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TRANSCEND International's Statement
Concerning the Label of anti-Semitism Against Johan Galtung


It is both possible and meaningful to be

  • anti-hitlerism without being anti-German,
  • anti-stalinism withour being anti-Russian.
  • anti-US imperialism without being anti-American,
  • anti-expanionist zionism without being anti-semitic,
  • anti-quislingism without being anti-Norwegian,
  • anti-Japanese militarism without being anti-Japanese.

I have stood and will continue to stand by these convictions.
Johan Galtung, Founder Of The Academic Discipline Of Peace Studies

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May 2nd 2012

1. Prof. Galtung has been working on the case of Anders Behring Breivik since the very day of the man's murderous onslaught on July 22nd 2011. In this capacity, Prof. Galtung was invited late 2011 to give a public lecture at the University of Oslo to elaborate the components of Breivik's motivational and political psychology.
Professor Galtung was shocked by the reaction to some of his peripheral observations in connection with his ongoing inquiry into Breivik's mind in Norway. He did not expect to be labelled totally incorrectly as anti-Semite. He refuses this utterly repugnant black-white etiquetting. G√ľnter Grass was also labelled as anti-Semite and denied access to Israel when he published a poem that warned against a specific point, a possible Israeli attack on Iran.

2. Again: All of this results from his ongoing inquiries into the Breivik case. All want to disassociate themselves from Breivik, but it is clear from Breivik's own statements that he is firmly rooted in the Judeo- Christian history, including myths. As a Free Mason, he is a member of a secret organization with a loyalty oath. From a researcher's perspective, this "conspiratorial oath to secrecy" makes a meaningful police investigation impossible.

3. Johan Galtung received a series of questions by email from the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz. His answers are added at the end for public perusal. They have not been quoted in the Ha'aretz article, but been completely twisted out of context and misrepresented.
Almost everything human has positive and negative aspects. Some people cannot accept any criticism at all. Yet a critic may be your best friend. If someone walks towards a cliff, who is a real friend, the one who says, "Go right ahead!" or the one who says, "Stop, turn around, you are in danger!" There is no doubt who is a true friend.

4. Galtung fully recognizes that the "Protocols", as revealed in 1921, are a sickening falsification, probably fabricated by the Russian Secret Police, to justify the pogroms. But he does not know precisely who was the author, a point prominently echoed by Umberto Eco for his masterful "The Prague Cemetery". Galtung is fully aware that they represent a very sensitive issue that brings up all the sufferings of the Jewish people. This trauma notwithstanding, it is important that people know of those aspects of the content, which deal mainly with the use of debt bondage as power. The major actors that currently apply debt bondage are China, Japan and the EU relative to the US, Germany relative to peripheral countries in Europe, like Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland (GIPSI) and the World Bank relative to the World; for a horrifying example, see John Perkins (2004) "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". That people of Jewish belief and Judaism have nothing to do with any of this goes without saying.

5. To criticize Israel's current foreign policy is not anti-Semitic, but a part of democratic debate. Johan Galtung, like many others, is the proponent of a prosperous and peaceful Israel, in peace with all its neighbors. He has a concrete proposal, first time made public in 1971: A Middle East Community of Israel with its five Arab neighbors, modeled after the European Community of the Treaty of Rome, which went into effect in 1958. This very proposal was published by Akiva Eldar in Ha'aretz in 2007 under the title "Ingredients for a True Peace Process."

Appendix: Johan Galtung's complete answers to questions by Ofer Aderet at Ha'aretz, 29 April 2012

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