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Bilderberg 2013: Welcome to 1984
Charlie Skelton – The Guardian, 10 Jun 2013

Relax: thanks to Goldman Sachs and other ‘donors’, this year’s conference will be cost-neutral for Hertfordshire – despite the construction of the Great Wall of Watford.

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The Week Ahead: Bilderberg 2013 Comes to … the Grove Hotel, Watford-UK
Charlie Skelton - The Guardian, 3 Jun 2013

On Thursday [6 May 2013] afternoon, a heady mix of politicians, bank bosses, billionaires, chief executives and European royalty will swoop up the elegant drive of the Grove hotel, north of Watford, to begin the annual Bilderberg conference.

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The Syrian Opposition: Who’s Doing the Talking?
Charlie Skelton – The Guardian, 23 Jul 2012

The media have been too passive when it comes to Syrian opposition sources, without scrutinising their backgrounds and their political connections. Time for a closer look… This is a story about the storytellers: the spokespeople, the “experts on Syria”, the “democracy activists”. The statement makers. The people who “urge” and “warn” and “call for action”.

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Bilderberg 2011: All Aboard the Bilderbus
Charlie Skelton – The Guardian, 6 Jun 2011

As Europe groans, and austerity bites, as defaulting looms, and once proud nations fall to their knees in debt, there’s only one annual conference of bankers and industrialists that can step in and save us all… Bilderberg! Next week, in Switzerland, Henry Kissinger and his brave band of corporate CEOs, high-wealth individuals and heavyweight thinktankers will lock arms with Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and David Rockefeller, and stand their ground against the economic contagion. The last thing a bunch of bank bosses and multinational executives wants is for the nation-states of Europe to collapse, allowing their assets to be bought up on the cheap. Right?

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Bilderberg 2010: The Security Lockdown Begins
Charlie Skelton – The Guardian, 7 Jun 2010

It’s midday at the Bilderberg conference hotel – and that means helicopters, riot police and angry staff.

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