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Why NATO Is Outdated, Dangerous and Deserves to Be Abolished
 Jan Oberg, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Jul 2022

From a conflict-analytical point of view, it is reasonable to say that Russia is responsible for the War but that NATO with it reckless expansion against all promises given to Russia and a series of expert warnings is responsible for the underlying Conflict. Let’s discuss the post-NATO world.

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Behind the Smokescreen: West’s China Cold War Agenda
Gordon Dumoulin, Jan Oberg and Thore Vestby | TFF - TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Aug 2021

An Analysis of the West’s Destructive China Cold War Agenda and Why It Must Stop

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The Xinjiang Genocide Determination as Agenda
Gordon Dumoulin, Jan Oberg and Thore Vestby | The Transnational - TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 May 2021

27 Apr 2021 – A Critical Analysis of a Report on China by the Newlines Institute and the Raoul Wallenberg Center – It has been produced with the contributions of, and upon consultation with, numerous independent experts, including 33 who have agreed to be identified publicly, as it is stated.

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