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Haiti on the Precipice as Coronavirus and US-Imposed Leadership Take Their Toll
Jeb Sprague and Nazaire St. Fort | The Grayzone - TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Apr 2020

30 Mar 2020 – While Haiti’s widely despised, US-backed government officially promotes social distancing to suppress Covid-19, the stark reality is that most of the population is likely heading toward herd immunity, where many must get infected in the street rather than die by hunger at home.

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Top Bolivian Coup Plotters Trained by US Military’s School of the Americas, Served as Attachés in FBI Police Programs
Jeb Sprague | The Grayzone – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Nov 2019

13 Nov 2019 – The United States played a key role in the military coup in Bolivia, and in a direct way that has scarcely been acknowledged in accounts of the events that forced the country’s elected president, Evo Morales, to resign on November 10.

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Haiti’s Movement from Below Endures
Jeb Sprague – Al Jazeera, 4 Apr 2011

As twice ousted former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his family were escorted out from the airport tarmac in Port-au-Prince, loud chants of “Titid, Titid, Titid” rose from an ecstatic gathering that filled every space of a causeway leading out from the airport.

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