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1. Johan Galtung: The United Nations University: Some Ideas (G1.)4 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Report of the First United Nations University Expert Group on World Hunger, September 22-26, 1975 (G2.)16 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Goals and Processes of Development: An Integrated View (G3.)28 pp
4. Johan Galtung: Global Processes and the World in the 1980s: Prolegomenon I for a GPID World Model (G4.)23+9 pp
5. Johan Galtung: Towards a GPID World Model: Some Basic Considerations (G5.)26 pp
6. Johan Galtung: The GPID(L) World Model: Some Basic Aspects (G6.)28 pp
7. Johan Galtung: On Human Centered Development: Images of Human Development in Different Civilizations (HD1.)17 pp
8. Johan Galtung: On the Theory of Human-Centered Theories (HD2.)10 pp
9. Johan Galtung: Development Goals: The View From the Bottom (HD3.)9 pp
10. Johan Galtung: On the Relationship Between Human Rights and Human Needs (HD4.)50 pp
11. Johan Galtung: Five Cosmologies: An Impressionistic Presentation (DC1.)22+4 pp
12. Johan Galtung: Eschatology, Cosmology and the Formation of Visions (DC2.)25+4 pp
13. Johan Galtung: On the Future of South America: Some Notes on the Role of Iberic Cosmology (DC3.)13+6 pp
14. Johan Galtung: On the Meaning of "Nation" as a Variable (DC4.)37 pp
15. Johan Galtung: What Is Cultural Development? (DC5.)7 pp
16. Johan Galtung: On Alpha and Beta and Their Many Combinations (DS1.)83 pp
17. Johan Galtung: On Expansion/Exploitation - On Autonomy/Liberation:
1. Two Concepts of Exploitation
2. Exploitation: A Multidimensional View
3. Liberation: A Multidimensional View (DS2.)
48+2 pp
18. Johan Galtung: On the Rise of Intellectuals as a Class: An Excursion Into Self-Criticism (DS3.)15 pp
19. Johan Galtung: Small Is Beautiful - How Much Big Is Necessary? An Essay On Federalism (DS4.)11 pp
20. Johan Galtung: Freedom and Pluralistic Society: An Essay on Federalism (DS5.)20 pp
21. Johan Galtung: "A Structural Theory of Imperialism" - Ten Years Later (DS6.)17+3 pp
22. Johan Galtung: The Brandt Report: Old Wine in Old Bottles with New Labels (DS7.)18 pp
23. Johan Galtung: Poland, August-September 1980: Is a Socialist Revolution under State Capitalism Possible? In Journal of Peace Research, No.4, Vol. XVII, 1980 (DS8.)281-90 pp
24. Johan Galtung: Goals, Processes and Indicators of Food, Health and Energy Development (FHE1.)34+7 pp
25. Johan Galtung: Agrarian Reform and Rural Development: A Perspective and Ten Theses (FHE2.)23+16 pp
26. Johan Galtung: Society and Health: Some Health Related Societal Trends in Industrialized Countries (FHE3.)17+6 pp
27. Johan Galtung: Perspectives on Environmental Politics in Overdeveloped and Underdeveloped Countries (FHE4.)25 pp
28. Johan Galtung: World Economic Crisis in the Near Future: Some First and Third World Scenarios (FHE5.)21 pp
29. Johan Galtung: Growth in Services, International Division of Labor and the Future of the International System (FHE6.)18 pp
30. Johan Galtung: The Changing Interface Between Peace and Development in a Changing World (PM1.)9+1 pp
31. Johan Galtung: Military Formations and Social Formations: A Structural Analysis (PM2.)26 pp
32. Johan Galtung: Nine Points About the Neutron Bomb (PM3.)3 pp
