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Oil and Fracking Chemicals Spill into Colorado’s Floodwaters
John Upton, Grist – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Sep 2013

The floods have also triggered other problems that have gotten a lot less media attention: Fracking infrastructure has been inundated and its toxic contents have spilled out. Pipelines that transport fossil fuels are sagging and snapping under pressure. Tanks that store chemicals and polluted water are being overwhelmed and toppling over. Oil and gas wells are flooding.

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Monsanto Virtually Gives Up On Growing GMO Crops in Europe
John Upton, Grist – TRANSCEND Media Service, 22 Jul 2013

Monsanto has pretty much given up any hope (at least for now) of selling its genetically engineered seeds for corn, sugar beets, and other crops in Europe, where opposition to GMO food is overwhelming.

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