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Letter to the Friend I Never Met
Jocelyn Wright - TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Jan 2024

Dear friend I never met,
For you were taken too soon
Deprived of humanitarian aid
You were
Forcefully displaced and indiscriminately carpet-bombed…

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Literature as Peace Work: Eyes on Kashmira Sheth’s ‘Keeping Corner’
Jocelyn Wright | The Beacon - TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Aug 2023

28 Jul 2023 – Johan Galtung, the founder of Peace and Conflict Studies, conceptualized peace and I adopt his views here. In Peace by Peaceful Means, he sees peace as a perpetual process, and an “acceptable and sustainable outcome,” which is satisfying the basic needs of survival, wellbeing, identity/meaning, freedom, and ecological balance via harmonious and associative means.

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In Solidarity with Another
Jocelyn Wright - TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 May 2023

Another black boy
Brutally shot
Not given a second thought
At a mistaken address

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Peace, Are You There?
Jocelyn Wright - TRANSCEND Media Service, 8 Aug 2022

Are you there?
Peace, speak to me
Whisper in my ear
Are you there?

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Still Support We Can Offer!
Jocelyn Wright - TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 May 2022

We sit helplessly by as opponents to peace
Decimate Ukraine
One town after another
On diverse devices, TVs, and radios
Forgetful of our shared humanity

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Peace Linguistics: Contributions of Peacelinguactivist Francisco Gomes de Matos
Jocelyn Wright | Humanising Language Teaching – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Dec 2019

Even before the term peace linguistics was first formally defined in Crystal’s (1999) A Dictionary of Language, this distinguished applied linguist began giving workshops and presentations and publishing academic and creative works educating about and promoting peace. His contributions to this emerging field are noteworthy.

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