33. Johan Galtung: Alternative Ways of Life: A New Approach to Development Studies (AWL1.)10 pp
34. Johan Galtung: Overdevelopment and Alternative Ways of Life in High Income Countries (AWL2.)35 pp
35. Johan Galtung: Why the Concern With Ways of Life? (AWL3.)26 pp
36. Johan Galtung: Overdevelopment and Alternative Ways of Life in High Income Countries (AWL4.)14+1 pp
37. Johan Galtung: The Struggle Against Maldevelopment in High Income Countries (AWL5.)5 pp
38. Johan Galtung: Alternative Ways of Life: Towards a Typology (AWL6.)3 pp
39. Johan Galtung: Style of Leadership and Way of Life: Politicians and the Theory of Development (AWL7.)11 pp
40. Johan Galtung: Class Struggle and WOL Struggle (AWL8.)2 pp
41. Johan Galtung: Weakening the Strong and Strengthening the Weak: Towards a Theory of Strategies for Development (S1.)23 pp
42. Johan Galtung: On the Strategy of Development of Developed Countries: The Red-Green Alliance and Its Problems (S2.)8 pp
43. Johan Galtung: Three Modes of Approaching Social Goals (S3.)5 pp
44. Johan Galtung: Strategies For Democratization of the Nonterritorial Continent (S4.)9 pp
45. Johan Galtung: Is There a Chinese Strategy of Development? A Contribution to an Everlasting Debate (S5.)25 pp
46. Johan Galtung: ICJ Conference on Development and the Rule of Law: What Kind of Development And What Kind of Law? (S6.)12 pp
47. Johan Galtung: The Blue and the Red; The Green and the Brown: A Guide to Movements and Countermovements (S7.)32+2 pp
48. Johan Galtung: On the Future of Transnational Corporations: Two Scenarios (S8.)8 pp
49. Johan Galtung: In Defense of Epistemological Eclecticism (M1.)20 pp
50. Johan Galtung: Dialogue as Development: On Goals, Processes and Indicators of Dialogues (M2.)28+8 pp
51. Johan Galtung: A Note on Dialogues With Children (M3.)3 pp
52. Johan Galtung: Forms of Presentation: A Forgotten Aspect of Social Science Epistemology (M4.)26+3 pp
53. Johan Galtung: Towards Synergy in Networks of People With Networks of Problems: A Note on GPID Methodology (M5.)23 pp
1. Johan Galtung, Tore Heiestad, Eric Ruge: On the Decline and Fall of Empires: The Roman Empire and Western Imperialism Compared (HSDRGPID-1)
2. Susan George: An Issues Paper - Contributed by the Food Study Group of the GPID Project (HSDRGPID-2)
3. Lim Teck Ghee, Ng Sock Nye: Working Towards Meaningful Dialogues: The Malasyan Experience (HSDRGPID-3)
4. Gilbert Rist: Development Theories in the Social Looking-Glass: Some Reflections From Theories to "Development" (HSDRGPID-4)
5. John Wak: Village Based Projects and Rural Development in Kala Village, Papua New Guinea (HSDRGPID-5)
6. Mats Griberg, Bjorn Hettne, Gordon Tamm: Societal Change and Development Thinking: An Inventory of Issues (HSDRGPID-6)
7. Telma Nudler: Towards a Model of Human Growth (HSDRGPID-7)
8. Roy Preiswerk: Cultural Identity, Self-Reliance and Basic Needs (HSDRGPID-8)
9. Patrick Healey: Basic Human Needs: The Politics of Mobilization (HSDRGPID-9)
10. Patick Healey: Basic Human Needs: Methodology and Mobilization (HSDRGPID-10)
11. Hiroharu Seki: Global Militarization and Its Remedy (HSDRGPID-11)
12. Fawzy Mansour: Global Social Democracy and the New International Economic Order (HSDRGPID-12)
13. Oscar Nudler: Notes for an Epistemology of Holism (HSDRGPID-13)
