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Politicizing Victimhood: Human Rights as a Propaganda Weapon in Aleppo and Mosul
Anthony DiMaggio - CounterPunch, 9 Jan 2017

If the human rights abuses are committed by an “enemy” state, they will be endlessly highlighted and condemned to create a polarization and dichotomy between the “righteous” home country and the “evil” enemy. If, on the other hand, the abuses are committed by an ally or by the home country itself, the abuses will be downplayed or completely swept under the rug, since they endanger romantic myths that the power in question acts heroically and selflessly, and merely to help others.

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Good Thinking: Those Who’ve Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons
A Documentary by Anthony Donovan – TRANSCEND Media Service, 15 Aug 2016

This documentary 3.5 yrs in the making was slanted for release in Film Festivals fall 2016, and it was much preferred to have people view this on the big screen with others, however with the recent dangerous, irresponsible banter by most Presidential candidates about nuclear weapons, it is being released now freely to the public, in the hopes it will shed needed light, and widen the truth.

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Whales: Their Emerging Right to Life
Anthony D'Amato (with Sudhir K. Chopra) - American Journal of International Law, 19 May 2014

Writers of science fiction have often speculated about what it would be like to discover, on a planet in outer space, a much higher form of intelligence. How would we react to those creatures? Would we be so fearful of them that we would try to kill them? Or would we welcome the opportunity to attempt to understand their language and culture?

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