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Lessons from Majid Khan’s Release from Guantánamo
David Rosen | The Progressive Magazine – TRANSCEND Media Service, 27 Feb 2023

16 Feb 2023 – An interview with the attorney for the former al Qaeda operative, who testified to the CIA’s ‘enhanced interrogation’ and more torture at the prison camp.

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Media Consolidation Intensifies: Can the Comcast and Time/Warner Cable Merger Be Stopped?
David Rosen - CounterPunch, 17 Feb 2014

The merger will be one more step in the further consolidation of the media marketplace that includes “last mile” connections for wireline delivery, wireless communications, Internet access and, increasingly, programming.

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How Does the Drug Industry Get Away with Broadcasting Those Deceptive Ads?
David Rosen – AlterNet, 28 Mar 2011

We’ve all seen them in newspapers and magazines, on TV and the Internet — cheerful people in glossy, picturesque ads claiming that by taking a little magic prescription pill their lives were immeasurably improved.

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