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The Greek Resistance
Barnaby Phillips - Al Jazeera, 26 Nov 2012

Tied together by a painful history, Greece and Germany are locked into a new conflict that has reawakened old ghosts. Why has the European vision, designed to heal the wounds of the past, instead brought them back to the surface? And who is to blame – the Greeks themselves, the EU or the old enemy, Germany?

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Farewell to Greece
Barnaby Phillips – Al Jazeera, 6 Dec 2010

The IMF and European Central Bank were giving their verdict on the Greek economy, and the press conference was packed. A colleague from the local media put up her hand, and started to ask her question, in Greek. The IMF official looked at her blankly; “please, speak in English,” he interrupted. My colleague replied, in Greek: “We are in Greece, so I will speak Greek”. “I’m sorry, we can’t understand you,” said the IMF official, and asked for another question. It was a telling moment. Yes, it was insensitive of the IMF and the ECB not to have provided any translation for an important press conference, largely attended by Greek journalists. But there’s also a subtext. By taking the IMF and European money, Greece has lost part of its sovereignty. Unwittingly, the officials at the press conference had reinforced that point. It was as if they had said “you messed up your economy, and now you need our money, so we make the rules, and we don’t need to speak your language”.

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Is Mozambique an African Success Story?
Barnaby Phillips in Africa – Al Jazeera, 20 Sep 2010

Just how much of an African success story is Mozambique?

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Reconciliation Lessons from Africa
Barnaby Phillips – Al Jazeera, 3 May 2010

Africa does many things badly, but one thing especially well. It has perhaps unparalleled ability to reconcile and overcome painful divisions in the aftermath of conflict.

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Barnaby Phillips - Aljazeera Europe Correspondent, 12 Oct 2008

A few months ago, I travelled to Naples, in Italy, to report on hostility against the Roma, or Gypsy, people.   Neapolitans blamed the Roma for a crimewave, and burnt down one of their camps. The story was posted on You Tube by Al Jazeera Here is a sample of some of the comments posted […]

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