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Trans-Atlantic Free Trade: US Pushes for Deal despite NSA Scandal
Gregor Peter Schmitz – Der Spiegel, 18 Nov 2013

The NSA spying scandal has many in Europe calling for the suspension of negotiations on an EU-US free-trade deal. Officials in Washington are undeterred, and continue to push forward with talks despite growing skepticism this side of the Atlantic.

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The Freedom to Be Free: Battle Lines Drawn in Global Copyright Confrontation
Marcel Rosenbach and Gregor Peter Schmitz – Der Spiegel, 30 Jan 2012

Recent weeks have seen spectacular arrests and mounting tension between those who would like to make it harder to share copyrighted material online and those who champion Internet freedom. Controversial US legislation has been shelved, but the battle continues.

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Guantanamo’s Child Soldiers
Gregor Peter Schmitz – Der Spiegel, 2 May 2011

The Guantanamo files reveal many of the inmates in the controversial detention camp were under 18 at the time of their capture and that the charges against them were often based on hearsay. Even detainees who US interrogators admitted were innocent had to wait a long time before being freed.

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