Will Someone Speak Out for the Heroic Libyan People?


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Pravda

The heroic people of Libya fight on against the occupation of their beloved country by NATO and by their Islamist terrorists who have visited terror on peaceful communities living together side-by-side for decades, their needs met by the Jamahiriya government of Muammar al-Qadhafi. Let us take a look at the situation today and apportion the blame.

The Jamahiriya government provided free housing, free healthcare, subsidised public utilities, a wedding gift of 50,000 dollars, free land and seeds and agricultural equipment as the Sahara Desert was turned into a gigantic oasis, education was free, even education abroad in foreign universities and Libya’s 700-plus tribes and sub-tribes lived together in peace.

One day along came NATO, and more specifically its evil and vile sidekick, the FUKUS Axis (France, the UK and the US), disliking al-Qadhafi’s African projects which saw the lobbies that control the Governments of these ex-Imperialist powers lose billions, and once again terrorists were groomed and supported, even those on the Foreign and Commonwealth’s own proscribed list, rendering William Hague open to trial for breaking his own law in any State of Law. A rebellion was organised, a false flag event was set up, the Libyan Air Force was blamed for strafing its own people, which it did not and in walked NATO with a hastily pushed through Resolution to impose a no-fly zone to protect the civilians, devoid of details and with promises made to Russia and China “believe us, we’ll fill in the details later”.

The result? Well, who trusts a word NATO says these days? Yet again, a spectacular Mission Creep, yet again all the rules in the book breached, along with all the international charters and agreements from the Geneva Conventions to the UN Charter as NATO took sides, attacked the Libyan Armed Forces and protected the terrorist elements it was defending and placing into power.

Murder, torture, looting, rape, arson, child sex abuses, robbery were all widely reported and documented – much of this evidence since cleansed as usual from the Net – as NATO and its terrorist darlings set about destroying the country, placing murderers and torturers into positions of power.

But did it work? No it did not. Pravda.Ru sources in Libya paint a picture of utter chaos, with each district and town having its own bands of militants, some of these being Islamist terrorists and others, patriots trying to defend their communities against this NATO-backed scourge.

One of these heroic groups of Libyans is in Bani Walid, holding out against terrorist forces coming from Misrata, the same that committed ethnic cleansing right under NATO’s nose and nobody said a word. Fortunately these heroes holding out against massive odds have now been reinforced. Other groups of patriots are active from east to west, north to south, with the “Government”, a motley collection from the fringes of Libyan society, including known terrorists, holed up in Tripoli and Misrata where they are protected by Islamist thugs controlled by Bel Hadj.

More and more brave Libyans are taking up arms to defend their communities against NATO’s pro-occupation forces, backed by the regional pariah Qatar, doing the FUKUS Axis’ dirty work for them by murdering fellow Arabs. And where in all of this is the indictment against NATO?

Surely there are names to blame? Let us start with the following indictment which was sent to the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court at The Hague and did not even receive the courtesy of a reply:


And what has NATO to say of Libyan civilians being shelled by the terrorists they themselves engineered into a position where they could wreak this havoc?

The good news is that the tribes are coordinating to set up a united front to rid the country of the NATO terrorist pro-occupation Islamist scourge and then create Jamahiriya councils to again run the country for themselves. One year after Colonel Gaddafi was last seen, the Jamahiriya is ready. Those who wished to destroy it are either dead or else have a number over their heads. The fact that their karma is nearing was seen recently with an explosion beside the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli where the NATO pro-occupation “government” is holed up.

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