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Michael Cremo on Forbidden Archeology, Our Billion-Year-Old Human History and the Spiritual Satisfaction of the Vedas
Anthony Wile – The Daily Bell, 23 May 2011

Michael Cremo is on the cutting edge of science and culture issues. As he crosses disciplinary and cultural boundaries, he presents to his various audiences a compelling case for negotiating a new consensus on the nature of reality. Michael Cremo is a member of the World Archeological Congress and the European Association of Archaeologists and a research associate in history and philosophy of science for the Bhaktivedanta Institute.

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Cultivating the New World Order
Anthony Wile – The Daily Bell, 4 Apr 2011

The conservative libertarian writer Paul Craig Roberts has posted an article, “The New Colonialism: Washington’s Pursuit of World Hegemony” that has received much attention from the alternative-news blogosphere… This is the gift then that Roberts has given us, a way of fitting current military actions into the larger trend of emergent global government. Regardless of any rhetoric to the contrary, what is evolving is so evident and obvious that further arguing about it should be considered a waste of breath… The ambitions of the Anglo-American elite are truly mad in my view; and their plans likely are neither feasible nor practical even perhaps in the short term.

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