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An American Century of Carnage: Measuring Violence in a Single Superpower World
John W. Dower - TomDispatch, 3 Apr 2017

The projected bill for just the 30-year nuclear modernization agenda comes to over $90 million a day, or almost $4 million an hour. The $1 trillion price tag for maintaining the nation’s status as “the most powerful nation on Earth” for a single year amounts to roughly $2.74 billion a day, over $114 million an hour. Creating a capacity for violence greater than the world has ever seen is costly — and remunerative. So an era of a “new peace”? Think again.

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The San Francisco System: Past, Present, Future in U.S.-Japan-China Relations
John W. Dower – The Asia-Pacific Journal, 3 Mar 2014

The essay was written for a general audience rather than for specialists, with particular concern for calling attention to (1) the interwoven nature of contentious current issues, and (2) their historical genesis in the early years of the cold war, and in some cases earlier. No attempt has been made to incorporate developments since early 2013.

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