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Enough Nonsense! The Left Does Not Collaborate with Fascists
Eric Draitser - CounterPunch, 7 Aug 2017

Where I draw the line is in calling for the Left to openly embrace the very forces of fascist reaction that the Left fights against. Doing so is not only an extremely dangerous proposition given the political and organizational weakness of the Left such as it is, it would be an act of self-immolation. “Come my fellow hens, let us not be timid! We must throw open the doors to the foxes who, at times, share a common enemy.”

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The US and the Militarization of Latin America
Eric Draitser - CounterPunch, 14 Sep 2015

The United States is countering the independent development of Latin American countries by using its military power and influence. Whether this allows the Empire to reassert control, or is simply a doomed attempt at reestablishing hegemony, only time will tell.

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“Soft Power” Strategy: The Geopolitics of the Eurasian Economic Union
Eric Draitser - CounterPunch, 9 Jun 2014

3 Jun 2014 – The deal signed last week by Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan to create a Eurasian Economic Union is another countermeasure against US and European attempts to isolate Russia, which hopes to build a common Eurasian economic space that will ultimately rival the US and Europe in terms of economic influence.

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Poverty and Progress: Comparing the US and Venezuela
Eric Draitser – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Feb 2013

This is the crisis of advanced, post-industrial capitalism – an economic system which must expand the divide between rich and poor, create extremes of wealth and poverty, and generally perpetuate itself on the misery and poverty of the lower classes.

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