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What We Wear: Another Way to “Vote”
Andrew Moss | PeaceVoice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Aug 2016

The exploitation and violence associated with the globalized garment industry that produces more than 95 percent of our clothes. Exposures highlight the persistent use of child labor, the absence of living wages, and the prevalence of unsafe working conditions. The latter issue was thrust dramatically into public awareness by the collapse in April, 2013 of an eight-story building in Bangladesh, which housed garment companies supplying Children’s Place, Benetton, Cato Fashions, and the parent company of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. The collapse of the building killed 1,139 workers and injured 2,500 more.

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Taking on Nukespeak
Andrew Moss, PeaceVoice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Feb 2016

“Nukespeak” is a highly militarized discourse that obscures the moral consequences of our policies and actions used by military officials, political leaders, and policy experts – as well as by journalists and citizens. The language creeps into our public discussions like an invasive species, casting shadows on the way we think about our collective present and future.

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Andrew Moss, Peace Voice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 30 Nov 2015

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks boarded a Montgomery city bus on her way home from work, and, fatigued, refused to give up her seat to a white man when the bus had filled up. Parks was arrested for violating the city’s segregation statutes, and within a few days, the African-American leaders of Montgomery responded with a highly successful boycott of the city’s bus system.

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