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A Play with No End: What the Gilets Jaunes Really Want
Christopher Ketcham – Harper’s Magazine, 5 Aug 2019

5 Aug 2019 – An informative read on the Gilets Jaunes, plus revolutionary and contemporary history. For American journalists, the misconstruing of the Gilets may have been due to the attempt to shoehorn them into the American political spectrum, but for the French, especially the country’s elites, the Gilets bore a troubling resemblance to the sansculottes of the revolution, who also got their name for their choice of clothing. The sans¬culottes were “a movement of the laboring poor, small craftsmen, shopkeepers, artisans, tiny entrepreneurs.”

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No Laws, No Secrets: The Anarchist Creed of Julian Assange
Christopher Ketcham - Truthdig, 28 Mar 2011

Assange is undermining the system by which we don’t cooperate at all, or pretend to cooperate, or force cooperation by bombing, killing, lying, cheating, smiling and smiling while villainous—all in service of “solving regional challenges,” which is to say in service of the imperial state… What commentators on Assange don’t seem to get is that he is channeling Thomas Paine.

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