Keep Space for Peace Week: 2-9 Oct 2021


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Every October the Global Network calls for global actions to support “Keep Space for Peace Week.”

In 1999 the United Nations General Assembly declared that October 4-10 every year would be designated as ‘World Space Week’ to “celebrate the contributions of space science and tchnology to the betterment of the human condition” – we ask people to recognise this as a time to Keep Space for Peace.

Each year the GN provides a poster for use to highlight the Week of Actions and posts a list of the actions organised by our members.

Art design by Brandon Marx & Nancy Randolph

A Gold Rush into Space Is Now Underway

There are tens of thousands of mini-satellites expected to be launched in coming years, mostly for 5G which will have military application for greater surveillance and targeting.

We can expect growing deterioration of the Earth’s ozone layer due to toxic rocket exhaust. More spaceports (often in environmentally sensitive areas) are being constructed to handle the glut in launches. Astronomers are angry as they witness the dark night sky covered in satellite trails.

The privatization of space for profit puts the United Nations’ Moon and Outer Space Treaties in jeopardy. The Pentagon’s ‘Space Force’ is issuing statements about the U.S. determination to control the pathway ‘on and off’ the planet.

Now is the time for us to gather internationally and call for protection of the space environment from greed, pollution and war. Join us by organizing a local public event in your community during Keep Space for Peace Week.

This Is What Space Force Is Doing

The newly minted US Space Force is building toward domination in space and the Earth below on behalf of corporate interests. The amount of money being spent to ensure Pentagon first-strike capability is staggering.

The numbers of satellites now crowding orbits around the Earth are becoming a danger in space and to us on the planet as well. One major satellite crash, and resulting cascading smashes of other satellites, will create a vast debris field orbiting our planet. Getting a rocket off the Earth, thru the mine field of space junk, very well could become impossible.

As the cascading crashes multiply, satellites that run much of what we do on Earth could go dark. That means cell phones, GPS, Internet banking, ATM machines, airline navigation, traffic signals on the ground, cable TV, weather prediction, and much more would all shut down. Then what?

Even without combat operations in space these dangers are real. Add actual warfare in space and we would surely face the dark future that some scientists, astronauts and honest military personnel have long been warning us about.

Thus Keep Space for Peace Week this year is more important than ever.

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 What you can do?

  • Help organize a local event during space week to expand public education about this issue. Let us know your plans here
  • Buy a T-shirt here and take a picture and share on social media
  • Watch and share some of our space issue videos. See them here
  • Order past copies of our newsletter Space Alert and share them widely.
  • Write a Letter to Editor and help spread the message.
  • Send an email to your Congressional delegation saying you don’t support the ‘Space Force’ and don’t want your $$$ to be wasted on an arms race in space. Tell them to spend your money on dealing with climate crisis. Make contact here
  • If you live outside of the US contact your political leaders and tell them you don’t want your nation to help the US become the ‘Master of Space’.

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