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(Castellano) Unidos, Jamas Seremos Vencidos: La Victoria de Guatemala En Contra de Monsanto
Cultural Survival – TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 Feb 2015

A pesar de cientos de años de opresión y marginación, el pueblo de Guatemala se levanto en contra de sus líderes opresivos y exigieron justicia. La victoria sobre Monsanto es una idea de la potencia de este país.

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United, We Will Never Be Defeated: Guatemala’s Victory Over Monsanto
Cultural Survival – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Feb 2015

A new law would require all farmers to purchase their corn seeds from Monsanto. Anyone caught cultivating corn from their own seeds would be fined and could even face jail time… The victory over Monsanto is a glimpse of the power of this country. Community radios from all over the country broadcast the event, which will go down in history as the victory over Monsanto.

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