Solution-oriented news on TMS:  COVID World Data: 163,7M Total; 143,3M Recovered; 3,3M Deceased; 704,8M Vaccinated  -   World Coronavirus Map  -   Covid 19 Pandemic: Scriptural and Historical Perspectives  -   Citizen Pilgrim: To Be or Not to Be  -   Varoufakis: From an Economics without Capitalism to Markets without Capitalism  -   Comparability of “Vaxxing Saves” with “Jesus Saves” as Misinformation?  -   Clashes, Scuffles, Conflict – Western Media’s Euphemisms for Israel’s Brutal Violence in Sheikh Jarrah  -   ‘What We’ve Seen in Sheikh Jarrah Is a Microcosm of What We’ve Experienced for the Last 70+ Years’  -   (Português) Poder Político versus Poder Financeiro  -   (Italiano) Fermare la guerra fredda alla Cina e diventare partner – per il bene comune dell’umanità  -   Six More Lawsuits Filed Against Syngenta and Chevron Over Pesticide That Causes Parkinson’s Disease  -   Second Stage Terror Wars  -   The (Im)Proper Meshing of the Corporate Media and the Military-Industrial Complex  -   What the Overlooked History of Post-1960s Organizing Can Teach Activists Today  -   The Costs of War to U.S. Allies since 9/11  -   Israel, the Big Lie  -   “The Time Has Come . . .”  -   ‘Government Money That’s Gone into Vaccine Development Is Being Privatized by a Handful of Companies’  -   Art against Drones  -   The Ball  -   The Council on Foreign Relations, the Biden Team, and Key Policy Outcomes  -  
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