14. Kinhide Mushakoji: Scientific Revolution and Inter-Paradigmatic Dialogues (HSDRGPID-14)
15. M. Taghi Farvar: Aspects of the Iranian Revolution (HSDRGPID-15)
16. Mihai C. Botez, Ileana Ionescu Sisesti, Ana Maria Sandi, Adrian Vasilescu: Preliminaries on a Comparative Analysis of the Varios Viewpoints on the Quality of Life (HSDRGPID-16)
17. Chadwick F. Alger: The Organizational Context of Development: Illuminating Paths For Wider Participation (HSDRGPID-17)
18. Yona Friedman: The Quaternary Sector (HSDRGPID-18)
19. David C. Pitt: The Nature and Future of Development in New Zealand (HSDRGPID-19)
20. Yona Friedman: About Critical Groupsize (HSDRGPID-20)
21. E.L. Wijemanne, Earl Wanigasekera: Needs-Their Perception and Expression: The Sri Lanka Experience (HSDRGPID-21)
22. Anthony J. N. Judge: Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: The Role of Number (HSDRGPID-22)
23. Kimon Valaskakis, Iris Martin: Economic Indicators and the GPID: An Attempt to Bring Economics Back Into the Church Without Losing the Faith (HSDRGPID-23)
24. Herb Addo: Approaching the Peculiarity of the Caribbean Plight Within the Paradox of the Representataive State in the Contemporary World-System (HSDRGPID-24)
25. Bennie A. Khoapa: The African Personality (HSDRGPID-25)
26. Dag Poleszynski: Negative and Positive Sides of Norwegian Life Style: An Empirical Assessment of Overdevelopment (HSDRGPID-26)
27. Peter Ester: Attitudes of the Dutch Population on Alternative Life Styles and Environmental Deterioration (HSDRGPID-27)
28. Andrzej Sicinski: Dominant and Alternative Life Styles in Poland: An Outline (HSDRGPID-28)
29. Kai Lemberg, Per Lovetand, Steen Juhler, Jens Falkentorp, Mogens Klovedal, Dino Raymond Hansen: Dominant Ways of Life in Denmark/Alternative Ways of Life in Denmark (HSDRGPID-29)
30. Lore Scheer, Fred Prager: Austria in the Year 1979: How Austria Weathered the Economic Storm of the Seventies (HSDRGPID-30)
31. Barbara and J. P. Roos: Ways of Life in Finland: A Preliminary Discussion (HSDRGPID-31)
32. Samir Amin: Reflexions sur la Theorie de l´Imperialisme; et Revolution ou Decadence? La Crise du Systeme Imperialiste Contemporain et Celle de l´Empire Romain (HSDRGPID-32)
33. Cadman Atta Mills: On Social Indicators and Development (HSDRGPID-33)
34. M. Hossein Haeri, M. Taghi Farvar: Traditional Rural Institutions and Their Implications for Development Planning: Studies from Hamadan Province of Iran (HSDRGPID-34)
35. M. Hossein Haeri: Economic Development and the Village in Iran: Prospects for an Alternative Approach (HSDRGPID-35)
36. Folker Frobel: The Current Development of the World Economy (HSDRGPID-36)
37. Otto Kreye: Perspectives for Development Through Industrialization in the 1980s: An Independent Viewpoint on Dependency (HSDRGPID-37)
38. Hugo Zemelman: Focus Problems Latent in the Construction and Use of Social-Economic Indicators (HSDRGPID-38)
39. Zdzislaw Sadowski: The Concept of Rationality and the Macro-Indicators of Goal Attainment in Socio-Economic Development (HSDRGPID-39)
40. Kimon Valaskakis: The Big Rock Candy Mountain: A Paradigm of the Values of the Mass-Consumprion Society (HSDRGPID-40)
41. Hans Zetterberg: The Swedish Public and Nuclear Energy: The Referendum 1980 (HSDRGPID-41)
42. Philippe d´Iribarne: How To Improve Our Life Styles (HSDRGPID-42)
