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Why Suffering and Spirituality Go Hand-in-Hand
Gadadhara Pandit dasa – The Huffington Post, 23 Dec 2013

As a society, we have become so dependent on material things for our happiness that our lives would become completely disrupted without them. When things are on shaky ground, we pray to God to protect what we have. This need-based spirituality is all right, but it’s a bit superficial.

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Do We All Worship the Same God?
Gadadhara Pandit – Huffington Post, 18 Nov 2013

I would like to think so. Something tells me that heaven isn’t divided up into a Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Jewish heaven. I would like to think that, up there, we are united regardless of our faith here on Earth.

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A Splinter in the Mind: The Matrix through Hinduism
Gadadhara Pandit - The Huffington Post, 11 Nov 2013

How in the world could a Hollywood movie capture the state of mind of a seeker and where did they get the idea that our worldly existence is possibly an illusion? Such were the questions I was asking after seeing The Matrix. The only place I had come across these topics was in the Bhagavad-gita.

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