Solution-oriented news on TMS:  ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 51: Israel Fires at Palestinians Attempting to Return to Northern Gaza Amid Shaky Truce  -   Al-Shifa Hospital, Hamas’ Tunnels, and Israeli Propaganda  -   Justifying Genocide, a Shameful Transparent Spectacle  -   IDF Knew Real Hamas HQ while Lying about al-Shifa  -   Coherent Reconciliation of Eastern and Western Patterns of Logic  -   29 November: UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People  -   Israel’s War on Hospitals  -   Interrupting Genocide: Humanity Challenged as Never Before  -   COP28: When Is the Climate Summit and Why Is It Being Held in Dubai?  -   Fake Palestinian Terrorist Arrest  -   Syria Is Playing the Long Game – Developing Strategy for the Potential of All-Out War  -   Climate Equality: A planet for the 99%  -   I Condemn Myself  -   Tunnels for Safety and Tunnels for Death  -   Actual U.S. Military Spending Reached US$ 1.537 Trillion in 2022—More than Twice Acknowledged Level (US$ 765.8 billion)  -   Activating the Genocide Convention  -   Selling a Genocide  -   Putin Was Declared a War Criminal for *Relocating* the Same Number of Children Netanyahu Just *Killed*  -   Agreement Reached: EU to Criminalise Severe Environmental Harms “Comparable to Ecocide”  -   BRICS Condemns Israel War on Gaza in Signal to the West  -   My Dear Other  -  

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