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Why Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech
George Lakoff – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Sep 2017

8 Sep 2017 – Freedom in a free society is supposed to be for all. Therefore, freedom rules out imposing on the freedom of others. You are free to walk down the street, but not to keep others from doing so.

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Understanding Trump
George Lakoff – TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Nov 2016

As a longtime researcher in cognitive science and linguistics, I bring a perspective from these sciences to an understanding of the Trump phenomenon. Similar to Wilhelm Reich’s analysis of Hitler’s resonance with Germans holding the Authoritarian Father archetype (in “Mass Psychology of Fascism”). Important for an understanding of where the American right is coming from.

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Global Warming Systemically Caused Hurricane Sandy
George Lakoff - Reader Supported News, 5 Nov 2012

Yes, global warming systemically caused Hurricane Sandy – and the Midwest droughts and the fires in Colorado and Texas, as well as other extreme weather disasters around the world. Let’s say it out loud, it was causation, systemic causation. Systemic causation is familiar. Smoking is a systemic cause of lung cancer. HIV is a systemic cause of AIDS. Working in coal mines is a systemic cause of black lung disease. Driving while drunk is a systemic cause of auto accidents. Sex without contraception is a systemic cause of unwanted pregnancies.

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