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BRICS: Turning into a Global Organization
Alexander Yakovenko – Russia Today, 2 Oct 2017

25 Sep 2017 – The 9th BRICS summit in Xiamen, China has emphasized the proximity of member states’ positions on current global problems, demonstrating that over the last 10 years, BRICS has grown into a full-fledged international mechanism for global cooperation.

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BRICS: A New Way of Global Partnership
Dr Alexander Yakovenko, LEAP/GEAB – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Jul 2015

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of solidarity of BRICS voices calling for major cooperation on the peaceful settlement of conflicts based on the UN Charter. The world is at a turning point.

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Russia, India and China: Cooperating in Unstable World
Dr Alexander Yakovenko – Russia Today, 9 Feb 2015

On February 2 [2015], the foreign ministers of Russia, India and China met in Beijing to discuss a wide range of international and regional issues. They confirmed that the views of the “troika” on the international situation and ways to promote trilateral cooperation in the existing circumstances are very close if not identical.

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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Allies of a New Type
Alexander Yakovenko – Russia Today, 15 Sep 2014

The organization has worked to bring about security and multilateral political, economic and humanitarian cooperation. The role of the SCO in international and regional affairs is on the rise. Pakistan, India, and Iran want to become full members while more and more countries are seeking observer or dialogue partner status.

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