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Seven Ways to Build the Solidarity Economy
Emily Kawano – Open Democracy, 10 Sep 2018

4 Sep 2018 – Capitalism nurtures competitive, calculating, and self-interested values and behavior, but Elinor Ostrom (who won a Nobel prize for her work on the commons) and others have documented how community-managed resources like forests, fisheries, pasturelands and water can be managed more efficiently, sustainably and equitably than those in private hands, provided that there are rules and enforcement mechanisms to prevent anyone from taking unfair advantage.

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Solidarity Economy: Building an Economy for People & Planet
Emily Kawano | The Next System Project – TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 May 2018

1 May 2018 – This paper presents a vision of an alternative economic system that puts people and the planet at its core. More than an academic model, Solidarity Economy is an organizing strategy that seeks to transform all sectors of our economy by proliferating and connecting existing practices outside the mainstream of capitalism. The goal is to ultimately move the system away from a focus just on what works for homo economicus and towards an economy grounded in solidarity, equity, participatory democracy, sustainability, and pluralism.

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