Syria: Who Is the West Supporting?


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey - Pravda

After over a year of anti-Assad hype, lies, fiction peddled as truth, false flag events, manipulation of facts and photographic evidence, the west has gone suddenly silent on Syria. What is going on, and who or what is the west supporting? Those playing soccer with the heads of their victims?

Recent reports pouring out of Syria reveal Syrian government advances on all fronts, while the Syrian Opposition/terrorist forces are forced to retreat or are destroyed. Among these stories is the report just in of the final assault on Aleppo, sealed off by the Syrian armed forces, and where allegedly hundreds of foreign operationals, including CIA (USA), Mossad (Israel), MI6 (UK) and French DGSE, are trapped. If this is the case, the countries sending these elements into Syria are guilty of war crimes and a serious breach of international law. Among these reports are also shocking stories of atrocities and human rights violations by the Syrian Opposition forces, about which the western media is silent.

The reason why is very clear to see. After all, these are the forces the west has been supporting. As westerners were tucking into their Christmas turkey dinners and chortling happily over Christmas cracker jokes, in Syria, Islamist terrorist forces were screaming, shrieking and howling in delight, as they played soccer with the heads of children they had just decapitated and raped.

The city of Adra was the backdrop of one of these impromptu soccer matches. Terrorist forces from Jabhat al-Nusra, the Islamic Front and Liwa al-Islam had started infiltrating the city on December 11. Government employees were massacred – men, women and children alike, many were decapitated, the workers of the bakery were roasted alive in the bakery ovens. The bodies of girls, raped and decapitated, or decapitated and then raped, were mutilated in the streets.

The Syrian Armed Forces quickly surrounded the city and started to clear the areas infested by these terrorists but had to be careful to minimize civilian casualties, as they have been doing since the western-backed carnage began in Syria in 2011.

Gradually, as they gained ground against the Satanic forces, the Syrian army led thousands of civilians to safety, taking care of terrified orphans who had been forced to watch their parents hacked to death in broad daylight. Between December 29 and 31, around 11,000 of the 20,000-strong population had been freed by the Syrian government forces, leaving the terrorist forces and pockets of trapped civilians.

What the liberators found inside the town as they advanced turned the stomachs of many a hardened soldier. Headless bodies were strewn along the roadside, human heads hung from trees. These are the forces supported by the west against the Government forces of President al-Assad, who a growing number of his former opponents now claim should remain in power to fight this demonic Islamist scourge.

So where is the accountability, who is responsible for these atrocities and upon what authority do the western powers, together with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar, intervene? Saddam al-Jamal, dead of the Eastern Front of the Free Syrian Army, has claimed that FSA representatives meet regularly with their peers from Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the USA, along with the Saudi Deputy Defence Minister Salman bin Sultan. Al-Jamal claims that a huge amount of money has been delivered to Syrian opposition forces by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America.

After reading these lines, perhaps those in charge of these countries should be held responsible for the actions of those they aid, abet, equip and finance.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – Editorial writer for Pravda, based in Washington D.C.

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