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Norway 7/22. What? And Then What?
Johan Galtung, 25 Jul 2011 - TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Jul 2011

Why did he not hit an immigration agency, mosques, muslim meetings? His thinking neither reflects nor is reflected by Norway’s political landscape. In Norway a loner, a nazi. But, let us not narrow the interpretation horizon to one point. On one end is the islamophobic loner with links to some groups. If he could be defined as crazy, the political brunt is removed. He becomes a causa sui, his own cause. On the other end is the islamist Helper of the Global Jihad a bankrupt Washington could use to get money for “war against terror”. And in-between is Breivik, at some stage using Libya as a cover, and they at some stage him as a bomber? A tacit cooperation?

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