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(for Askia Muhammad[1]) – 15 May 2022

the hateful’s favorite tool for dismantling dissension,

their weapon of choice

for punishing those who refuse to gap their legs wide for rape w/out protest.

when decency raises it’s head/SANCTIONS are the blood-dripping guillotines

used to cut off their cries, and chop up their humanity to make happy meals

for the hateful and their spiritually deficient spawn.

it’s not the AK’s, the nuclear missiles, or the atomic threats that rain havoc

over national populations, but THE SANCTIONS

those ruthless acts of loathing that yank the food out of the mouths of children;

that withhold medicines until the need for body bags spiral;

that restrict the flow of giving from one caring nation to another for fear of physical reprisals.

SANCTIONS are the cowardly way of forcing nations into arrangements that

murder their citizens softly, while the hatefuls wash their hands of their crimes

with the same water Pilate used to scrub away the crucifixions.

SANCTIONS are the hateful’s way of avoiding blood shed while causing hemorrhages

in countries that usually want nothing more than to live and let live.

it’s the redwhiteandblue way of bringing non-allies down to where their faces

can be stepped on, their elderly can be trampled, their women can be induced to miscarry

and their children’s bellies can be distended beyond belief.

uncle sam is the King of Sanctions, the one whose funky finger of fate

has been designated as the only power righteous enough to point out

who and how many need to suffer or flee from their homes to find the hueman necessities

that amerikan dogs have in abundance.

the only one proven to be willing to smother entire nations for their refusal to kiss his star-spangled ass.

one day soon, the citizens of the world will get tired of cowering,

tired of biting their anti-amerikan tongues/tired of being bullied into submission,

tired of letting one despicable nugget terrorize everything on the planet that breathes.

one day soon, the worm will turn, the shoe will end up on the other foot, the irrradiated chickens

will all come home to roost, the gander will slap the spit out of the goose

and what was sent around will come back around, with a bloody vengeance.

one day soon, the bottom feeders will live high on the hog!

the always at risk, will take some risks and cast their votes for global decency.

the fence straddlers will either fall on one side or be knocked to the other.

the divine energy that breastfeeds the world will be under new management,

and the powers that be will flee, leaving you, Askia and me

to be the sanctified lovers we have always fought to be.

Askia Muahammed [Source:]

  1. For over forty years, Askia Muhammed was a loyal, hardworking member of WPFW-FM in Washington, DC and became the News Director. He was a renowned journalist, photographer and poet. Askia was the senior editor of The Final Call, published by the Nation of Islam. His column appeared regularly in Black-owned newspapers like the Washington Informer. He spent 28 years as a White House correspondent. His most recent book, “The Autobiography of Charles 67X,” featured a collection of photos, poetry, and personal essays covering his life as a politically and socially engaged journalist. Askia Muhammed died on February 18, 2002.


Laini Mataka was born in 1949 and raised in Baltimore. She has received numerous awards for her services in the community and was inducted into the International Literary Hall Of Fame For Writers Of Afrikan Descent. Email:


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