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Biden Travels East in Clouds of Mistrust
Dee Knight | CovertAction Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 21 Nov 2022

20 Nov 2022 – U.S. Joe Biden and Chinese Xi Jinping met for more than three hours at the G20 conference Nov 14-15 in Indonesia. China “is the only country with both the intent to reshape the international order and… the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to advance that objective,” Biden wrote in the U.S. Defense Strategy in Oct, a document focused on China and Russia as “threats” to U.S. hegemony.

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Two New Books Explore Pernicious Impact of U.S. Intelligence Agencies
Dee Knight | CovertAction Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 Oct 2022

17 Oct 2022 – Credibility is low these days for the U.S. government, politicians and the mainstream media. Sorting through news reports for reliable fact and analysis would make George Orwell weep. How ideologies of American exceptionalism and innocence have inoculated public from human suffering meted out in their name.

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Stripping Away the Bulls**t: U.S. and Russian Threats over Ukraine—What They’re about and Who’s the Aggressor
Dee Knight | CovertAction Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Feb 2022

25 Jan 2022 – Threats and counter-threats flying between Washington and Moscow over Ukraine have caused a flurry of fear and confusion that escalates and expands daily. Is the world on the brink of war? What is it about, who is the aggressor and who is to blame?

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Does China’s Rise Really Threaten the U.S.—Or Just Its Sociopathic Power Elite, Who Want to Keep Ruling the World Even If It Drags Us into WW III?
Dee Knight | CovertAction Magazine - TRANSCEND Media Service, 16 Aug 2021

14 Aug 2021 – Government-sponsored “fake news” is brainwashing the public into accepting a new U.S./NATO-sponsored Cold War with China.

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