anniversary of Johan Galtung's engagement in Peace Research and Peace Action, and also celebrates the 15th anniversary of the TRANSCEND Network.

TRANSCEND University Press will publish high quality books about peace by peaceful means, development by developmental means and environment by environmental means. They will often be outcomes of research at Transcend Research Institute (TRI), and of teachings at the Transcend Peace University (TPU). At TPU they may be used as text-books, or courses may be built around the books.

Our goal is to become a leading publisher in this field, knowing who needs, who can use, and who demands this knowledge; and knowing who can supply it. We want much dialogue with both sides of this demand-supply equation to do the best possible job. One publishing formula is with KOLOFON Forlag in Oslo. They sell book packages with printing and ISBN and can distribute from their own center in Norway and via shops.

The other publishing formula would be with any publisher that puts the TUP logo up front against us using our channels to advertise the book and sale via TUP.

The revenue will be used for TRANSCEND activities.


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