43. Anna Coen, Eleonora Masini: Alternative Ways of Life: The Italian Case (HSDRGPID-43)
44. Lim Teck Ghee: Alternative Ways of Life in Malaysia: What Prospects for the Masses? (HSDRGPID-44)
45. Ramashray Roy: Alternative Ways of Life in India: Pollution of Poverty or Bane of Affluence? (HSDRGPID-45)
46. The Romanian Team: Mathematical Paths in the Study of Human Needs (HSDRGPID-46)
47. The Romanian Team: Aggregated Social Indicators and Some Theoretical Requirements (HSDRGPID-47)
48. M. Hossein Haeri: Dialectical Transformation: A Study of "Dialogue" As a Method for Research and Development in a Rural Milieu (HSDRGPID-48)
49. Susan George: The Hunger Problematique and a Critique of Research (HSDRGPID-49)
50. Johan Galtung: Agrarian Reform and Rural Development: A Perspective and Some Theses (HSDRGPID-50)
51. Mihai C. Botez, Mariana Celac: Global Modelling... Without Models? Theory, Medhodology and Rhetoric in World Modelling (HSDRGPID-51)
52. Johan Galtung: Global Processes and the World in the 1980s: Prolegomenon I for a GPID World Model (HSDRGPID-52)23+9 pp
53. Herb Addo: Approaching the New International Economic Order Dialectically and Transformationally (HSDRGPID-53)
54. Johan Galtung: World Conflict Formation Processes in the 1980s: Prolegomenon III for a GPID World Model (HSDRGPID-54)
55. Andre Gunder Frank: Kampuchea, Viet Nam, China: Observations and Reflections (HSDRGPID-55)
57. Edited by Dag Poleszinski: An Issues Paper - Contributed by the Energy Study Group of the Goals, Processes and Indicators of Development Project, United Nations University (HSDRGPID-57)
59. Dag Poleszynski: Food, Social Cosmology and Mental Health: The Case of Sugar (HSDRGPID-59)
60. Stefan Welzk: Experiences With a Sequence of Development Strategies: The Case of Romania (HSDRGPID-60)
61. Arne Naess, Danilo Dolci: Holism and Ecology (HSDRGPID-61)
63. Gilbert Rist, with Oscar Nudler, Telma Nudler, Chadwick Alger, Herb Addo: The Rist Dialogues (HSDRGPID-63)
64. Hilda and Miguel Escobar: Dialogue in the Pedagogical Praxis of Paulo Freire (HSDRGPID-64)
65. Herb Addo: A World-System Critique of Freire's Philosophy of Education: Naming the World Capitalist Reality (HSDRGPID-65)
66. Mihai C. Botez, Mariana Celac: Undesirable Versus Desirable Societies (HSDRGPID-66)
67. Fred Mahler: Alternative Ways of Life: An Approach from the Viewpoint of the Reproduction/Change Theory (HSDRGPID-67)
68. Barbara Roos, J. P. Roos: The Upper-Class Way of Life: An Alternative for What? (HSDRGPID-68)
69. Herb Addo: Prologue: The Eurocentric State of the Discipline (HSDRGPID-69)
70. Jurgen Heinrichs: Development of Unemployment and Manpower Policy in the Industrialized Countries (HSDRGPID-70)
71. Victor Bravo, Guillermo Gallo Mendoza, Juan Legisa, Carlos E. Suarez, Isaac Zyngierman: A First Approach to Defining Basic Energy Needs (HSDRGPID-71)
72. Victor Bravo, Guillermo Gallo Mendoza, Juan Legisa, Carlos E. Suarez, Isaac Zyngierman: Capital Requirements for Water Heating: Solar Versus Conventional Equipment (HSDRGPID-72)
76. Dietrich Fischer: Major Global Trends and Causal Interactions Among Them (HSDRGPID-76)
77. Edited by Jan Danecki: The Transformation in Poland: Some Points of View (HSDRGPID-77)

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