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A Brief History of US Military Poisoning of Hawai’i
Ann Wright, Kyle Kajihiro and Jim Albertini | Popular Resistance - TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Dec 2020

U.S. military contamination in Hawai’i comes from the military bases on four of the islands. The island of Kauai has the large Pacific Missile Test Facility. The Big Island of Hawai’i has the massive 130,000 acre firing range. The island of Kahoʻolawe is still contaminated from being bombed for decades. 43,000 active duty military personel, 9,600 Guard and Reserve, 60,000 dependents and 20,000 military employees live in Hawai’i. The military complex population of 132,600 comprises 10% of the 1.4 million population of the state.

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