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Bulgaria: A New Face for European Dissent
Julian Popov – Al Jazeera, 15 Jul 2013

Bulgaria’s peaceful protests might provide a new model for discontented Europeans seeking to engage their governments.

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Nuclear Hopes Fade with the End of Bulgaria’s Belene
Julian Popov – Al Jazeera, 23 Apr 2012

Cancellation of the plant is a blow to European nuclear plans, but new energy strategies are being developed.

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European Shame over the Roma Question
Julian Popov – Al Jazeera, 2 Jan 2012

European strategies to ‘integrate’ Roma populations have failed due to a lack of inclusiveness. Earlier this year, the European Commission published one of those beautiful documents called a “Communication” under the title “An EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies up to 2020”. The question of whether the national strategies for Roma integration will work has a simple answer: they will not. The question of whether the European funds for Roma integration will be absorbed also has a simple answer: they will.

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For Bulgaria, It’s Survival of the Weakest
Julian Popov – Al Jazeera, 28 Nov 2011

Bulgaria is the poorest country in the eurozone, yet could escape from the current financial crisis unscathed. Deep mistrust between government and citizens, uncaring authorities, low taxes and low spending, emigrants growing in numbers and affluence, European subsidies, no borrowing, dilapidated hospitals, small plots of fertile land for most families, beautiful nature and Balkan stubbornness doesn’t exactly sound like the sort of economic recipe that you might hear from the World Bank, the IMF or the European Commission. But it seems to work. For now.

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