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Pictures of Dead Migrants Inspire Our Sympathy. But what Use Is That to Them?
Gary Younge – The Guardian, 1 Jul 2019

The photograph of a drowned Salvadoran migrant and his daughter provoked a global outcry. That’s not enough.

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Who’s in Control – Nation States or Global Corporations?
Gary Younge – The Guardian, 9 Jun 2014

The limited ability of national governments to pursue any agenda that has not first been endorsed by international capital and its proxies is no longer simply the cross they have to bear; it is the cross to which we have all been nailed. The nation state is the primary democratic entity that remains. But given the scale of neoliberal globalisation it is clearly no longer up to that task. Minorities are blamed but the real culprit is Neoliberalism.

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The Whistleblowers Are the New Generation of American Patriots
Gary Younge – The Guardian, 24 Jun 2013

The violation of civil liberties in the name of security has had a profound impact on those who came of age after 9/11.

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Europe’s Homegrown Terrorists
Gary Younge – The Nation, 1 Aug 2011

Two weeks after the fatal terrorist attacks of July 7, 2005, in London, and one day after another failed attack, a student, Jean Charles de Menezes, was in the London Underground when plainclothes police officers gave chase and shot him seven times in the head. Initial eyewitness reports said he was wearing a suspiciously large puffa jacket on a hot day and had vaulted the barriers and run when asked to stop.

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