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Beyond Reform: It’s Time to Shut Down the World Bank
Cyril Mychalejko – Toward Freedom, 20 Jan 2014

16 Jan 2014 – The World Bank came under fire again last week when its ombudsman revealed that the bank’s investment in a palm oil project in Honduras worsened human rights abuses and violent conflicts.

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Big Brother’s New Crystal Ball: Washington Develops Online Data Mining Program to Predict Global Political Unrest
Cyril Mychalejko – Toward Freedom, 28 Oct 2013

This initiative involves academics working at the behest of a research branch of the NSA who are using US government-collected online data to actually predict future events, such as political protests, pandemics, and economic crises—with a focus on Latin America.

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Goldcorp on Trial: First Ever People’s Health Tribunal Shows Commonalities Throughout Mesoamerica
Beth Geglia and Cyril Mychalejko – Toward Freedom, 10 Sep 2012

Our analysis is that mining companies have transnational strategies and we have to coordinate transnational struggles to confront transnational mining,” Gustavo Lozano, representative from the Mexican Anti-mining Network.

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Decline ‘Friend’ Request: Social Media Meets 21st Century Statecraft
Cyril Mychalejkon- Upside Down World, 23 Jan 2012

While the positive contributions of technology to social movements and uprisings have been been amply noted, if not overstated, more attention needs to be paid to the intrinsic dangers looming in the co-optation of this technology-driven networking, specifically by Washington, but by other repressive governments as well.

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Continuing Colonialism: World Bank Funds Mining in Africa
Cyril Mychalejko – Toward Freedom, 28 Mar 2011

Dr. Aaron Tesfaye, a professor of International Political Economy and African Politics at William Paterson University, said he is not surprised by the announcement because of the economic and security implications mining and strategic metals have for industrialized nations.

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Cyril Mychalejko, 1 Feb 2009

Much is being made across the political spectrum in the United States about Washington’s waning influence in Latin America. The region has seen an emergence of left and center-left presidents voted into office, many as a result of budding social movements growing democracy from the grassroots. Some pundits and analysts are suggesting that this phenomenon […]

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