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Did the Media Botch the Biden Age Story?
Brian Stelter | Vox - TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Jul 2024

3 Jul 2024 – Asleep at the wheel? Complicit in a cover-up? The real story is far more complicated — and more interesting. [With a rebuttal from Matt Taibbi]

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Fox News Analyst’s Blistering Critique of the Network Draws Praise from Critics, Allies
Brian Stelter – CNN, 26 Mar 2018

Ralph Peters, a longtime Fox News military analyst, said Tuesday [20 Mar] that he is leaving the network by sending to colleagues a blistering critique of the network as pro-Trump “propaganda.” Fox News is a “propaganda machine.” It is “wittingly harming our system of government for profit.” –Video from The Young Turks

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Democracy NOW! – A Grass-Roots Newscast Gives a Voice to Struggles
Brian Stelter – The New York Times, 31 Oct 2011

Operated as a nonprofit organization and distributed on a patchwork of stations, channels and Web sites, “Democracy Now!” is proudly independent, in that way appealing to hundreds of thousands of people who are skeptical of the news organizations that are owned by major media companies. The media, Amy Goodman said in an interview last week, can be “the greatest force for peace on earth” for “it is how we come to understand each other.” But she asserted that the views of a majority of Americans had been “silenced by the corporate media.”

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